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Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Shadowspirit Diamonds that is!

January’s WoW Gold Blog Carnival topic over on Just My Two Copper (my favorite gold making blog) is “How Are You Making Gold In Cataclysm”. My gold making has been moved to the back burner more or less since the release of Cataclysm, but I do still need to be able to afford my pretty purple gear, so I bring in what gold I can when I’m not too distracted by everything else going on in game these days!

The main way I have been funding my crazy Cataclysm shopping sprees is with my Alchemy and Jewelcrafting combo. My Alchemy is 525, which wasn’t too difficult and didn’t cost me too much gold, since I don’t mind picking herbs as an alternative to questing for leveling up. My Jewelcrafting is still around 500 and I haven’t really spent any gold on it yet, as I’ve just been buying Obsidian, prospecting it, and then selling the uncommon and rare gems in the Auction House to break even. Now that I have 525 Alchemy and 500 Jewelcrafting however, I have a much more profitable use for my uncommon gems!

Alchemists can transmute 3 of each of the uncommon gems into 2 shadowspirit diamonds when they reach 525.

3 Carnelian
3 Jasper
3 Alicite
3 Hessonite
3 Nightstone
3 Zephyrite

The uncommon gems would cost around 414g to buy from the Auction House on my server. I prefer buying the Obsidian Ore and prospecting it myself for the gems however, because you have a chance at finding the rare gems as well. Now that the price of Obsidian is starting to come down it’s even better, but buying the gems from the AH is still a profitable way to go! If you happen to have a transmute spec Alchemist, like me, you will get a few extra shadowspirit diamonds now and again too!

Selling the uncut shadowspirit diamonds will make you some good gold. They currently sell for 323g each on my server, and fairly quickly, so you end up making about 232g per transmute, but what I prefer to do is cut the gems, and then sell them!

A lot of players look to to decide what gear to get, and how to gem it, including me. What I noticed when looking through all of the classes and specs was that they almost all recommended Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamonds as the meta gem of choice. These sell very quickly and for around 360g each on my server, even though there are a few other Jewelcrafters posting them. This cut makes me about 300g for each transmute, if it doesn’t proc.

If you are good about doing your Jewelcrafting dailies, and have enough tokens to buy some of the other Shadowspirit Diamond cuts, I have sold the Austere Shadowspirit Diamonds for as much as 600g each as it is the tanking gem recommended by, making me about 786g from one transmute. There are times when other Jewelcrafters post a lot of these, driving the price down, so it’s best to check the price for the cuts you have and the price of the uncut gems daily, and chose whichever will make you the most gold.

The best part about transmuting shadowspirit diamonds for gold is that the transmute doesn’t have a cooldown! I usually post 4 first thing in the morning, and then just transmute and cut more as they sell throughout the day. It’s very low risk, and a great way to level your Jewelcrafting too!

If you only have one of the two professions, or even if you don’t have either, you can still make some gold! You can buy the uncommon gems from the Auction House, and find a transmute spec Alchemist who is willing to transmute them, keeping any that proc as their payment. You can then sell the uncut gems, or find a Jewelcrafter who is willing to cut them for you for a fee. It won’t be as profitable as having the professions yourself, but could still be worth it!

It takes 500 Jewelcrafting and 4 Illustrious Jewelcrafter’s Tokens to buy any of the shadowspirit diamond cuts, so there really aren’t that many Jewelcrafters / Alchemists doing this yet. I think eventually the prices will drop enough that this won’t be as profitable, so if you’re thinking of doing it, sooner is definitely better than later!

What do you think of my gold making idea? Are there any gems you have been selling like crazy? Have you been using your professions to make gold in Cataclysm? Did it cost you a fortune to reach 525 in any of the professions?

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

Caught The 4.0.1 Bug? Don’t Waste That Transmute!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

I thought I would post this for anyone else who had leveled a transmute speced alchemist after 4.0.1 and was disappointed to find out that you could no longer learn to transmute epic gems from the trainers. I wanted to remind those of you in my situation that although we are missing out on hundreds of gold a week, we can still make some money with our transmute cooldown!

Transmute Water  to Air and Transmute Water To Fire are what I’ve been using on my unfortunate alchemist. You have to discover these, but hopefully you already know them!

