Dear Vanilla, I Miss You.

Lately I have been thinking about how much I miss World of Warcraft… Yes, I still log in regularly, have more characters than I know what to do with, and am making a decent living in the Auction House, but my WoW time these days, and my WoW time 4 years ago, are so very different!

When I first started really getting into WoW and had finally reached the peak of my leveling mountain (level 60 in those days), I was a well liked member of a very active guild. We didn’t raid, but we did lots of other fun things together, from leveling alts to dungeons to pvp to just dancing on the fountain in Stormwind while we all chatted. I was logged into vent 24 hours a day, so anytime I passed by the computer I could check in on what was up with everyone, even if I didn’t log into the game. We were like a little nerdy family, and it was great!

Things change and people get busy with real life and there’s always that silly drama that drives some people away, so after a while our group fell apart.

I’ve been attempting to find that side of WoW again ever since, and it could just be my own bad luck, but I just keep getting farther and farther from it. It’s like players don’t look at other players as people these days. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve been ripped off or told off by other players who are just being jerks for the sake of being jerks. It’s gotten to the point where I rarely interact with players who aren’t a real id friend, unless it’s utterly necessary, and I still end up encountering jerks more often than you’d believe!

I took my longest WoW hiatus last year which was 6 months without logging on once and another 3 months before that of logging on maybe 15 times. One of the last times I was playing before my big WoW break I was leveling my Horde Paladin and had managed to finish all of the Midsummer Fire Festival achievements except the one to kill Ahune. I was only level 63 at the time, but I knew Ahune was super easy to kill and a group wouldn’t suffer much if I took the place of an 80 dps. It was one of the last days so I hung around outside the instance for hours (this was before the random dungeon finder was added) and group after group ran past me, most not even full. I asked in general chat every few minutes, explaining that I didn’t want loot, just the achievement, and that I would pay 50g a person just to let me tag along. I was getting discouraged, and was thinking I might just log and try again later in the day, when someone finally answered me in general chat. They said, “Why don’t you go get some f’ing friends?”

It was far from the worst thing another player had said to me, but it really hit home. Here I was leveling a character on a new server because real life friends had begged me to play there with them and because I didn’t know anyone on my old server anymore, but no one was ever on. My friends list was always filled with gray names and here I was sitting in Zangarmarsh begging strangers to help me with some silly trivial thing for hours, because it was true, I had no more in-game friends. I thought to myself, “Why am I even playing this game?” and I couldn’t think of any good reasons. Shortly thereafter, I deactivated my account.

I came back to WoW at the beginning of this year because once again, real life friends had convinced me to play with them on a new server. By spring all but one had stopped playing, and now my last real-life WoW buddy has also thrown in the towel, my guild is once again an alt graveyard, and I rarely spend my WoW time chatting with anyone. I still have fun on WoW, and have grown accustom to doing most everything in game solo, but I tire of it quickly. I’ve barely played in the last few weeks, and whenever I do log on it feels more like a chore. If I wasn’t focusing on making gold, I may have already left the game again!

I’m not leaving the game, that’s not what this post is about, it’s just stuff I have been thinking about a lot lately. Blackwolf from Too Greedy had a post recently about Modern WoWfare, and how different it is from the WoW of 5 years ago, and it’s true! Times were rough and we were all in it together back then, but now a-days everything has become so simple and it’s like everyone is out for themselves. I miss the days when you could actually find a guild, and people in it would like you for who you were and how you played, not for your gearscore or dps. I miss the days when having epics meant something. I miss the days when most players were accommodating and friendly, not condescending elitists!

One of the worst things is that the majority of us vanilla players have actually become the jerks! Most of the people I used to group with back in the good old days who were nice players that were always happy to help out, are now the ones ripping off fellow players and making fun of anyone who may be inexperienced in trade chat.

I know there are still a few decent players out there, like Kammler and the undead mage he encountered which he wrote about in his post, Pay It Forward. But friendly, helpful, go-out-of-their-way-to-be-nice players are truly hard to come by these days, and more and more of them are getting screwed over by their fellow players, and are switching over to the dark side themselves.

