Hey Blizz, What About Your Veterans?!?

Recently Blizzard has added the exclusive in game X-53 Touring Rocket flying mount to their recruit-a-friend reward package. I was very disappointed to see that for all the people I have recruited previously, (okay, only two people, but still!) I don’t get one of these awesome 2 man flying rockets. I would gladly trade in my lame old Swift Zhevra for a TWO MAN MOUNT! The cheapest one of those in game is what, 8000 gold and they don’t even fly! Suddenly here they are, giving them away, but only to people who recruit their friends now. What about all of us who managed to spread our addiction throughout our circle of friends BEFORE?!?

I do understand all the added enticements for new players, of course they want to boost their numbers, but what about those of us who have been playing since Blackwing Lair was only for the most hardcore raiders, and Scholomance was a 10 man raid instance?! Sure we keep coming back every time we get fed up with the game and “quit”, but shouldn’t that make Blizzard happy?! Shouldn’t they want to reward our years of loyalty?!

Lol, I am aware that this sounds slightly rant-ish, but it is just irritating to see them pass over us veterans time and time again, rewarding only the noobs or the super elite. What about the casual but devoted WoW player? We pay just as much per month as everyone else, and have been paying for much longer than most, so where’s our rewards?! A little recognition is all I am asking, a Feat of Strength maybe, or a special “5 Years Active” pet, just something to let us know that Blizz acknowledges us and appreciates us.

My suggestion, give everyone who’s account was created within World of Warcraft’s first year, and is still currently active, a special title like “The Devoted”! Then I would feel less neglected and would be able to show off a bit.

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MissMediocre <3

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