If you don’t, the way I discovered them was buying cheap saronite, transmuting it into titanium (no cooldown) and then using the titanium with my other professions for a bit of a profit. It might not be much profit if you don’t have access to other professions to get better use out of the titanium, but even if you sell the bars you should break even, and with any luck you will quickly discover one of the more useful transmutations.

Currently Eternal Water is priced at under a gold on my server, and Eternal Air and Fire flip around, but usually settle around 20g (though Fire is more consistently around 20g, Airs tend to sit around 10, but can suddenly jump up to 50g). I always check the prices on what is available in the AH, then transmute whichever will make me more gold that day. The best part is that if you’re lucky and your transmute procs, you could end up making the same amount as if you were selling an epic gem. 

Many of you probably already thought to do this, but in case any of you were letting that cooldown go to waste everyday, perhaps you can start using it before Blizzard fixes the issue, or Cataclysm gets here, whichever comes first, lol.

Elaynna The Lock – Level 70

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Yaaay, choosing to level a new Warlock wasn’t a mistake!

For any of you who have been following my lock leveling stories, you’ll know I had another lock at level 70 already, but she was on an account I don’t have active anymore. I was going to transfer her to my main account, but I don’t like her name anymore, and wasn’t sure if that would be included in a transfer (I didn’t think it would be). To save myself some money and say my goodbyes to the Azeroth I’ve grown so familiar with over the years, I decided to level a new Warlock, rather than transfer over my old one.

Of course, I’m not done yet! I still have 10 levels between me and my goal of having an 80 of every class before Cata, but Northrend is cake for me now! Delicious, easy, quick-paced cake! Hehe.

The last 10 levels FLEW by, it seems like I just wrote my Elaynna the Lock – Level 60 post! Oh right! I did . . . yesterday! (hehe) Outland is so easy now, lol. I was level 66 before I even left Hellfire, reached 67 in Zangar, then skipped the majority of the Marsh and went and got to 68 in the hunter’s camp in Nagrand. I then flew up to the Stormspire in Netherstorm to turn in my 4 Primal Mights to finally become a Transmutation Alchemist (which required level 68). Finally, it was off to Northrend!

I had a pretty good time doing instances between 60 and 70! I was always the top dps and was surprised to be doing 1.3 – 1.4 k at level 67, as that’s how much dps most of my other characters were doing when they first reached 80! I owe much of my damage to my trusty Destruction Holo-gogs which I have been sporting since level 62 thanks to Engineering, and my Noise Machine(s) and Heirlooms contributed nicely as well. I didn’t get to try out my Engineeringly buffed self against many other players in AV because the que times skyrocketed after 60 and Alliance started loosing, but the mobs of Outland felt my fiery destruction wrath!

I’ve managed to max out Alchemy and Engineering is sitting at 446. I was looking forward to transmuting some epic gems, but apparently that is busted! (I talk about that in my previous post) So now my only focus is leveling! I’d love to at least reach 78 by the end of the week so that I can kill the Horseman and become ‘Elaynna the Hallowed’, because I’ve managed to do all the other Achievements for Hallow’s End! If I don’t find the time to level that fast though, hopefully a few guildies will help me get into Scarlet Monastery and get a Horseman kill! It would be so sad to be just one tiny Achievement away for the rest of the year, lol.

I better get back to it!

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3

Well That Was Disappointing, lol.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

So, I spent some time exploring the Beta yesterday and I was interested to see what “Potion of Illusion” turned you into. All it says in the description is that it “transforms the imbiber look like someone else”, so I spent a good 2 hours leveling my Alchemy to be able to learn to make it at skill level 460, and then flying/swimming around in the new zones looking for herbs. I was all excited when I finally gathered the mats to make just one of these potions, and this is what happened…

So disappointing! I guess the potion isn’t working in the Beta yet, and I wasted so much time just to see what it would do, lol. I can’t even purchase the mats to make another potion and try again, as all the Cataclysm herbs go for about 3300g a piece, lol. I will perhaps try to capture the magic of the Potion of Illusion again in a few weeks!

Elaynna the Warlock – Level 40

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

And I thought getting from level 20 to 30 took me a long time, lol . . .

