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Plat Tip – The Guise of Death

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Today was the final two stages of the River of Souls event in Rift. This means it’s time to spend all those Otherworldy Sourcestones that you’ve been accumulating over the past few weeks. I had been planning on buying the pets, but after seeing what they looked like, decided they were too creepy for me, lol. So I had 600 Otherworldly Sourcestones and nothing I really wanted to buy with them. Finally I decided on the Guise of Death, which is a trinket that disguises you as an undead. I went to try it out but noticed that it was a bind on use item and had an idea! I ran to the auction house and checked and no one else had posted one, so I threw mine in for 200 platinum. I don’t know if it will sell or not, but it’s a nice option for anyone who didn’t really want any of the event awards! Even if I can only sell it for 50 platinum I’ll be happy! You should check the AH on your server to see if anyone has one posted for only a few platinum, as you’ll likely be able to flip it for a great profit in a few months!

*In addition to the trinket, watch your Auction House for the River of Souls mount as well! If you can snag one of these for a good price, you could flip it for a small fortune!

The Easiest Artifact Sets To Get

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

As promised, here is a list of all the artifact sets that I have found that don’t include a rare. Anyone working to collect Lucky Coins probably has a bunch of sets that are complete except for the rare, which can be pretty frustrating when you’re only a few coins away from whatever you’re working toward. Usually you can’t find any rares in the auction house unless they are from an invasion or they are very expensive, so hopefully this list can help some of you avoid them while still finishing some sets!

I’ve put this list in order as they come up when looking at “all” the artifacts I’ve learned, so in descending order from the highest level zones to lowest. Hopefully that makes it easiest to compare with your own list (press “c” and go to “artifacts” then select “all” from the drop down) to see what you should be searching the auction house for! I’ve attempted to list where each set is found, but I couldn’t remember all of them, so please leave a comment if you can fill in any of my blanks! Also if I’ve missed any rareless sets (possibly Defiant side ones), please let me know as well! Thanks, and I hope this helps!

Orders of Rahn Chuluun (50) : Iron Pine Peak
-Order to the Second Vanguard
-Order to the Thirteenth Vanguard
-Order to the Fifth Vanguard
-Order to the Ninth Vanguard
-Order to the Eleventh Vanguard

Tabitha Leighton (50) : Iron Pine Peak
-Linen Farmer’s Dress
-Little Sister
-Holy Book
-Prophecy of Combat

Tam Daggerborn (50) : Shimmersand
-List of Monsters Slain
-Bag of Demon Wards
-Journal of Speculation

Critter Tears (50) : Everywhere (From Critters)
-Bunny Tear
-Coyote Tear
-Cat Tear
-Fox Tears
-Deer Tear
-Snake Tear
-Rat Tear
-Squirrel Tear

The Kingdom of Mathosia (50) : Stillmoor
-Crest of Mathosia
-Vassalage Contract
-King’s Call to Service
-Ceremonial Blade*

Storm Legion Decorations (50) : Iron Pine Peak
-Bronze Hawk
-Iron Skull
-Gold Skull
-Silver Griffon

Ice Statues (50) : Iron Pine Peak
-Droitach’s Mother’s Foot Statue
-Ale Mug Ice Statue
-Ice Skull Statue

Thedeor’s Sword (50) : Iron Pine Peak
-Sword of Valor
-Blade of Courage
-Sword of Duty
-Blade of the Champion

Stormlord Casimir (50) :Iron Pine Peak
-Charged Iron Ball
-Empty Alchemical Draught
-Mercenary Recruitment Poster
-Notebook of Draconic Instructions
-Mask of the Stormlord

Commander Calthyx (50) : Iron Pine Peak
-Alchemical Sanity
-Translation Tablet
-Idol of the Depths
-Prophecy of Calyx
-Blood of the Innocent

Fossils of the Droughtlands (44) : Droughtlands
-Flametouched Kobold Femur
-Tar Preserved Cyclops Eye
-Unspoiled Devil Head
-Draconic Clawbone

Wanton Tribe Trophies (44) : Droughtlands
-Satyr Skull
-Dragon Whelp Talon
-Harpy Feather

The Eldritched Civilization of the Eth (44) : Droughtlands
-The Fall of the Dragons
-Magic and Machine
-Transformative Outlook
-To Ascend
-The Convocation

Helena Brass’s Leaflets (44) : Droughtlands
-Out of the Dark Age
-Slavery to Debt
-Ironhook Crimes
-Hygiene and You

Emberlord Ereetu (44) : Droughtlands
-Skull of Prophecy
-Flayed Skin
-Bloodmagic Sacrafice
Ereetu’s Mark

Runebound Accessories (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-Self-Combing Hairpin
-Everhot Portable Forge
-Amazing Hammer of Covenient Use
-Irresistible Trap
-Mug of Plenty
-Self-Replication Ring

Fae Dust (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-Powder of Enchantment
-Powder of Illusion
-Powder of Distrust
-Powder of Conflagration
-Powder of Growth

Last Days of Hammerknell (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-The Last Days of Hammerknell – Page 1
-The Last Days of Hammerknell – Page 2
-The Last Days of Hammerknell – Page 3
-The Last Days of Hammerknell – Page 4

Gorvaht (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-Broken Pan Pipes
-Skull Etchings
-Runebound Prison of Estrode

Moonshade Crofter Deeds (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-Jerns Family Deed
-Polski Family Deed
-Montani Family Deed

The Dwarves of Moonshade (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-Sealed Spirit
-Runebound Fatestone
-Ring of Dreams
-Hair of Gold

Fezziled’s 100 Ways to Cook a Fae (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-Crispy Fae Wings Recipe
-Pickled Satyr Hooves Recipe
-Bogling Ear Stew Recipe
-Candied Fae Toes Recipe
-Shamber Flank Recipe
-Crispy Fried Fae Gizzard Recipe

