Selling Engineering Pets

Recently the items I had been focused on selling have seen some major drops in price, to the point where I decided it was time to look into getting into some other markets as well! I have a 450 Engineer and when I checked, I noticed I knew how to craft all of the Engineering pets. I felt so silly for not thinking of these sooner, and started to do some research!

I found that each of the 5 Engineering pets had a higher average price than the average price of mats on my server. When I checked the Auction House for these pets, one of them wasn’t even available and there was only one other person selling the other 4. I decided it was time to do some crafting!

I’m a bit of a Guild Bank Pack Rat, as I’ve mentioned before, so I had a good supply of some of the more difficult to obtain, or expensive materials. The only material I didn’t have access to was Elemental Earth, which was required to make the Truesilver Transformer that is needed for the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. I ran over to the Auction House, but was disappointed to see that there were none, so I checked wowhead for the best farming spot. I decided to head over to the Badlands, as those mobs are the best for farming Deeprock Salt as well, something I’d been meaning to get a collection of.

It only took me about 30 minutes to get 6 Elemental Earth (enough for 3 Yetis) and a stack of 20 Deeprock Salt, which I’ll be saving for Winterveil. Then I did some crafting, and ended up with 5 Lifelike Mechanical Toads, 6 Mechanical Squirrel Boxes, 3 Lil’Smokeys, 2 Pet Bomblings and 3 Mechanical Yetis (pretty much just from what I had laying around). Checking back this morning, I discovered I’d made about 700g!

Now, I hate farming for things, simply because it’s only rarely worth my time to do so. Some of the “old world” materials for the engineering pets are fairly rare, simply because they are white drops and the majority of people don’t realize they are worth anything, and vendor them and those who don’t vendor them, usually post them at ridiculous prices. I really think selling these pets could make me a lot of gold though, with a great snatch list! (If you don’t know what a snatch list is, or how to make one, check out this video tutorial!)

Since I went through and figured out what exactly I should be putting on my snatch list for the Engineering pets, I thought I would share what I came up with in case anyone else was looking to make some of these and were wondering what items they should be looking for!

First, pray your server and faction are already on The Undermine Journal, because that is going to save you a lot of time! If you are lucky enough to have your server on there, look up the pets you are interested in crafting. This will help you determine if it’s worth it! For example, I looked up the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti on my server.

You’ll notice for Truesilver Transformer it doesn’t have a price. That’s because it’s a engineer crafted item itself, which is rarely posted on the Auction House. By clicking on it, you’ll see it’s made from 2 Elemental Earth, 1 Elemental Air, and 2 Truesilver bars, and that the average price for crafting one is 19g10s. If you add that to the cost of mats for the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, you get an average crafting cost of 79g36s70c. The Undermine Journal also tells you who else is selling or has been selling this item. On my server, there was only one person.

If your server isn’t on the Undermine Journal, you’ll either have to look up the prices of materials in your Auction House manually, or use an addon to do so!

As I said, I created myself an Engineering Pets Snatch List, and here it is if anyone else is interested in giving this market a try!I have access to every profession, which makes my prices lower than for someone who had to buy the already crafted mats. If you know you can craft one of these items yourself  on an alt (such as Cured Rugged Leather or Copper Wire), make sure you do so to keep your initial cost down! Also, it can be worth it to add Engineering crafted materials to your snatch list even though you are an Engineer, as you can sometimes catch them going for under the cost of mats if someone posts a bunch of stuff while leveling their profession!

Broken Down List:

Cured Rugged Hide (Refined Deeprock Salt, Rugged Hide – Leatherworking)
Globe of Water (Best fished from Azshara if unavailable in AH)
Gold Power Core (Gold Bar – Engineering)
Thorium Widget (Thorium Bar x3, Runecloth – Engineering)
Truesilver Transformer (Truesilver Bar x2, Elemental Earth x2, Elemental Air – Engineering)
Living Essence
Rugged Leather
Copper Modulator (Handful of Copper Bolts x2, Linnen Cloth x2, Copper Bar – Engineering)
Core of Earth
Fused Wiring (Essence of Fire, Delicate Copper Wire (Copper Bar – Jewelcrafting) – Engineering)
Mithril Bar
Gyrochronatom (Iron Bar, Gold Power Core – Engineering)
Big Iron Bomb (Iron Bar, Heavy Blasting Powder (Heavy Stone), Silver Contact (Silver Bar) – Engineering)
Heart of Fire

Simplified List:


Linen Cloth

Cured Rugged Hide
Rugged Leather

Heart of Fire
Essence of Fire
Core of Earth
Living Essence
Elemental Earth
Elemental Air
Globe of Water

Heavy Stone
Iron Bar
Mithril Bar
Gold Bar
Copper Bar
Truesilver Bar
Thorium Bar
Silver Bar

Remember, this is the list for all of the Engineering Pets, so if you are missing a couple or if they aren’t all worth crafting on your server, then check wowhead to create a smaller snatch list for yourself! Hopefully someone out there is also looking for this information! I took all that time figuring it out for myself, and it seemed a shame not to share it!

