The Best Female Hair In World of Warcraft

The following is a list of what I think are the best hairstyles for female characters in World of Warcraft! Without a doubt they need to add more, and more colours for each race, but until they do, these are my faves!

Troll Hair : I don’t mind a few of the troll female hair styles. I do like that they can have pink hair, and the styles that are available are definitely trolly, so they work!

#1. This is my favorite troll hair! I wish the ponytail didn’t stick up quite so far, but it’s not too bad

#2. I would LOVE this hairstyle if not for those bald spots on the sides. I do still like it, but it could be so much better.

#3. I am not much for short hairstyles, but this one is just really cute!

#4. I know it’s intense, but it’s just so troll! I really like this one.

Human Hair : I really wish they’d give humans a makeover. They just look so angled and need to be smoothed out or something, lol. They do get a good range of colours to work with though and I don’t mind a couple of the hairstyles. (As a side note, all their new hairstyles that are from Blood Elves just look horrible! I will post an example at the end)

#5. This one is just really cute. Again I’m not much for short hair, but this one I like.

#6. I like this style because it’s just very simple and neat.

#7. This is the style I always end up using on my humans. It’s the longest style they have, which is probably why it’s my fave!

Night Elf Hair : Night Elves have the best hair selection for the Alliance in my opinion. They have lots of options for cute styles and they come in a wide variety of colours!

#8. This was originally a Blood Elf style, but I think it looks great on the Night Elf too!

#9. I am a fan of pigtails, and theses braided ones are pretty cute.

#10. This style is fun because it’s like pigtails, but they are pinned up at the back to create little braid circles. It was originally a Dwarf hairstyle I believe.

#11. It’s simple, but I really like the long braid!

#12. This is the Night Elf hairstyle I always end up using! It’s just so long and full, hehe, I love it!

#13. This one is similar to the troll style, only the ponytail isn’t sticking way up in the air, which I prefer.

Draenei Hair : I love the Draenei because they are one of the newer races and are graphically superior to all the other Alliance races. Unfortunately their hair colour selection is pretty poor, but I like brown hair, so I don’t mind that too much.

#14. This was originally a Blood Elf style, but it works really well on the Draenei too!

#15. I like this style because of the bangs! You don’t see enough WoW hairstyles with cute bangs!

#16. This is my FAVORITE WOW HAIRSTYLE! I cannot believe they have not given it to any other races yet, isn’t it just perfect?!

#17. I like this style for a mage. The headband can get boring after 80 levels… but that’s what the barber shop is for!

Blood Elf Hair : There’s no competition when compared to the Blood Elves! They have so many really nice styles, are another of the smooth looking newer races and they even have a pretty decent hair colour selection! They are my favorite race in the game.

#18. I love this one because it has the length, has a bang, is really cute and can show off some ear rings too!

#19. I like the way this style frames the face!

#20. I love how styled this one looks!

#21. This one is just simple and long, which is awesome.

#22. I usually don’t care for ponytails, but I love the side bang and how this ponytail flips around as your character jumps, hehe.

#23.  I like this one because it’s so full and long!

#24. Another longer, styled look, but with more of a curl, which is awesome.

#25. This was originally a Draenei hairstyle, but isn’t it just perfect on a Blood Elf?

Dwarf and Gnome Hairstyles : I thought I should touch on these races, because even though I don’t really like them, they each have one redeeming hairstyle, which is more than I can say for the Undead, Tauren and Orc women…

#26. If you can get over their ugly little faces, the Dwarven ladies can have cute pigtails!

#27. I like this silly hairstyle, and also their hair can be pink!

As promised, here is an example of how bad the Blood Elf hairstyles look on Human females…

What is with that brown section on the forehead in the first one? That looks horrible! And doesn’t just looking at the second one make you giggle? They needed to put that up higher on the human’s head!

If you have a favorite female hairstyle out of these ones, or know the name of the one you do like the most, please leave a comment and let me know! I will be posting my favorite male hairstyles over the next few days, so if you play a male and are heading into a barber shop anytime soon, perhaps you should check that post out first, see what kind of styles the chicks dig!


Thanx 4 Reading!!

MissMediocre <3

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2 Responses to “The Best Female Hair In World of Warcraft”

  1. Jen says:

    We seem to have similar tastes 😀 My human has a ponytail hairstyle (because I tried to look her like myself, and that’s how I wear my hair), but I’m not particularly fond of it. I had the short hairstyle on another character, but I deleted her because I couldn’t stand her running animation.

    My night elf druid (my main <3) cycles between two hairstyles, either in green or white: the short hair (like this) or the shortish with ponytail (your #13). My other night elf has the ponytail that’s sticking out, but I can’t find a nice color for it… she’s all purple from the heirlooms with purple hair :/ One of my never played alts has #9, which I didn’t like originally but I think it’s ok now… and my next night elf will have #10 because they’re just so cute.

    My favorite draenei haircut is the one you like too. My paladin is so cute with those ponytails! My mage has the headband style, and I didn’t get bored with it in 80 levels 😛 My new shammy has a meh haircut, the short classy one (#14 I think)… which is ok but not amazing.

    I haven’t really played much of the other classes, but my lowbie belves have #18 and #19, I like the fluffy ponytails on gnomes, and the undead short haircut is ok too. I hate troll haircuts tho, it’s one of the reasons I don’t see myself ever playing a troll – ugly with ugly haircut?! No thanks.

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    Thanks for commenting! I do like the short Night Elf hairstyle you linked (that your druid has), it’s very cute in green! I try to make characters with some of the shorter cute styles just for a change now and then, but always end up going back to something longer, or not playing them, hehe. My hair is long irl, so if my character has short hair I guess I don’t connect with them the same, haha or something? I am really hoping they give those Draenei pig tails to more races when Cata comes out! I’d love to have them on one of my belves! XD

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