Buccaneer Articles (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-Eyepatch of Kane Wavestarr
-Sextant of Clever Ned
-Hook of Fairn the Ferocious
-Eyepatch of Cara Swelldancer
-hat and Scimitar of Estrael
-Pegleg of Black Betty

Tidelord Brenin (40) : Moonshade Highlands
-Azure Blade Contract
-Charm of Clear Thoughts
-Skin Sewn Mask
-Meridian Cube of Unmaking
-Artifact of Ancient Madness

Cat Gut Accessories (35) : Scarwood Reach
-Cat Gut Token
-Cat Gut Charm
-Cat Gut Pouch
-Cat Gut Cording
-Cat Gut Choker

Commander Kain (35)  : Scarwood Reach
-Supply Requests
-Blessing of Battle
-Bloody Cloth
-Prophecy of Kain

Kain’s Command (35) : Scarwood Reach
-Scavenged Tent Leather
-Signal Horn
-Letter from Shyla to the Crusaders
-Vespers Ritual Cup
-Final Repose Kit

Ironwood Boughs (35) : Scarwood Reach
-Rough Ironwood Bough
-Thorny Ironwood Bough
-Ironwood Root

Aelfwar Tokens (35) : Scarwood Reach
-Token of Growth
-Token of Foul
-Fae Fortune Token
-Emerald Mask Token

Lord’s Hall (35) : Scarwood Reach
-Hall-Made Blade
-Dwarven Military Insignia
-Giant Dward Gloves
-Key to Lord’s Hall

Bare Knuckled : The Return (32) : Scarwood Reach
-Bessy’s Brass Knuckles
-Knuckle’s Sandwich
-Father Churan’s Prayer Book
-Amazon Good Luck Charm
-Layman’s Guide to Pit Fighting
-Hilde’s Stick of Command
-Huon’s Back-up Plan
-Ivun’s Phylactery
-Shrunken Head of Marley’s Last Victum
-Pappy’s Spinach
-Niak’s Sanctuary Guard Insignia
-Prissa’s Tiara
-Suzy’s Sawed Off Shotgun
-Turani’s Dolly
-Mistress Valenna’s Blindfold
-Zandy’s Dapper Comb

Uriel’s Study Implements (30) : Stonefield
-Dark Quills
-Ritual Dagger
-Dissection Tools
-Deadly Nightshade

Construct Apparatuses (30) : Scarlet Gorge
-Construct Charge Ridge
-Construct Chain
-Construct Head

The Court of Suffering (30) : Scarlet Gorge
-Lash of Thaxlos
-Tandoluz’s Fang
-Burning Ichor of Broglax
-Horn of Laxgrud
-Uythradge’s Bargain

The Grimoire of Chaos (30) : Scarlet Gorge
-Destruction and Chaos
-Blood Magic
-The Plane of Torment
-Eggs of Chaos

Fire Idols (30) : Scarlet Gorge
-Danjal Idol
-Bukavac Idol
-Furcas Idol
-Labal Idol
-Neqa’el Idol

Oakheart (25) : Gloamwood
-Mahogany Pipe
-Mathosian Writ of Knighthood
-Oakheart Family Crest

The Rule of the Titans (25) : Stonefield
-The Rule of the Titans – Page 1
-The Rule of the Titans – Page 2
-The Rule of the Titans – Page 3
-The Rule of the Titans – Page 4
-The Rule of the Titans – Page 5

Roc Feathers (25) : Stonefield
-Dull Roc Feather
-Shiny Roc Feather
-Glossy Roc Feather
-Bright Roc Feather

Troll Toenails (25) : Stonefield
-Moldy Troll Toenail
-Crystallized Troll Toenail
-Mossy Troll Toenail

The Sanctuary Guard (25) : Gloamwood
-Prayer Book of the Vigil
-Blade Sharpening Kit
-Letters from Sanctum
-Enlistment Papers

Baelin’s Holy Artifacts (25) : Stonefield
-Feathered Fetish
-Hare’s Foot
-Silkspinner Webbing

Curses of Gloamwood (25) : Gloamwood
-Rot of the Ancients
-Shadowy Doom
-Delilath’s Curse

The Gedlo Conclave (25) : Gloamwood
-Toxin Smeared Rag
-Fire Runes
-Planar Lodestone
-Dragon Shell Necklace

Tools of the Forest (25) : Gloamwood
-Star Iron Log Dog
-Runecrafted Drag Blade
-Consecrated Log Tongs
-Cursed Mill Buzz Saw

Lockets of the Lost (25) : Stonefield
-Locket of Tamar Kole
-Locket of Bailey Malcom
-Locket of Dray Tinsaugh
-Locket of Lief Ikari
-Locket of Raymond Winsley

Shademarked Bones (25) : Stonefield
-Small Shademarked Bone
-Jagged Shademarked Bone
-Hollow Shademarked Bone

Field Study of the Well (25) : Stonefield
-Field Study of the Well – Page 1
-Field Study of the Well – Page 2
-Field Study of the Well – Page 3
-Field Study of the Well – Page 4
-Field Study of the Well – Page 5

Ancient Eth Tablets (25) : Stonefield
-Scuffed Tablet Fragment
-Triangular Tablet Fragment
-Rounded Tablet Fragment
-Jagged Tablet Fragment

Titan Idols (25) :Stonefield
-Idol of Justus
-Idol of Hiberus
-Idol of Cornix
-Idol of Hybrida
-Idol of Primus

The Eth Mines (25) : Stonefield
-The Eth Mines – Page 1
-The Eth Mines – Page 2
-The Eth Mines – Page 3
-The Eth Mines – Page 4

Misplaced Festival Gifts (22) : Gloamwood
-Festival of Mariel-Taun
-Festival of Squirrels
-Festival of Bahralt

