Elaynna The Lock – Level 60

Goodbye Azeroth!!! I guess I kind of made up for how slow the past 50 levels went this weekend, as I’m thinking I’ll be 70 by the end of the day! I only have one thing to say about 50-60, and that is Alterac Valley!

Mudgett and I (my magey leveling buddy) qued for an AV around level 53 just to see how it would go because it was the AV holiday weekend and we were getting bored of the Plaguelands. Our first match was a huge Alliance win and both of us were shocked to see that the victory had given us half a level worth of experience! We continued to do quests between ques, and were level 60 in just a couple hours!

AV was so much fun as a destruction Warlock! Even at level 54, I was always first or second for dps done in the BG and had a blast destroying the horde (even though I love the Horde, hehe sorry!). The Alliance didn’t lose once in that level bracket, and the ques were only around 5 minutes, so for anyone who finds themselves in the 50s on AV weekend, definitely give it a try!

The only story I can think of to share about my AV adventures is about this one match where the majority of our offensive team was killed by a huge Horde defense, forcing us into a turtle. Our teams met up right at Icewing Bunker and I was standing back just tabbing through Horde casting Immolate, Shadow Bolt and Confligate and every single one of them was dying from just those three spells! It was so much fun and we burned through their reinforcements SO quickly!

I can’t think of anything else worth mentioning, other than I had a lot of fun with these levels! I just realized Elaynna is already level 66 though, so I have to log back on and get her engineering to 450! hehe

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5 Responses to “Elaynna The Lock – Level 60”

  1. Cold says:

    “…one match where the majority of our offensive team was killed by a huge Horde defense, forcing us into a turtle.”

    Your kidding right? The alliance have only 2 strategies in every battleground.

    1) Swarm
    and if that doesn’t work
    2) Turtle

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    Cold : Wait… There are other strategies? 😉

  3. Rathay says:

    Wow, just before my hiatus, I was leveling a troll mage. He’s 70 now but I was leveling him during that bug.. where in AV, Alliance would only start with like 5-10 people and we’d have 40. We won every game by rushing them.. Every.. single.. game. I must have leveled 10 times in less than a week.

    The thing was that I didn’t realize that it was a bug. I had no clue what was going on. The only thing that sucks now is that the bug is fixed and all the horde forgot how to do AV… not that they knew in the first place. I love trying to recap two towers on my own. 🙁

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rathay : Lol, yeah I hate those BGs when it feels like you’re the only who knows what’s going on! It sucked when I reached the next level bracket and I’d be the only one trying to take the towers being guarded by players that were 7 levels above me while everyone else on the team sat in front of Drekk’s room yelling for someone to cap the towers, lol.

  5. Rathay says:

    Yes! Or when you have people recapping and all that but your offense is terrible.. Everyone stands in front of Vann, pulling him multiple times, and dying without having the graveyard there, while I’m guarding north bunker alone and nobody is even at the south bunker. Ugh!!

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