I don’t know what it is about leveling this character, but almost every time I sit down to power through some levels, I end up quitting after only a little while because it’s putting me to sleep! Maybe I geared my character a little too well for a lowbie and the fact that I can kill 90% of the stuff I am fighting with my eyes closed is adding to my boredom. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s probably my 20th time doing most of the quests. Either way, making it through Azeroth has been a struggle, (a struggle of boredom)!

I attempted going run-for-run through Zul’Farrak with my guild mate like we’d done at earlier levels, but it was just as, if not more boring! We both decided questing was a better choice, so off we went to Stranglethorn Vale to slaughter animals and rain down firey destruction on some pirates. I do prefer leveling with a buddy over leveling alone, so I managed to stick with it for a bit longer than had I been just braving the jungle alone, but it still took us nearly a month to make it just 10 levels!

Would you like to know what the highlight of my last ten levels was? Leveling my professions, lol. As soon as I reached level 35 I hearthed back to Stormwind and trained for Artisan Engineering and Alchemy (up to skill level 300). I was hoping for some amazing Engineering goggles that would be for a level 60 Engineer that I could rock at level 35, but the “Master’s Engineer Goggles” only gave me +16 Stam +17 Spirit. I guess that’s a good chunk of hit points, but I wanted something with spellpower! At least they are green I guess, I like that they kind of make me look like a Blood Elf!

I didn’t have to spend much gold leveling Engineering and Alchemy because I had so many mats saved up from leveling previous characters, and have still not had to send my Warlock any extra funds, which is cool! I believe that will change as I get into Outland mats though, especially for Engineering. I have been trying to collect some Fel Iron for myself on my alts, but I’ll need like 200 ore, and I don’t have near that much yet! I’m getting ahead of myself though, in my level 60 post I will talk all about leveling my profession through Outland, for now my focus is on leveling! I reached 80 with my rogue, meaning Elaynna is the last of my toons that I need to get to 80 to have an 80 of every class before Cataclysm gets here.

Hopefully the next 10 levels go by faster than the last 10!

Thanks for Reading!

My WoW Routine

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Today I thought I would post about this, because I do believe that having a set routine for each day when I first log on has helped me accumulate more gold and get more accomplished overall in game! My hours are strange, so sometimes the first time I log on is in the morning, sometimes the afternoon, sometimes in the middle of the night, but regardless of the hour, I try to stick to my routine!

The first thing I do when I log on is to log onto my horde paladin who is parked outside of Ambermill in Silverpine Forest, and check for the rarespawn that drops the Black Tabby pet. Next I log onto my Alliance Druid, who is my Alchemist, and I do my daily epic gem transmute. I try to keep the mats for the gems on hand, but sometimes I am short an eternal, so I like to keep her in a city with a Auction House. I also try to cut a different type of gem every day so I never end up posting more than a few of each at a time once I cut them (I only have one cut for each colour of gem so far).

Once I cut my gem, which hopefully procs so that I get more than one, I send them to my Shaman who is my Jewelcrafter, and then log onto her. I cut whatever type of gems I created with my Alchemist first, and then send them off to my Auction House character. Then I do my Jewel Crafting daily, which rarely takes me more than a few minutes.

The last character I log onto is my Alliance Paladin, who is my Auctioneer. I start by checking my mail and collecting the gold from the things I sold over night. Whatever I didn’t manage to sell I re-post, usually a little cheaper than the previous day, but not always if I know it’s something that sells. Next I post my epic gems at about 5g less than the cheapest ones in there, but I try never to post below 100g. If the lowest price is below 100g, then I just save them for a few days until the price goes back up (which it always seems to do).

I use Auctioneer, as anyone with any gold-gaining aspirations must, so the next thing I do is to do the “/aadv getall” scan. I have no idea how this differs from pushing the “Scan” button, but it is much faster, so I use it! Then I use the search function to look for things I can buy out or bid on to resell for major profits. The main things I seem to buy are those vanilla Librams, which sell for about 100g, but a lot of people assume they are worthless and post them at like 1g. Pristine Black Diamonds consistently sell for 100g+, but I have found quite a few for only a couple gold a piece, and finally the Dreadfang Venom Sacks sell for about 5g a piece, and are rarely posted at this, if any are posted at all, so I’m always buying those and flipping them for a decent profit. I also look for enchants, recipes, pets, trade goods, almost anything that is under priced and I am fairly certain will sell. I try not to spend more than a couple hundred gold per day, and have yet to lose money, so it seems to be working!