Gloamwood Toadstools (22) : Gloamwood
-Hags Cap
-Pine Shade

Spider Parts (22) : Gloamwood
-Severed Spider Leg
-Unusually Strong Webbing
-Decaying Eyestalk

Crops of Freemarch (18) : Freemarch
-March Hops
-Pearl Barley
-Sun Squash

The Crossing (18) : Freemarch
-The Crossing – Page 1
-The Crossing – Page 2
-The Crossing – Page 3
-The Crossing – Page 4
-The Crossing – Page 5

The Great Betrayal (18) : Silverwood
-Mourning Veil
-Faer Pact Totem
-Insignia of the Prince
-Amnesty Letter
-Royal Demand for Regency

Divine Landing (18) : Silverwood
-Devil Skull
-Mark of Maelforge
-Scorched Armor
-Cyril’s Holy Symbol of the Vigil

The Theology of the Vigil (18) : Silverwood
-Thedeor – The Sword
-Bahralt – The City
-Tavril – The Land
-Mariel-taun – The Heart
-Thontic – The Sea

Fish of Solace (18) : Freemarch
-March Eel
-Spikeback Minnow
-Wide Eyed Guppy

Telaran Coins (18) : Freemarch
-Rhaza’de Quartz Lump
-Mathosian Silver Penny
-Mathosian Gold Dollar
-Dwarven Iron Penny
-Kelari Coral Kroen

Kelari Idols (18) : Freemarch
-Idol of Baku
-Idol of Kashar
-Idol of Kubi

Abyssal Ritual Jars (18) : Freemarch
-Distilled Death Essence
-Distilled Flame Essence
-Distilled Life Essence
-Distilled Earth Essence

Food of Silverwood (18) : Silverwood
-Sauteed Vespid with Garlic Tubers
-Raw Jaggedfin with Wine Sauce
-Roasted Venison on the Arrow
-Creeperbrush Soup with Dumplings
-Goblin Heart Jerky

Quicksilver College (18) : Silverwood
-Star Iron Cauldron
-Yew Practice Wand
-Rothmann’s Pricipia Conflagera

Brougan Grote (18) : Silverwood
-Grote Family Blade
-Elven Cipher
-Aelfwar Treaty Scrolls
-Quicksilver Expulsion Papers

High Elven Culture (18) : Silverwood
-Inscrutable Hair Accessory
-Bag of Seeds
-Silken Ties
-List of Family Lines to Prune
-Prophecy Diary

Tarvil (18) : Silverwood
-Ancient Elven Relic
-The Living Prophecy
-The Cycle of Life
-Journal of Completed Prophecy

Technician Tools (18) : Freemarch
-Planar Surveyor
-Source Canister
-Field Generator
-Source Scalpel
-Planar Dosimeter

Prince Hylas Aelfwar (18) : Silverwood
-Insignia of the First Order
-Wax Seal of the Prince
-Concealable Elven Pugio
-Vial of Greenscale’s Blood
-Shyla’s Locket

Jerome Drift (18) : Silverwood
-Journal of Untested Experiments
-Jerome Drift;s Amazing Hat
-Vial of Jerome’s Secret Ingredient

Ascended Guardians (18) : Silverwood
-List of Former Regrets
-Family Prayer Book
-Lock of Hair
-Crossed Out Enemies List
-Marred Tombstone (No Longer Dead)

Hazing Committee Supplies (18) : Silverwood
-Sheeping Pills
-Marked Tarot Cards
-Girdle of Gender Change

Secrets of the Ascended (10) : Sanctum (quest)
-Feather of the Messenger
-Plot to Kill Orphiel
-Abyssal Book of Names


Rift Artifact Hunting 101

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

I just broke 300 platinum this week, and thought I’d finally take the time away from Rift to post a bit more in depths about my big plat maker, artifacts! I only started collecting artifacts because of the vanity items you can purchase with the Lucky Coins you get for turning in sets. I have my eye on the Shiny Tartagon mount, which is a white version of the CE two-headed turtle mount, and am only 12 coins away now. Getting this mount will save me the 125 platinum it would have cost at level 50 to get an epic mount, which is also nice!

The thing with hunting artifacts is that you find A LOT of them that you already have. Artifacts have set spawn points in each zone, and if you’re always hitting up the same spawn points, I find you end up with a lot of the same artifacts, but that could just be me. You might think searching for artifacts would be a boring pass time, but it’s kind of like a huge sparkly Easter egg hunt! Sure the spawn points are always the same, but there are hundreds, maybe thousands of spawn points, so I’m always discovering new ones, even in well explored areas. I thought I’d share a few artifact hunting pointers in case any of you are looking for ways to bring in the plat and want to give it a try!

