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Sup Azeroth? I’m Back!

Friday, June 24th, 2011

<a href=””>Don’t worry, Rift still rocks, I’ve viagra been craving some good old WoW lately, so I re-subbed to it and canceled dear Rift, just for a month or so!

I didn’t have any difficulty getting back into WoW, I guess after so many years of quitting and re-subbing, it’s just like riding a bicycle! I haven’t gotten back into the Auction House scene yet, now that I’ve been out of the markets so long it seems a bit intimidating to jump back in! I’ll have to do some gold blog/podcast research to find out what’s up these pre-firelands days. I have been using the Auction House to keep my eye on a Vial of the Sands, which I managed to not purchase before heading over to Rift 4ish months ago, but now that I am back in Azeroth and the price has dropped 6k or so on my server, I am once again itching to be a dragon, lol.

Other than fighting off my impulse buys, I have been working on leveling a horde hunter. I hadn’t gotten any of my horde characters to 85 before quitting and figured I’d check out the new quests from 1 to 60 horde side since I haven’t yet. Plus I have a J!NX Horde shirt now, and it feel wrong wearing it since I’ve played almost only Alliance since the Cataclysm, lol. I am really enjoying all of the new quests! Azshara was an absolute blast (kind of literally) to play through and I have been trying to actually read all the quest text and finish every zone, whether or not I am getting xp by the end of it.

I also joined a guild that’s just starting out, though I was recruited through the old fashion send-a-tell-to-every-guildless-player-you-see way, none of this fancy Guild Finder mumbo-jumbo! I was actually a bit disappointed with the new Guild Finder when I checked it out. I was hoping I could say click the specs for the kind of guild I was looking for, write a little about me blurb, and then be recruited by a guild. I guess maybe it makes more sense that it works the other way around, but there were just so many guilds to chose from once I input what I was looking for that I eventually just gave up and ran around guildless until level 15 or  so. I guess if a guild was looking for members and had to read through hundreds of player’s about me blurbs, that would maybe be worse though, lol. I just know it really didn’t help me at all. The guild I am in seems decent though, some people actually talk in guild chat and at times even to me, so it’s already better than most WoW guilds I’ve been in lately, lol.

I’ll try to keep up with my posting now that I am gaming fairly regularly again! I’m working on a little side project with someone which may lead to more posting as well, just possibly elsewhere . . . >.~

Big Thanks to Those Of You Still Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

PS : I just noticed in my post before last, my Rift character is riding a very similar bi-noggined tortoise creature, lol.

Alright Azeroth, Just One More Time!

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

My goal of getting a character of every class to 80 is actually nearing completion! My rogue is currently level 72, and after she reaches the big 80 ding, the only class I will have left to level is a warlock.

I do already have a level 70 warlock. Her name is Zyana, which I don’t really like anymore, lol, and I leveled her back in Burning Crusade because the guild I was running with needed a warlock for raiding. She’s decently geared by Burning Crusade standards, but the problem with her is that she is on my second account. I don’t use my second account anymore, and didn’t think one more character would be worth the extra cost of reactivating it, so I was going to just transfer Zyana to my main account.

The problem with transferring is that it would be $25 + tax, and I hate her name so if I were going to play her I would have needed to pay the additional $10 + tax for a name change. (She’s on the same server as I use now, so I couldn’t just use up the name myself to force a free name change). This got me thinking, is almost $40 worth 70 levels to me?

The answer I came to was  a resounding no! It only takes me a week (if I have some days where I don’t play much) to get through Northrend, maybe 3 days to get through Outland, so really, how long could it possibly take me to get through Azeroth? A week? 2 weeks? Even if it takes a whole month that’s still an extra $40 in my pocket, and it’s a recession damnit, I shouldn’t be wasting any more money than I already am on pixilated purchases!

So Azeroth, here I come! (One more time before you get Deathwing smashed anyway).

I was thinking it would be fun to do a little series on my blog here about leveling all the way from 1 to 80. I figure I’ll do one post every 10 levels or so, about things I have encountered, money I’ve made, people who have made me angry, things that have killed me, etc! I mean, I know it’s surely been done before, but it has never been done by me! So, I am doing it, lol.

Hopefully I don’t find the process is taking too long and  just transfer my old lock, lol but I think for the most part I am pretty good at sticking to my guns!

Wish me luck! ^.^