I’d been thinking today that I’d like to try and bring back some of that kindness to WoW. I wanted to find a new player and give them some gold, or help someone questing kill some elites, or something, but I couldn’t think of anything I could do that a jerk in noob’s clothing couldn’t take advantage of in some way. It’s so easy to be mean, of course it’s got to be hard to be nice, lol. Maybe some of you can help me come up with good ways to use a couple hundred gold every week helping fellow players out. I’m hoping that by doing this, a) I’ll encourage others to do the same, and we can start bringing back some of the original WoW spirit, and b) that I might make some new in-game friends, because it seems once again, I’m fresh out.

So, if any of you have any ideas of how I can use a couple hundred gold or a few hours of my time to help out a character that isn’t some level 80’s alt with four times more gold than me, please suggest it in a comment!

Thanks for Reading & Sorry for Ranting,
Miss Mediocre <3

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  1. QuietKjun says:

    Another great post! I know exactly what you’re talking about. So many guilds nowadays are only concerned about raiding and will only help with leveling if the particular class you play is needed for the raid team.

    I have 40 toons spread over 12 different servers and have characters in guilds on at least half of them. Most of the guilds are near dead with few people playing and little interaction with others when they do. I don’t know anyone in real life that plays WoW, so i don’t have the option to play with real friends. I have found it nearly impossible to find friends through the game. I think we share at least one server in common, but I’m not sure if we are on the same faction. If so, I would gladly welcome you as a friend to play together.

    One problem now is account security. I am very hesitant to let people know the servers I play on, even when i know they have characters playing the game. I used to write a WoW blog (I Quest Alone) about solo play with toon names and servers unitl the Real ID situation hit. I deleted it for security reasons. Even when i had my blog, no reader ever attempted to contact me ingame.

    I wish you luck with your attempt ot give back to the game. I wish I had a suggestion for you. Unfortunately, I don’t. Each time I try to help someone lately, they either don’t appreciate it, or are directly rude about it. Maybe things will change come the Cataclysm, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  2. Ceyla says:

    Not really what you’re asking for, but I did the cooking trainer thing a while and I met some nice people that way. Also got a lot of negative spam about charging too much πŸ™‚ but I ignored that because the people who understood what I was offering thought it well worth the price. The hour or so standing around while they cooked and trainer let us chat a bit and it was enjoyable. If it weren’t a pain to spam trade to get the trainees I’d still be doing it a couple times a week.

    I suffer the same doubts about helping. The odds of being taken advantage of are higher than of actually helping someone who will appreciate it. I guess we should ignore that and concentrate on being nice for its own sake, but that is truly hard in the face of some of what goes on.

    Little things count more than you might expect too. I answer questions in detail via private tells now and then, and often get back really appreciative thanks.

    I tend to be relatively anti-social in game (even in my small guild from which all but one other friend have gone MIA… though another swears she’s coming back soon!) as I am a loner in real life, but it’s nice to have SOME interaction with people (even virtually) at times.

  3. Indy says:

    For a genuinely new player (or even an old player on a new server, come to think), probably one of the best things would be bags. Even one large bag at the start of the game is a huge help. A small sum of money (small to us anyway…) is also quite helpful as long as the recipient doesn’t start thinking that begging for gold is how to do things… One gold, say, for a starting character; enough to let them buy all training skills as they level up without needing to grind extra to afford it.

    I’ve switched mains and servers a few times over the years… and this was before paid server transfers. Back in BC, I was lucky enough to find my current guild. A casual raiding guild, we’ve killed Arthas; we don’t force people to spec any particular way, nor attendance requirements.

  4. Crusard says:

    Hi M&M! Beautiful post. I feel you totally. The game used to be very charming and people were humble. As you pointed out, the game just became a list of steps that everyone must take and boxes that must be checked. Maybe the dawning of the “super guild” will bring people back together again?

    I have become a bit of a philanthropist since I have broke the bank. [true story] I send everyone that buys a glyph from me a [TY] message. I get all kinds of positive feedback from that. Most people are shocked that I go out of my way. I have also received tells that are very encouraging, [i.e.] “I will always buy glyphs made by you even if you are not the lowest price!” I also “RP” advertise to attract interested buyers to my wares and I get compliments for my witty macros.

    You always come across as such a nice person; passionate. Please do not allow those pesky trolls to change a thing about you.

    I like to stop what I am doing to give a lowbie a rocket ride. I will usually give them a bag and inspect their gear to see if I can craft something useful for them. Sometimes I just go to start zones with a bag full of enchanting mats and advertise “Crusard’s {free} gear-pimping service ~ enchants, cloth gear, and advice. ~ PST”. This also makes for business down the road when those toons have matured and know the game a little better.