  • Roll a High Elf or Bahmi! The Angelic Flight and Mighty Leap racials will save you some serious headaches when getting to those hard to reach artifacts.
  • Look behind it! No matter what you see, a rock, a tree, a building, check around the other side! Usually you’ll find yourself an artifact.
  • Look up! There are artifacts in the trees, on top of structures, tucked into niches you can only just reach, so don’t keep your eyes glued to the ground.
  • If you see trees, you can probably reach them somehow, and there will be artifacts around their base!
  • Go down the mountain! Anytime you’re running along the crest of a mountain range, remember that if you see what looks like giant stairs down the side, each of those steps could have a couple artifacts on them! I have found SO MANY on the ledges surrounding Silverwood, so make sure you check! You can always climb back up to the top later.
  • Go to your opposite faction’s zones! You can still turn in sets of artifacts you collect even if they aren’t from one of your faction’s zones. Sure if you play on a PvP server it might be dangerous, but just think of how much you can sell those artifacts for in your auction house!
  • Some artifacts are needed for 2 sets! Remember to use these if you need them the second time, or post them for a little more in the auction house!
  • Check the Auction House for rares! Players who aren’t interested in artifacts are always posting rares for far too cheap. If you find one posted for less than 5 plat that isn’t from an invasion (it will say so in the tooltip) buy it out and repost it!
  • Don’t leave it behind! Even if an artifact is giving you trouble, remember that the harder it is to get, the more likely it is to be a rare!
  • Make artifact allies, not enemies! It’s important to remember the players selling the most artifacts are usually the players buying the most artifacts. So if you’re undercutting someone, maybe do it by more than just a silver (because there are no addons, nothing makes me angrier at a fellow Antiquarian than seeing they’ve undercut me by 1 silver. I won’t even bother canceling auctions to repost unless I notice I’ve been undercut by a silver, and then I go out of my way to undercut that player as often as possible no matter what they’re selling and won’t buy their artifacts, even if they are 1 silver cheaper than the rest.) Or if you notice two of you seem to be farming the same zone, talk to the player and see if there are certain days they post, so that you can post on the opposite days, or find out which zones they work in, and pick zones they don’t have covered (level permitting).Giving discounts to players you recognize who sell artifacts isn’t a bad idea either. They are going to find things you need and you are going to find things they need, so it can pay off to be nice!
  • Most of all, don’t sell yourself short! You went out and got your hands dirty collecting those artifacts, you fell off cliffs, got stuck in crevices and maybe even got ganked by some high level Defiants (or Guardians), so if you have one that isn’t already in the Auction House, post it for a platinum! If someone wants it, they’ll pay that much! If you find and uncommon, post it for 2-3 platinum. If you find a rare, post it for 10-20 plat! Remember that the deposit is only a silver, so it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t sell the for the first few times, and chances are it will sell eventually!

In addition, I finished my farming map of Silverwood/Gloamwood that I wanted to share. I leave from Sanctum (sorry Defiants, it will be a long trek, but you’ll run into almost no guards if you stick to the black line) and start to find artifacts as soon as I reach the black line. I zigzag into the hills above Moonshade Highlands and usually head down the hill by Palisade in Silverwood to check there, but other than that I just look on ledges and under trees and on peaks. There is a lake in the hills just southwest of Gloamwood Pines in which you’ll usually find an artifact, and a cave along the road leading north toward Iron Pine Peak where an artifact likes to hide behind the sparkly altar. When you leave the cave check around Loggerman’s Lift across the stream and there’s almost always one under the bridge there! Then head up the hill to Shadefallen Keep where there’s a bunch more!

My inventory is usually full of artifacts by the time I reach Shadefallen Keep, which is why my rout ends there. Sometimes I change things up by swinging into the Scarlet Gorge and heading down to Stonefield and Freemarch, or sometimes I stick to Silverwood and just do a few circles and check out Overwatch Keep just to keep things interesting. Rare artifacts seem to be very rare, so it always makes my day when I find one! I’m guessing they show up around once out of every 100 artifacts I find, which is why they sell so well and why I’m always so happy to find one! I hope that you find this information useful! I know it seems like a strange thing to focus on in this new shiny game, but I’m having a lot of fun and making a lot of plat!

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

On My Way To Becoming A Platinum Princess

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

I enjoyed having enough gold in WoW to buy whatever I wanted. I think the biggest change I’ve experienced in my switch to Rift is that I’m no longer able to spend without consequence. I was happy with how much gold I was accumulating for the first few levels until I visited the mount vendor and realized that the highest currency in game wasn’t actually gold, it was platinum, and that the cheapest horse would cost me a whole 2.5! I was sitting around 65 gold at the time and realized I needed to develop some platinum making strategies, and quick. After a few more levels I discovered Sanctum and the Guardian Auction House. Unfortunately prices were all over the place and there really wasn’t much posted at all, as the shard had only been around for a few days. I posted what I thought people might go searching for, a few shoulder and head armor items that were a little harder to find than the rest and some leather I’d butchered. I way overpriced everything, and not surprisingly none of it sold, so it was back to the drawing board.

Later I was running around Silverwood Forest questing my little heart out when I saw a bright sparkly thing. Obviously I had to click on it, and I got my very first “artifact”. I thought it was pretty neat that you could find sparkly things just laying around the world, and became instantly hooked. I completed a few of the Silverwood artifact sets, spending any extra gold I had to purchase the ones I’d yet to find from the Auction House. I began finding doubles and triples of ones I’d already used, so I decided to post them in the AH to try to make back some of my gold. There were rarely any of the ones I found already in the AH, so I decided to risk putting them in for a platinum a piece as the fee to post an artifact is only 1 silver, so it wouldn’t really matter if they didn’t sell. To my surprise and delight, they nearly all sold! I started going out to explore and look for artifacts specifically, which was a lot of fun and is probably why I’ve yet to reach level 50. I only sell ones I already have because I’d noticed once you turn in 100 sets of artifacts, you can get one of the fastest mounts, which became a goal of mine. I also started purchasing artifacts to re-post in the AH that were under priced, something that isn’t easy to do without addons, but I managed.

I like hunting artifacts for platinum because it’s something I’d be doing anyway. I want to finish all the artifact sets and get my special mount and I want to explore every corner of Telara, I just so happen to be making money along the way! I’ve gotten to the point where I have every artifact from Silverwood and Gloamwood now except for a few of the rares. So I head out to search once a day until my bags are full of artifacts, which usually takes 15-30 minutes because I’m very familiar with the artifact spawn points in both zones now, and then I head back to the Auction House to post whatever I couldn’t use. I have fun riding around seeing the world and fighting off any rifts or invasions I come across, and I usually make at least 10 platinum in the process, sometimes much more. I don’t even have to worry about mobs getting in my way as I find the greatest success just sticking to the mountains.

I’m not sure how much platinum the average Rift player has right now, as I only have a few people to compare to, but I know I’ve got a fair bit more than them. I also don’t know what level 50 brings in terms of ways to bring in the plat, but I think as a nooby level 36, 220 platinum has me well on my way to becoming a Platinum Princess! At this rate anyway I should have at least 1000 by the time I reach level cap. Players love those vanity items, me included, hehe.

