National Red Nose’s Armor Day


Please Note : We were told today that new Boss Gear Boxes are being issued to those of us who received the Red Nose’s Armor since it was totally a glitch, Yay!

Yesterday, National Red Nose’s Armor Day, was the worst day I’ve had all month! Maybe my life’s too easy or maybe I just get into games too much, but either way when I logged in at 8:01pm to claim my Boss Defense Gear Box, after logging in (or re-logging) at the same time for 30 consecutive days, the disappointment I was greeted with was pretty deflating. I can’t say there’s anything else I did every single day this month (other than brush my teeth, eat and sleep anyway), so for me to actually do a specific thing every single day was a pretty big deal! I mean, even if I’d known at the end of the month I was guaranteed to only get Red Nose’s Armor, I still would have done it. The rewards along the way were cool and I’ve been playing this game like crazy anyway, but what I can’t stand is giving your player base that kind of false hope! A lot of people in general chat were saying it was like Kakao was just giving them a big middle finger, especially after Wednesday’s extended (and then extended) maintenance downtime.

Now I don’t know if the fact that everyone on my server (and every other NA server that I’d heard of) got the same disappointing piece of gear on purpose or if perhaps this was some kind of glitch. The Boss Defense Gear Box definitely claims to contain one of the following : Tree Spirit’s Armor, Giath’s Helmet, Red Nose’s Armor, Bheg’s Gloves or Muskan’s Shoes. It says in the tooltip, “Right-click to randomly obtain one of the following”. Since the box only contained the least rare and most unwanted piece of gear, I think that’s some pretty serious false advertising.

It’s extra painful for those players who have been playing since launch and are still missing one of the super rare pieces of this gear that isn’t even available on the Auction House unless you pre-order it for a crazy amount, like Bheg’s Gloves. This box was like a shiny beacon of hope for players who have opened hundreds of Bheg bundles but just haven’t had that RNG on their side in the past!

The BDO social media sites have been silent despite the many tweets about National Red Nose Day and questions about whether this was intentional or a bug. The community is not happy and this time I’m right there with them. I’m worried when they do get around to answering their community, they’ll just play the RNG card. If I’d witnessed just one single player receive anything other than Red Nose’s Armor, I’d be accepting of that defense, but I did not. Now Red Nose’s Armor is down to a disappointing 11,000,000 on my server.

Let’s be honest, gamers are usually pretty harsh and unforgiving. Kakao should be aware of this after loosing half of their player base earlier in the year when they made a lot of changes regarding their “Pay-to-Win” system. To have a game just full out lie to their community like this is something I’ve never actually experienced before (and I’ve played quite a few MMOs). It’s going to be difficult because so many people have already opened and sold (or deleted like in this video, lol) their Red Nose’s Armor, but I really hope they can figure out a way to correct this falsehood and turn National Red Nose’s Armor Day into a funny memory instead of the day so many people stopped trusting this company!

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