    I hope you find something that makes you happy in the game again. You can always make an alt on my server and I’ll hook you up with everything you need. [wink] Take care M&M!

  5. PCT says:

    Miss Mediocre–feel free to email me anytime you need help in game. I’m on Elune-Alliance with 3 80s and of course alts. I would hate to think of you not getting an achievement just because people were jerks! The game, much like real life, is full of alot of selfish people, people who make themselves feel better about their miserable lives by bullying others in game. Nice people still exist though. We have to stick it out so others aren’t discouraged as well.


  6. Rifter says:

    I was in a really fun guild about a year ago. Then, some drama occurred, the GM split, and the new GM turned into an ass. I had brought several friends into the guild, and made several more. We all split and formed our own guild. Since then, I know of at LEAST 2 other guilds that formed because of that. Unfortunately, our small guild got smaller as time went on. I finally jumped ship a month or so ago, after looking around for a fun guild. Actually found one made up of members of some of the old guild I was in.

    The magic isn’t quite there like it had been, but it is still fun to interact with everyone. While I LOVE dungeon finder, I think it is also one of the biggest reasons there are fewer connections. It used to be you would bring in a friend of a friend, and become friends yourself. That is no longer the case.

    My suggestion, is to sit in trade chat, and look for a guild looking for new people. Pop an alt in, and check it out. See if you are a good fit. If so, go for it. It takes work, and patience. But, in the end, it is worth it.

  7. Rathay says:

    Talk about story of my WoW life. Wow, so this is the post I can relate to more than any other post. My friend’s list is the same as yours. I’ve added a few people on RealID but they either don’t log on, or don’t care to chat. Ever.

    I started playing in late vanilla and I wasn’t able to hit the level cap on my first character (Troll Warrior on the Vashj server. The funny thing is that the guild leader and a few of them were friends in real life and even lived like 30 minutes away from me which I found kinda cool but we never met up in person.

    Like you, I was logged in vent 24 hours a day, chatting and having a blast every single day. When we hit 70.. we did some heroics and got some awesome blue equips. Then.. we went into Karazhan where I tanked with my green level 67 boots and some crappy blues from heroics. :]

    We were awesome! I’d never raided before but successfully tanked Attumen in one try and killed Moroes in two tries. We didn’t dare attempt Netherspite but we did down Nightbane.

    However, one person stood out in all these people and we were like best WoW buddies. Her name in game was Stewy and we always were on vent, and we always quested together while we were leveling to 70 in Outlands. We made a really slow team but we never, ever died. Prot warrior/holy priest combo, haha. That girl was the healer in the Sunken Temple run I was talking about earlier.

    Sometimes in vent I’d go down a couple channels because she knew I wanted to talk to just her. So she’d come down in a minute or less and we’d just talk and talk for hours about everything. Geez, she was like my best friend at that time and I really wish I didn’t transfer back to my old server after a while.

    After that, I found another guild which was fun and all but they were just too into the game and had strict guidelines and all that jazz so I ended up leaving that one too. I’ve been friendless/guildless for a while now, maybe a year and a half. I just know that my old guild that I’ve been talking about in this post is disbanded and I most likely will never talk to any of them again.

    Wow, that was depressing.

  8. Rathay says:

    Now I’m really really confused. I’ll try posting it once more, umm can you delete that second post and this one too if it doesn’t work.

    I started playing in late vanilla and I wasn’t able to hit the level cap on my first character (Troll Warrior) until about the time Zul’Aman came out in The Burning Crusades, but that’s not really where this story begins.

    It begins when I first started playing. My friend who had introduced me to the game quit playing after I hit level 50 or so. While that sucked pretty bad, my friend at work had offered to help me out if I transferred to his server. Still being new to the game, of course I transferred (He ended up only talking to me like once, and I never saw him online after that.)

    So I’m sitting around, lonely and questing a tad bit when I decided to try to queue up for a dungeon. So I queue up and put in my note that I’m a tank (because I always liked tanking the best since there’s no pure support/buff class.)

    After maybe a half hour of questing and waiting, I get a tell from someone asking if I wanted to do Sunken Temple. YES! I love Sunken Temple and I knew the instance like the back of my hand. So we get like halfway through this instance and I notice two of the people are in the same guild, the healer and a dps. We all start chatting and such and I end up getting an invite.