If you’re interested in starting to farm artifacts as well let me know and I’ll post a map with my favorite spots! Also if you’ve been working on making platinum with the Rift AH, leave me a comment and let me know how it’s going! If there’s a better method for someone still leveling to bring home the bacon, I’d really like to hear about it! Finally, how have you been managing playing Rift without any addons? Are you always glancing to your titan panel to see how long you have to go until you level up, or typing /auctioneer commands in the AH only to realize sadly you’ll have to figure that all out on your own? Oh, and do you like the new header? I thought I should throw some of my Rift characters in there now that it’s such a big part of my gaming agenda!

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3

Auction House Karma

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

I have been playing the Auction House a bit more frequently this week, and have been making off like a bandit, flipping under priced items! I’ve found a few blue and epic pieces of vanilla gear priced under 5g and then have sold them the next day for 200g +. Because of my recent successes, I had been doing my, “/aadv getall” scans three times a day and last night I found an amazing deal on a Disgusting Oozeling! It was priced at only 400g, and since I am well aware of how rare it is, I quickly snatched it up. I couldn’t decide at what price I should post it at first, wanting it to be a quick sale, but decided I didn’t mind waiting a few days if it wouldn’t sell at it’s 4000g average price. Sure enough I logged in this morning and it had sold.

As I collected my 3800g (after AH cuts) from the mail, I was happy to see it had pushed me just over 160k. I’d looked the seller up on the armory just out of curiosity, figuring it was probably just a fellow Auctioneer who had forgotten a “0”, but found that it was actually a level 55 hunter. I began to wonder if they had perhaps just stumbled across the pet while leveling through the Plaguelands, and since there had been no others in the Auction House at the time, priced it at what seemed fair to them. I remember my boyfriend selling one back in Vanilla WoW for a whole 150g or so, which was way more money than either of us had at the time. We were ecstatic and having simply come across it while killing oozes, we had no idea just how rare it was. I should have learned it instead of letting him sell it, since I spent nearly 100 hours farming for it over the next few years.

Anyway, this all got me thinking, and feeling slightly bad for the level 55 hunter who perhaps was happy with their 400g, but unaware of how much gold they could have had. I decided, rather spontaneously, that I should send them some of the profit I’d made, and maybe let them know about the Undermine Journal, so that if it simply had been a case of not knowing how much it was worth, that would never be the case for them again. I tried to make the note sound friendly and not lecturey, hoping they wouldn’t take offense to my advice if perhaps it was accompanied with gold, lol.

I do realize this could have been a case of a forgotten “0”, as 400 is only a “0” away from 4000, but I hope it was just that they had no idea what the rare pet was worth. Either way, even though it brought me back down below 160k, I’m happy I at least tried to help, whether it is appreciated or not, we shall see.

Have you ever returned an incorrectly priced item to the seller? Or given anyone a cut of the profits you made off them? Do you think me send the hunter some of the gold I’d made from them was nice, or a nooby Auction House move?

Thanks for Reading,
MM <3

The Magic Lamp & Enchanted Lantern

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I haven’t shared much about my gold making lately mostly because my gold making has taken a bit of a back seat to leveling my characters and playing with Archaeology. I do need gold though, and have been trying to get my barrings in the Cataclysm Auction House! Because I play both the Alliance and Horde fairly actively, (though to be honest my play time has been a bit Alliance heavy lately), and because I am pet crazy, I noticed something cool about the new Enchanting pets!

My Horde Enchanter can purchase the pattern for the Enchanted Lantern for 20 Hypnotic Dust at 525. The mats to make the lantern are 8 Heavenly Shards, 1 Maelstrom Crystal and 8 Hypnotic Dust. The average price for this pet on my Horde server is around 2000g.

My Alliance Enchanter purchased the pattern for the Magic Lamp for 20 Hypnotic Dust at 525. The mats for this one are 8 Heavenly Shards, 1 Maelstrom Crystal and 4 Greater Celestial Essence. The average price for this pet on my Alliance server is around 3500g.

The pets are great to sell if you can find the mats for a decent price and are a max Enchanter, but they are even better to sell to the opposite faction! If you are the only one doing it, you can more than double your price! I have only seen one Enchanted Lantern in my Alliance Auction House and it was for 7000g and have never seen a Magic Lamp in my Horde Auction House. Even if you don’t have both Alliance and Horde characters on the same server, you could try posting them for a higher price in the Neutral Auction House in either Booty Bay or Gadgetzan or if you aren’t an Enchanter you could try flipping them cross faction.

Hopefully some of you can make some gold selling these! Pets really are my favorite market. Also, don’t forget to keep selling the Dalaran Pets, now that the Dalaran portals are gone, they sell for even more than before!

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

Mistakes I’ve Made In The Auction House

Monday, October 25th, 2010

This post is my submission for Markco’s November Gold Blogging Carnival on Just My Two Copper. I am Miss Mediocre, and if this is your first time visiting my Blog, I’d like to welcome you and encourage you to leave a comment, as I do my best to reply to all of them! I’m not strictly a Gold Blogger, but I do very much enjoy making gold and try to share what I learn and how I succeed at this in many of my posts. Something I have never thought to share were the mistakes I’ve made along the way, but perhaps by sharing these errors, some of you can avoid making them!

The first mistake I made in regards to the Auction House, was avoiding it! It’s unfortunate to think about the amount of gold I missed out on during my first few years of playing WoW by vendoring everything I didn’t need. I’m not sure what exactly kept me from giving the Auction House a try, it seemed like something that was beyond me (I was a casual and very noobie player then), and it seemed like it just took too much time. The whole reason I started using the Auction House was because I’d managed to accumulate a comfortable little pile of gold (just by vendoring items and doing quests) and I thought one of my new characters deserved to wear some Auction House greens. When I checked the Auction House to see what was available for green gear under level 10, I was shocked to see how much some of it was going for. I’d just finished running a Guildie through the Deadmines, and had an inventory full of similar gear that I decided to put up for Auction, just to see if any of it would sell. Nearly everything had sold by the following day for up to twenty times what I’d get from the vendors, and it was then that my love for the Auction House was born.

