Seasons of Disappointment

Black Desert Online recently ran a contest to submit screenshots of the different in-game seasons that had a chance to be included in a BDO calendar. Since the prize for having one of your images chosen was 2500 pearls and 5000 pearls if you were one of the 12 main winners, obviously I was excited! I really thought I had a chance since I spend so much time in-game taking screenshots anyway of the beautiful scenery so I maxed out my graphics and spent about 7 hours over a week taking about 300 screenshots, lol. I thought my new graphics card did the game justice, but after not having any of my images selected and taking part in the voting for the images that were, I can see I wasted my time on this one! You weren’t allowed to edit the photos other than to adjust hue/saturation/etc. If people’s games actually look as good as those winning screenshots did, I think I’m going to need a new PC! I mean my Super Smash Flash 2 game looks amazing on my PC! But seriously I turned every setting available up to maximum and theirs still looked at least 20 times clearer than mine did, and I bought a new graphics card like two months ago!

pumpkin-1I did manage to be one of the winners of the Pumpkin Carving contest they held over Halloween at least, so I’m not too salty about this loss. I’m still logging on every day at least to garden and get my scrolls but my guild has pretty much died off and my brother doesn’t play anymore either, so I’m kind of all alone out there. It’s still fun alone. If I’m bored I’ll level an alt or something. I’m actually working on leveling a character to 55 on a different server than my own for when the server merge happens on the 30th so I can get all of those leveling rewards twice! If I have a wave of ambitiousness I’ll even do it on the third server! You get about 26 million gold in bars alone and I’m already at level 30. Plus it’s double the Family Coin boxes and Black Spirit Board Game rolls every day! I’ll update on server merge day with the total of extra silver I made with this little plan!

Also since I don’t have a use for these now, here are some of my screenshot entries!

summer-8-2 summer-6 summer-4-2 summer-5 spring5 2016-11-07_772744975

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