    Wow, so this guild was the best guild I was ever in. We never raided past Karazhan or even defeated Prince but it was the most fun I had ever had while playing this game. I remember leveling up with all my friends from the guild,> on the Vashj server.

  9. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rathay : Sorry the comments were being wonky when you were trying to post your story! There was only one point I wasn’t clear on, what happened to your friend and the guild you were in together? I’m sorry that you, and so many other commenters on this post can really relate to my situation, because that just means more lonely WoWers! It’s too bad we’re all separated by server, otherwise we could join forces and make a guild with the spirit of the good old WoW days! We could call it “Vanilla Hearted” or something cutesy like that, lol.

  10. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rifter : Thanks for the comment! Your guild finding idea is good, and one that I had tried in the past, but I always feel bad when I leave a guild, so I end up staying in guilds that aren’t a good fit way longer than I should until they fall apart or things just get ridiculous, lol. I know I shouldn’t feel bad about leaving guilds, and the fact that I am more or less stuck once I join a guild because of it is pretty silly, so I should try not to worry about it so much! I’d love to be in a friendly active guild for Cataclysm… So I’ll keep my eye on trade and hopefully I can find a keeper!

  11. Miss Mediocre says:

    PCT : Thanks so much πŸ™‚ It’s unfortunate I didn’t run into someone more like you in Zangarmarsh that fateful WoW day, hehe. I don’t have any characters on Elune, but I appreciate your offer nonetheless!

  12. Miss Mediocre says:

    Crusard : That would be fantastic if the Cataclysm guild changes brought back a bit of that togetherness! Though I will need to find myself a guild if I want to have a chance at experiencing it, lol.

    Sending thank you notes to your customers is a great idea, though I’ll have to have a look at what I’m selling to see if I could do something similar. I wouldn’t feel right sending a thank you note to someone who buys a Calico Cat Carrier from me for 75g when they could have just bought it from a vendor for 50g… Perhaps for people who buy my engineering pets though! You’ve got me thinking πŸ™‚

    Come Cataclysm I’m going to have to expand my server horizons if I want to make any new characters, as both my Horde and Alliance servers are just about full, so I may just take you up on that offer someday! πŸ™‚

  13. Miss Mediocre says:

    Indy : I like the bag idea! I make tones of bags anyway to sell or horde away for Cataclysm, and hopefully someone playing an alt who already had all 22 slotters wouldn’t accept a bag as quickly as they might accept free gold. πŸ™‚

  14. Miss Mediocre says:

    Ceyla : You make a good point about being nice for it’s own sake. I am probably being a bit too pessimistic with my fears of everyone I help just taking advantage, as I’m sure I will encounter some people who will actually benefit from my assistance! I don’t usually answer questions from trade, though I’m not sure why, so I will start keeping my eyes open for genuine questions that I have the answers to! πŸ™‚

  15. Miss Mediocre says:

    QuietKjun : I didn’t know sharing character names and servers could affect your account security. Perhaps I should share a little less specifics about my characters on here, hehe. I have a Real ID friend whose account got hacked, but I just haven’t had the heart to remove him from my friends in case he somehow gets his account back. I probably should though, as that hacker now has access to not only my character names, but also my real name and e-mail… :S

    That’s sad that you had to delete your blog! I had a personal blog for a while that I had to delete because people I knew actually started reading it, and they’d get mad if I mentioned them, or didn’t mention them, or mentioned something they hadn’t known about… It had to be deleted, but I still miss it!

    I currently play on only two servers, and now that all my characters are 80, I just log on to post auctions or craft things or take part in the pre-Cataclysm events. Hopefully as I’m out attempting to spread good will I will want to be on more, and if our servers overlap, it would be awesome to actually have someone on my friend’s list online!

  16. Flash70 says:

    Hey MM,
    You post really touched a nerve with me…
    It’s amazing how people can be so inconsiderate and just plain rude when they are protected by the anonymity of the alias they’re hiding behind.

    It reminds me that when I leveled my first character on WOW, I did it on a PVP server and I was ganked ALOT by higher level players (STV anyone?…). I always assured myself that when I get to the end level, I will take my revenge ganking lower level players from the opposite faction.
    But when I finally got there, and happened to cross paths with a potential β€œvictim”, I just couldn’t do it. I knew what it meant for him – A long run from the graveyard, an annoying break in the quest he’s involved in and the general feeling of helplessness. In many cases I even find myself helping him with the mob he’s fighting, /wave him and simply continue on my path.