The second mistake I made was believing that I could do something in game just as well as an add-on could. I’d check for undercuts, search for materials, bid on or buy what I believed to be under-priced items, but the difference between what I was managing to do without add-ons and what I do now with add-ons, is the time it took! I’d never have more than 10 auctions posted at once before I used add-ons because any more than that were just too difficult to keep track of and I didn’t sell a variety of different types of items because it was too much hassle to buy more than a few types of materials to craft them. I’d spend hours every week using the Auction House, but if I’d been using Auctioneer, those hours would have been minutes and the hundreds of gold I made back then, could have been thousands. Now if I’m ever without Auctioneer (like after 4.0.1) I hate trying to use the Auction House because everything just takes so long, lol.

The final mistake that I’ll mention making seems to be a very common one! I’d always believed that if I went out and farmed the materials to craft something, then it wasn’t costing me anything to make, and was the best way to maximize my profit. I assumed everyone who bought materials from the Auction House was just lazy and it was actually only very recently that I realized the error of my ways (thanks to JMTC)! As goblins (and savvy gold makers) like to say, “Time is Money, friend” and this is very true if you think about it! For a reference, lets say I can make 700g an hour doing quests after level 80 (which you can). If I want to post a few Crusader enchants in the Auction House while I’m away questing, but don’t have any Righteous Orbs, I have two options.

First, I could head out to Strathlome and farm them (which is what I would have done before). I can clear Strat Live in about 20 minutes and usually find 3-5 Righteous Orbs in each run. Second, I could buy the Righteous Orbs from the Auction House. The average price of a Righteous Orb on my server is about 16g, which I would have always assumed was too expensive, until you actually look at it. If I find 12 Righteous Orbs in an hour farming them in Strat then I have accumulated 192g worth of Righteous Orbs. That’s 500g less than I could have made if I’d spent my time questing in Northrend, rather than farming. Really it is worth it for me to just buy the Righteous Orbs from the Auction House, post the enchants for 100g each and go questing. A commenter, Indy, actually summed this up nicely on a previous post by saying, “If the asking price is much lower than you’d be willing to accept for spending the time farming, well, it is probably reasonable to buy them from the AH instead”. Now that I have this gold-per-hour way of thinking, and have stopped spending gold on silly things, I’ve managed to accumulate ten times more gold than I had ever been able to save up before, and my total keeps climbing.

I am still far from a WoW Millionaire, I know I have more to learn and more mistakes to make, but hopefully I can turn my current 50k into 250k, just like I turned my pitiful 5k into a decent 50k over the last few months!

Thank you for reading, and a huge thank you to Markco, because had I not started listening to his podcast Call to Auction, and started reading JMTC, I’m sure I’d still be sitting under 10k wondering how in the world people managed to afford Mekgineer’s Choppers and Traveler’s Tundra Mammoths!


Sometimes Kindness Can Do More For You Than Sarcasm.

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

I have been doing my best to make lots of gold before Cataclysm gets here. One of the methods that I have been having the most fun with is flipping items. I scan for under-priced auctions of thing I know sell well about 4-6 times I day. This morning after my scan I caught some Toughened Leather Gloves that were posted at 75s a piece.

I know these are a crafted item, and guessed that someone had made the 5 pairs while leveling Leatherworking and then posted them without knowing what they were worth. I bought all five pairs and re posted one pair for the average market price of 75g and guild banked the rest of them. I then finished up some Brewfest stuff and logged off for a while.

When I logged back in just a few minutes ago I noticed I had some mail entitled “Toughened Leather Gloves”. I imagined it would be a sob story about how someone miss-posted the gloves for the wrong price and could I please please send them back. I always attempt to be nice and try to believe that kindness will get me farther than greed, so I was preparing myself to send back (probably all but one pair of) the gloves, when I read the letter. It said:

“I guess who needs 375 gold right?”

And that was it! He didn’t explain the situation or beg for the gloves back or anything. I checked and he was online, so I thought maybe he was planning on whispering me, but after a few minutes he logged off. I get that it would probably suck to miss-post an auction like that, which is why I am always very careful not to do so, but I just don’t see what the point of his letter was? The most ridiculous thing is that I would have happily sent back 4 of the 5 pairs, (I’d keep one pair to sell myself, which I don’t think is unreasonable considering the circumstance) had he just been nice and asked for them, or at least expressed disappointment over losing them. Instead he sends me sarcasm? Lol, what the heck!?

A similar thing happened to me once before, but from the other side. I was transferring things in the neutral Auction House to start leveling a character on the Horde side of my Alliance server, and the person who was buying the items I was posting wasn’t quick enough on one item and someone else snatched up my Hydralick Armor for 1 copper.

At first I was so mad, but then I realized I really didn’t have anyone to be angry with but myself (or maybe my friend buying the items, because he was too slow, lol). It was my own silly mistake, my armor was gone, but I don’t like admitting defeat before I’ve given something my all. I looked who had purchased the item, an Alliance character named something like Ilovehorde (I wish I remembered the exact name, but it was a few years ago), and wrote them a letter. It said something along the lines of :

“Hello, I’m sure you realize that the Hydralick Armor you recently purchased from the Blackwater Auction House for 1c was an item someone was in the process of transferring cross faction. I know it was my own fault that I lost the armor, but thought I would write you and simply ask if you’d please return it to me. If not, that is completely fair and I understand, but if you did send it back that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.”