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3

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9 Responses to “Selling Engineering Pets”

  1. Incindia says:

    Great Tips, Makes me want to level an engineer – Perhaps I’ll steal my husbands toon with engineering and make some pets…

  2. QuietKjun says:

    Thanks for the post. After reading it I realize I am missing the crafting recipe for several of these. I’m gonna have to check Wowwikki to find the npcs that sell the recipe. Luckily I am a materials horder and should be able to craft them without too much time in the AH or farming.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hey Miss. What a coincidence–I just picked up engineering on my 73 tank alt yesterday (since it’s supposed to be good for tanking now) and came to your site today and you had this post about engineering. “Great minds think alike” LOL. I think your blog might’ve been the one that led me to the Undermine Journal just last week for the first time.

    My 33 warlock has the pet bombling and mechanical squirrel schematics and I tried selling them a couple times, months ago. Unfortunately, there’s a few people on my server too, who sell them too and are constantly lowering the prices by 1 silver/1 copper. I’m definitely going to try to get these pets on my 73 alt and the other pets that you have too. Hopefully I’ll have more luck.

    I’ve never been able to focus on AH for making gold mostly due to me being lazy, but your posts about the AH and gold is another reason I like your blog–it helps to remind me and even motivate me to try to work harder. Speaking of work, I need to log in WOW and work on my engineering. TTYL and thanks for this post.

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Incindia : Thanks! You should!! 🙂

  5. Miss Mediocre says:

    QuietKjun : I don’t remember working to get the recipes, so they must not be too hard to get! I think a few are from gnomeragan!

  6. Miss Mediocre says:

    Cold : Np! 🙂 I will start linking like that from now on! I’m still a bit of a noob when it comes to such things, hehe.

  7. Miss Mediocre says:

    Michelle : It really can seem like work sometimes, just tonight I was in the other room playing the new Call of Duty thinking, I should get back on WoW and check for undercuts, but I just don’t feel like it, lol. Then I remembered my competition who consistently undercuts me by coppers and silvers as you said, and thought about everything they’d get to sell if I didn’t log in and undercut them back. It is so irritating being undercut by 1 copper, but that just drives me to check more often, lol I think it’s just not wanting to lose a sale by that 1c that has led me to make as much gold as I have recently, hehe. Perhaps you can use that as a motivator too! 😀 Hopefully you have luck getting the patterns for and selling the pets! I don’t think I mentioned this in my post, but you learn the pattern for the Yeti from a quest in Winterspring from Umi Rumplesniker. You need to at least be level 55 I believe with 250 engineering.

  8. Romanov says:

    I had this same idea, though they are not selling as quickly as I had expected. They are trickling out slowly. But when one does sell, it more than makes up for the gold/time spent crafting the little fellas.

    Concerning the Pet Bombling and Lil Smoky, as you mentioned, both of these drop in Gnomeregan. They aren’t noticed a lot probably because you need to be an engineer to see them when they drop. I realized I was missing both patterns, and took a trip to Gnomeregan and both dropped before I completed a single clear of the place.

    With the changes to Gnomeregan coming, who knows if these will stay as drops, so go get them now just in case. Also, if you are Horde and are making the trip by foot, watch out for the Alliance 80 elites that are now stationed at the entrance to Gnomeregan (for the Operation:Gnomeregan event). Just mount up, and ride on through ’em. Don’t stop til you get to the elevator going down.

    Great post, Miss.

  9. Miss Mediocre says:

    Romanov : I hadn’t thought about the changes coming to Gnomer, that would be fantastic (for those of us with the patterns) if they became very difficult to get, or even unavailable! I am thinking my server is perhaps a little pet crazy, I have been having trouble keeping up with how quick these pets are selling! Thank you for the comment, hopefully your sales pick up as we get closer to Cata and people want to finish up some achievements!

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