    Too bad I’m playing on an EU realm and cannot meet you in-game πŸ™‚
    Take care!

  17. Rifter says:

    I would just recommend joining with an alt. Then, if it sucks, well, you are only out one alt. πŸ™‚ I do understand though. I still morn the loss of my first Vanilla guild. But, for many of us, this is a social game. It really is not fun without that social connection.

  18. Rathay says:

    That’s fine, it’s because I was trying to add a couple characters that the site thought was a code… These things “>” god I hope I didn’t screw that up.

    What happened with that guild is I just transferred back to my old server because my friend in real life started playing again. Big mistake though. x_x

  19. Miss Mediocre says:

    Flash70 : I did the same thing! I leveled my horde pally to 80 on a PvP server, getting ganked and camped the whole way there, and once I hit 80, I didn’t have the heart to inflict the same gankage on others! If I encountered a level 80 out in the world that was a different story, but any leveling Alliance toons who crossed my path, I’d help out if I could, and certainly would not kill and camp them. I ended up transferring to a non-pvp server, lol.

    Thank you for leaving your comment, it’s making me feel less hopeless about the state of WoW these days, knowing that there are so many others encountering the same issues! If only there was just one big server for all of WoW, and we could all group up! πŸ™‚

  20. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rifter : I always said the main reason I played WoW was because it was a social game, so hopefully I can find a nice guild and get some of that socialness back!

  21. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rathay : Oh πŸ™ Damn RL friends, always influencing our WoW decisions and then ditching us!

  22. Rathay says:

    Always and then some.. He quit again soon after that. >_>

  23. Kammler says:

    I feel your pain. I posted a similar (but not as eloquent) post today about this very topic–Help A Brother Out Please?

    Look for another post on this topic today; I had another post planned but this inspired me.

    Some of the things mentioned already are very good “kind gestures” to offer noobs. Here is a list of some of the things I have done:

    * Free bags (above already)
    * Gifts using wrapping paper of crafted stuff, send to guildies or lowbies who could use upgrades
    * Offer free Deadmines/Stockades runs in chat
    * Go to starter zones and use /say macro “anyone need help leveling?”
    * In old guild, all officers were required to host one “lowbie run” every week. We had 6-8 runs per week this way, always full.
    * One Guild Bank tab with 100% access for lowbies–anything we could put in there that lowbies could use was always repaid, and we had good loyalty and donations later

    Idk what has happened to civility but I think you are right. People are now able to go on a variety of websites to learn how to finish a quest or beat a boss–no need for a guild to teach, just facilitate.

    Thanks for good insight on a timely topic.

  24. Nevyn says:

    Reading your story is almost like reliving my past year on WoW. My husband had been playing solo for maybe 2 months when he stumbled across a guild, joined & never looked back so by the time I started playing (Sept 2009), I had help & chats even before I finished my trial period. We found skype in December & for 3 months I spent most of my waking hours on WoW & skype-ing with the GM – a lovely slightly crazy lady who was as addicted as myself. By the end of February, a whole bunch of new members had joined the guild, raid ready & raring to go – unfortunately this meant that hubby & me on our newly dinged 80’s often got left out and although we understood why, some of the ‘old skool’ guildies didn’t like it anymore than we did, arguments ensued & a new guild was formed.

    For a while, it was heaven – we had just enough peeps for a raid team & we wiped happily for hours on end until we got the tactics sorted out & on to the next boss. Unfortunately we ended up with an eternal triangle & I got caught in the fallout so I left. I had a bank guild so I opened it up & tried to create a social daytime guild but finding like-minded players in daytimes was tough unless I wanted to spend all day talking to teenagers!