It wasn’t long before the armor was in my mail box along with a letter explaining that he bought things being transferred between factions for 1 copper all the time from the neutral Auction House, and he was surprised to get my letter, as no one had ever asked him for any of the items back. Because I had asked nicely, he said he was happy to return it to me, and because he’d been nice enough to actually return it, I sent him the money the armor was worth. It was a win/win, lol.

The point of my story is, if you make a mistake and lose something to another player, being polite and explaining yourself to whoever benefited from your loss could actually work! Behind that character is a person, and sometimes people can be nice! Occasionally even players who can come across as rude or harsh will be agreeable if you just appeal to them politely and sensibly, so if something like this ever happens to you, don’t immediately nerd-rage! Stay calm and give retrieving your item your best go, if you don’t get it back, at least you tried, and if you do, well that’s perfect. Also, if you ever benefit from someone’s mistake, and they ask you nicely to return their item, consider complying, or at least working out some kind of compromise.

Thanks for reading!

As an after note : I wrote this person back, asking them what they’d meant because I realized thanks to a couple of commenters that perhaps my assessment of his sentence had been wrong! He wrote me back with the following :

“I’m putting the ball in your court. I am acknowledging my mistake… I’m sure you are very aware that they are worth 75g not 75s, you have the option to say ‘that’s what you get for not paying attention’, or being merciful and being kind when it is not deserved. As I said the ball is in your court.”

Had he simply said something like this in the first place, I would have happily sent him back his gloves, lol, which was the point I was trying to make in this post. I haven’t decided what I will do yet, but I will probably send him back however many pairs I haven’t sold yet (which I believe is 3). We’ll see, lol.

Help A Noob Day – Stories of Noobs Past

Monday, September 27th, 2010

I was very excited to have the chance to participate in “Help A Noob Day” and have a post featured on Zug Gaming! I know a lot of the progress I made getting from the noob I was back in the Summer of 2005, to the mediocre WoWaholic I am today, was thanks to a few experienced gamers who took the time to point out a couple of the many things I was doing wrong. I thought it might be fun, and helpful, if I asked all of my WoW Buddies about what silly noob mistakes they had made when they were just starting out. A few of them responded with amusing stories, and hopefully by sharing these and pointing out how to avoid them, some noobs can refrain from making the same mistakes as we did!

A mistake that a few of my friends had mentioned making was overlooking Talent Points until level 30. If you are having a lot of trouble killing things that are your level or only a few levels higher, this might be your problem! You are rewarded a Talent Point each time you level after level 10, and you spend them by going to your Talent Point screen (default key “N”). A website I use to find a good Talent Spec for my characters is It will show you the most popular talent builds for your class.

Gear is also a huge contributor to your character’s effectiveness. One friend mentioned that she wore white and gray quality gear all the way to level 47. You can start getting green quality gear as early as level 5 from quests or the Auction House if you have some gold to spare, and you can compare the gear you are currently wearing with any new gear you find by mousing over the new gear while holding the “Shift” key. If you are a new player without enough gold for the Auction House, I’d recommend leveling in either the Blood Elf or Draenei starting zones, as their quests give the best gear up to level 20. You can also que for random dungeons as early as level 15 by going to the Dungeon Finer (default key “I”) and for each Random Dungeon you complete, you will get a blue quality item.

Another mistake you could be making that would result in it being hard for you to take down mobs your level is not ranking up your spells and abilities. I remember getting my one friend into WoW, we didn’t play together at the start, but grouped up around level 20 to quest and I was wondering why she wasn’t doing very well. We played the same class, but she wasn’t doing near the amount of damage I was. It turned out that she had never visited her class trainer and was only using the one ability she had started out with at level 1. There are class trainers in each of the major cities and all the starting areas as well, you can track them on your mini-map (by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting “class trainer”) or you can talk to a city guard, who will point you in the right direction. You get new abilities/spells almost every 2 levels, so it is important to check back often! Any new spells/abilities you learn can be found in your Spells & Abilities Book (default key “P”).

Something else about Spells and Abilities to watch out for is learning everything you’ll need. It can seem expensive when you visit your trainer, and there are some things you can skip over for certain class/specs, but if you are going to chose to not train in something, be sure you aren’t going to need it mid dungeon later on! Something both I and a friend’s husband ran into as a paladin was someone asking for a Blessing of Salvation, which we both had assumed was useless and never trained for. They have changed it into a “Hand” now and made it sound more useful in the description, but I didn’t even know what it was when my raid was asking for it back in the day, and that was pretty embarrassing! It’s a personal choice I guess, fork out the gold and risk not using an ability, or save the gold and risk looking like a noob.

One of my friends who plays a warlock mentioned that he didn’t realize you could apply a curse to more than one target at a time when he was starting out. There are some Damage Over Time effects (DoTs) that can only be active on one target at a time, but they will say that in the description of the spell/ability. Otherwise you can DoT as many mobs as you like! I don’t have a max level Warlock just yet, but on my mage one of my favorite things to do is tab-cycle through a group of mobs and apply Living Bomb to as many of them as I can before the time runs out and they all blow up, lol. Applying DoTs is a bit different than how most classes DPS, but it can be very fun and effective!

A friend of mine who played a hunter mentioned that her pet was always running after things without her telling it to do so, and she thought she just needed to train it better. She actually had the pet in the “aggressive” stance, which gives your pet permission to attack anything it gets within range of. A better stance to have your pet in while playing is “defensive” (default CTRL – 9), and that goes for Warlocks, Deathknights and Mages as well. While in “defensive” stance, a pet will only attack anything that attacks you, or what you instruct it to attack. Something noobish that I did on my hunter was that I never once used “Hunter’s Mark” all the way to level 80. Hunter’s Mark can be found in the Marksmanship Tab of a hunter’s Abilities & Spell Book and increases the damage done to whatever target you mark. You can first learn this ability at level 6, and is worth using on nearly every mob from then on.