After I am finished with those things, I go about doing whatever else I want to do in WoW that day, whether it’s questing or getting some achievements or running dungeons. I always make a bit of money with what I choose to do after my routine is done, (mostly leveling these days), and by the time I am finished and log off for the night, I’ve always made at least 1000g! I am very diligent for checking my Auctions and re-posting things that have been undercut while I am doing other things, but really I only spend about an hour each day actively working on earning gold, and it’s only very rarely that I don’t meet my 1000g quota for the day!

So why am I posting this and why should anyone care? Because I just think that the main thing that is working for me is the routine! I’ve always dabbled in the Auction House, and have always played A LOT when I am actually playing, but it was only once I started getting into a routine with my gold making that I started seeing results! Of course listening to gold tips on Castaclysm is what got me started, and subscribing to the JustMyTwoCopper newsletter keeps me on my gold-making toes, but knowing exactly what I am doing and when is really what keeps me at it! That and the fact that I know as long as I stick with it, I will have added at least 1000g to my gold total by the end of the day!

Maybe for those of you out there like me, this will help! I know there are people bringing in way more gold than me every day with much better methods of doing so than what I have posted here, but if you’ve done some research and are somewhat familiar with the Auction House and Auctioneer, and are still not really seeing results, perhaps all you really need is a routine! Try it out and keep track of how much gold you are making by the end of each day by doing the things you’ve learned and your daily profits just might be all the motivation you need to keep at it!  If you have a routine that you stick too as well, leave a comment and let me know! Or, if routines drive you crazy and you think having a WoW routine is way too nerdy, let me know that too! hehe.

Thanks for Reading!
MissMediocre <3

What I’ve Been Up To . . .

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Chillin' with goold old Arthas

Gosh I have been playing a lot of WoW lately! I am still working away on my goal of reaching level 80 with a character of every class. So far I am done all the classes except for my warrior which is 75, my rogue which is 66 and my warlock which is 70, but I may have to start my lock over because she’s on my second account, which I don’t have active anymore.

In addition to hours of leveling, I have also been leveling my professions! I figure it is the best time to get it done, because if I wait until Cata hits, mats and such will be insanely expensive! My most recent characters to ding 80 were my Shaman and my Druid, and I just finished maxing out their professions last night (mining, jewel crafting, herbalism, alchemy). It basically didn’t cost me anything because I have been saving mats for years and anything I did have to buy, I made the gold back quickly by selling whatever I’d crafted. With those professions now I can start making some serious goldz, hehe!

A new WoW goal I am considering setting for myself (if I have any time left after my characters are all 80 but before Cataclysm gets here) is attempting to reach the gold cap! This is something that has always seemed pretty impossible, especially to me seeing as forking out 4000g in one day for some pets was not a rarity, but I have all the pets I can actually purchase now (except of course the Hyacinth Macaw, but 20,000g for anything is too much for me!). So now that there’s nothing I am really spending my gold on, I am starting to save up a good chunk!

I have been listening to Call To Auction (a podcast), and it is filled with tips and tricks to help you make gold in WoW, and there are gold making tips on every episode of Castaclysm (another podcast I listen to) so I am starting to become a bit more gold savvy. On my main server I used to sit around about 6k gold if I wasn’t on a big spending/saving spree, but now I’m creeping up on 18k! The gold cap is about 215k, so yeah I still have quite the ways to go, but if there is time, I may start trying to really do it!

It’s funny because a big chunk of my gold has come just from selling Black Tabbys to the Alliance over the past few weeks, lol. Now I am attempting to “play the auction house” a bit more and use my professions across all my characters to maximize my profits, hehe.

I will try to moderate my play time a bit better so I can actually post on here more often! I have basically been playing until my face hits the keyboard (because I fall asleep, lol) or I have been busy out doing summer things! I want this blog to be good though, so more effort shall soon follow!

If you have any suggestions for me please leave a comment!

*As a quick after note, they played my WoW parody song on The Instance (episode 199)!!! Yaay ^ ^

MM <3