    Long story short – that second guild imploded, leaving hubby as GM so I went back to help & we are rebuilding as a social guild – we only invite 1 person at a time so we can get to know them & so far, we’ve been pretty lucky – all our newer members say what an unusual guild we are – lots of chat, group bg’s & boost evenings. One or two of my daytime guild have joined us & I like to think that my 2 rules for a guild work – no swearing in gchat & be nice to peeeps – that’s the only rules I think we need. I’m on EU-CoA if anyone wants some old fashioned vanilla-style guild life – even though I joined post-LK πŸ™‚

  25. Miss Mediocre says:

    Nevyn : It sounds like you have a good set up for your guild! I attempted to do a similar thing with mine, inviting people slowly and getting to know everyone a bit, but I’d also welcomed back anyone who’d been a member in the past. I tried to keep the no swearing in gchat & be nice rules, but it was the veterans who couldn’t keep from calling each other nasty names and fighting in guild chat, after only a few days in the guild even, lol. I think it’s nearly impossible to rebuild a guild once it’s fallen apart, as players change (and sometimes become jerks, lol) and old grudges always seem to resurface. It’s not only myself and my boyfriend left in the guild, and he doesn’t play much anymore, so my best bet is starting over with a new guild. Hopefully I can find one like yours! The worst is when I join a guild, get welcomed, and then no one ever talks to me again, lol.

  26. Tracey says:

    A few thoughts on ways to help lowbies. [From the perspective of a perma-lowbie. Seriously – is there an achievement for longest time /played without getting to 80? I’m in it for the questing. πŸ˜› ]

    * Bags to a new player are better than gold. Even just extra 6-slotters are handy, and gifts of 10/12/16 slot bags are manna from heaven. How many times have I had to interrupt questing to make the long run (on foot!) back to a village to find a vendor and hopefully a mailbox?? Such a time suck! Give bags and bask in the love!

    * Help with questing/combat is a delicate issue. If I’m dying, then yes, please save me. If I’m in over my head, feel free to help. But coming through and just smashing everything that even looks like it might get in my way – while entertaining on occasion – is kind of a ripoff. I have to learn to fend for myself… Maybe you can give advice for what I should be doing better? (Ie, if I have a CC that I’ve not used or an LOS option…something strategic. Or if I’m just plain in the wrong place, like the time I wandered alone into Blackfathom Depths while questing nearby!)

    * Gear. Personally, I love to craft my own gear and I do know what stats to look for, but that’s probably not universal. If you see players in crappy gear, a gift of your crafting or an enchant can be a HUGE improvement. If you see dumb stats, a few kind words of explanation would not be amiss…

    * Speaking of kind words….Tell me I’ve done something good if we’re grouped up. Tell me where to put my unassigned talent points (or how to decide). I’ll never forget the random warrior who whispered me that Warbringer was available – what a rocking talent, and I hadn’t even noticed I had a point.

    * More kind words – the stranger on the RP server who complimented my FlagRSP description. That experiment didn’t go anywhere, but it was encouraging that I’d done something right. Pay attention to what people are doing/saying, and respond!

    * I’ll diverge from the norm here and say I *hate* being run through a dungeon. I accepted an offer just one time, and that (very kind!) bear ran so fast through the instance, which I’d never seen before, that I literally lost him and had to ask where he’d gone. I got the achie, but I don’t care. Not really worth his time, even though he wanted to be helpful. Speed runs are great if you’re farming a drop or just need the achie/kill, but not very interesting as play.

    * Put the quest items on the AH! If I need 2 whatever potions for that stupid Stonetalon Mtn questline, it’s really frustrating for them to never be for sale. You won’t make a lot of money on this, and it’s pretty much anonymous, but it clears a really bad questing block. This would be a good one to send a follow-up note on, actually.

    * Answer questions in /trade. Just as important, call out the bad-but-believable fake answers to the questions in trade.

  27. Miss Mediocre says:

    Tracey : I think yours was perhaps one of the best comments I’ve ever gotten on the site! Thank you so much for taking the time to share all these suggestions with me! I really appreciate it and will use as many of them as possible in my quest to be nice to players who may need my assistance! πŸ˜€

  28. Tracey says:

    @Miss Mediocre – LOL! I’m glad you found my suggestions useful. It’s easily the *longest* comment I’ve ever made! Once I started talking, the possibilities just rolled on…

  29. Nate says:

    Hey I have a Hordie 80 mage and 74 druid on zangarmarsh, although i was thinking about faction changing them… Friend natet in-game and if I’m on send me a message! although I have recently started playing on suramar with my wife, better pings more balanced server, and the AH isn’t crazy!

  30. Miss Mediocre says:

    Nate : Thanks! If I ever end up over on Zangar I’ll send you a message! πŸ™‚

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