My first noob moment (that I can remember anyway) happened when I was a baby paladin in Elwyn Forest. I got the quest to kill Hogger, but had heard that he was way too hard to kill alone. I tried asking in General Chat if anyone would help me, but I got no response. I ran around the forest killing random things and asking for assistance every few minutes for the next couple nights, but I could never get anyone to help me, and figured everyone who played WoW must just be mean. It wasn’t until many many levels later that I realized I had only been asking for assistance with “/s” while in the middle of the woods. The way you talk in General Chat is “/1” and the only time anyone can see what you type with “/s” is when they are standing right beside you.

The final thing I’m going to mention in this post is something funny that happened when I asked my friends to tell me their noob moments. My one friend sent me a story about getting the killing blow on a PvP Alliance member who was in Silvermoon City, being killed by a few high level Horde players. She had only been level 2 at the time, and had always felt bad that she’d stolen the honor kill from all those high level players. I explained to her that anyone who hits a flagged PvP player before they die gets an honor point, and that she didn’t need to feel bad anymore. Since everyone I’d sent my message to asking for stories could see what she’d said about the honor kill, and my explanation, she said that sending me that story had become her new biggest noob moment, lol.

Hopefully sharing these stories with everyone will help a few noobs out there avoid making the same mistakes we’ve all made when we were starting out! There is a lot to WoW, and though it can seem very overwhelming at first, with a bit of patience and some trial-and-error, any noob can break out of their cocoon of inexperience, sprout elitist wings, soar right up to the Frozen Throne and punch the Lich King in the frosty face! Don’t give up, and remember that there are some of us out there who are always more than happy to answer your questions!

A special thanks to all my facebook buds who took the time to respond with their stories and to Zuggy for letting me know about the Blog Carnival and Help A Noob Day! If anyone reading this has a noob story they’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment about it!

Thanks For Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

My WoW Routine

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Today I thought I would post about this, because I do believe that having a set routine for each day when I first log on has helped me accumulate more gold and get more accomplished overall in game! My hours are strange, so sometimes the first time I log on is in the morning, sometimes the afternoon, sometimes in the middle of the night, but regardless of the hour, I try to stick to my routine!

The first thing I do when I log on is to log onto my horde paladin who is parked outside of Ambermill in Silverpine Forest, and check for the rarespawn that drops the Black Tabby pet. Next I log onto my Alliance Druid, who is my Alchemist, and I do my daily epic gem transmute. I try to keep the mats for the gems on hand, but sometimes I am short an eternal, so I like to keep her in a city with a Auction House. I also try to cut a different type of gem every day so I never end up posting more than a few of each at a time once I cut them (I only have one cut for each colour of gem so far).

Once I cut my gem, which hopefully procs so that I get more than one, I send them to my Shaman who is my Jewelcrafter, and then log onto her. I cut whatever type of gems I created with my Alchemist first, and then send them off to my Auction House character. Then I do my Jewel Crafting daily, which rarely takes me more than a few minutes.

The last character I log onto is my Alliance Paladin, who is my Auctioneer. I start by checking my mail and collecting the gold from the things I sold over night. Whatever I didn’t manage to sell I re-post, usually a little cheaper than the previous day, but not always if I know it’s something that sells. Next I post my epic gems at about 5g less than the cheapest ones in there, but I try never to post below 100g. If the lowest price is below 100g, then I just save them for a few days until the price goes back up (which it always seems to do).

I use Auctioneer, as anyone with any gold-gaining aspirations must, so the next thing I do is to do the “/aadv getall” scan. I have no idea how this differs from pushing the “Scan” button, but it is much faster, so I use it! Then I use the search function to look for things I can buy out or bid on to resell for major profits. The main things I seem to buy are those vanilla Librams, which sell for about 100g, but a lot of people assume they are worthless and post them at like 1g. Pristine Black Diamonds consistently sell for 100g+, but I have found quite a few for only a couple gold a piece, and finally the Dreadfang Venom Sacks sell for about 5g a piece, and are rarely posted at this, if any are posted at all, so I’m always buying those and flipping them for a decent profit. I also look for enchants, recipes, pets, trade goods, almost anything that is under priced and I am fairly certain will sell. I try not to spend more than a couple hundred gold per day, and have yet to lose money, so it seems to be working!

After I am finished with those things, I go about doing whatever else I want to do in WoW that day, whether it’s questing or getting some achievements or running dungeons. I always make a bit of money with what I choose to do after my routine is done, (mostly leveling these days), and by the time I am finished and log off for the night, I’ve always made at least 1000g! I am very diligent for checking my Auctions and re-posting things that have been undercut while I am doing other things, but really I only spend about an hour each day actively working on earning gold, and it’s only very rarely that I don’t meet my 1000g quota for the day!

So why am I posting this and why should anyone care? Because I just think that the main thing that is working for me is the routine! I’ve always dabbled in the Auction House, and have always played A LOT when I am actually playing, but it was only once I started getting into a routine with my gold making that I started seeing results! Of course listening to gold tips on Castaclysm is what got me started, and subscribing to the JustMyTwoCopper newsletter keeps me on my gold-making toes, but knowing exactly what I am doing and when is really what keeps me at it! That and the fact that I know as long as I stick with it, I will have added at least 1000g to my gold total by the end of the day!

Maybe for those of you out there like me, this will help! I know there are people bringing in way more gold than me every day with much better methods of doing so than what I have posted here, but if you’ve done some research and are somewhat familiar with the Auction House and Auctioneer, and are still not really seeing results, perhaps all you really need is a routine! Try it out and keep track of how much gold you are making by the end of each day by doing the things you’ve learned and your daily profits just might be all the motivation you need to keep at it!  If you have a routine that you stick too as well, leave a comment and let me know! Or, if routines drive you crazy and you think having a WoW routine is way too nerdy, let me know that too! hehe.

Thanks for Reading!
MissMediocre <3