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New Hardware Makes Rift So Pretty! WoW Not So Much…

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Hello Readers,

I was very lucky and got some new ram and a new video card for my aging PC! I hadn’t been too concerned with it’s performance until I started playing Rift, which lagged pretty hard even on the lowest video settings. My computer was pretty cheap when I got it though, and that was a few years ago, so it wasn’t a big deal to drop a bit more money on it now for such a sizable upgrade! I can now play Rift on the “Ultra” setting which just looks amazing, and it runs great! I thought I’d log back onto World of Warcraft to see how things looked in Azeroth with my sweet new graphics, since I had been running it on a pretty low video setting as well. I was sad that I could barely see the difference.

A big part of getting into a game for me, is how well I can get into whatever character I’m playing. I spend a very long time picking the perfect name, hairstyles, features, etc, even when there aren’t many options to choose from (as with WoW). If I rush the process, or settle with a name I don’t love, I usually end up deleting the character. What ended up happening in WoW, since there are so few features that don’t just look ridiculous (at least for the females of Azeroth and especially for the Night Elves who basically have two pretty faces to chose from) is that all my characters ended up either looking the same, or they didn’t look how I wanted since I was trying to make them look different than the rest of my characters and there wasn’t a halfway point between what I already had, and hideous.

Rift on the other hand is a character creator’s dream. I have spent hours so far making and re-making characters, and they are all unique but also look how I want! There aren’t any more hairstyles than WoW races have, but the difference is that they all look good! Sure as a Human female in Azeroth you have 24 styles to choose from when you visit the barber shop, but over half of those look awful and only one or two actually look good! I realize WoW is an old game, and of course it won’t look as good as something that was just released, but even if Blizzard would add hairstyles that actually looked good and fit on your character’s head it would be a start. Or let people change the color of their armor and weapons so that everyone isn’t always running around looking the same.

I didn’t actually intend for this to be a post, I just wanted to share this picture of my WoW main beside my Rift main so that you can see just why Rift has me so hooked and why Rift is quickly pushing WoW out of my daily gaming schedule, lol.

My New -To Do- List

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

I have been thinking and I believe at least part of the reason I have been losing interest in World of Warcraft lately is because I really don’t have a focus. By the end of Wrath I had a fairly strict daily routine and quite a few goals I was working toward. I was doing certain dailies without fail and making as much gold as I possibly could, all while racing to get all of my characters to 80 before Cataclysm hit. Now that the initial shiny new toy feeling is fading from Cataclysm, I find myself logging in, standing around and then inevitably logging out to go play the Sims or watch a movie. I don’t have any kind of routine (other than making Dreamcloth once a week) and I hadn’t set any new post-Cataclysm goals for myself. A little more focus is never a bad thing, so I have compiled a new WoW -To Do- List to help me manage my play time a little more and hopefully entice me to actually log in! I do love working toward a goal!

1. Get every character on Terenas to level 85. This may seem like a large task, but I don’t think it will be. I have one of every class, 3 are already 85, 1 is 83, 4 are level 80, 1 is level 60 and 1 is level 51. It’s going to take me some time of course, but I really enjoy questing (which is probably why I have so many characters) so this will be my main focus over the next little while.

2. Make 500,000g. I haven’t been trying to make gold at all really in the last month or so, but I would like to get back into it! I currently have around 120k, but I am hoping through leveling all my characters and starting to utilize their professions more, making another 380k won’t be that hard.

3.  Level Inscription on the Alliance. I already have 2 level 450 scribes, but they are both Horde on different servers. I am thinking my new Death Knight would make a good Scribe…

4. PvP at level 85. I’m not sure who I want to be my PvP character, but I would like to try to get back into it on someone! I really liked being a level 19 Shockadin, but that doesn’t really work at level 85, so I’m thinking maybe my Death Knight.

5. Get my Armadillo Pup pet. My guild is sitting around 20k out of 50k critters killed for the achievement, but I am going to attempt to finish that up this weekend!

6. Get the Loremaster of Cataclysm achievement on my main (Alliance Paladin).

7. Experience all the new Cataclysm Dungeons. I still have yet to see about half of them.

8. Finish leveling Tailoring on my Priest. My Paladin is already a Tailor, but my Priest was also sitting around 350 Tailoring from back in BoP BC cloth epic days. I figured having another 525 Tailor wouldn’t hurt and would give me more Dreamcloth to work with every week! She’s now at 413 Tailoring, but Frostweave is scarce, so I’ll have to do some cloth farming.

9. Get a level 85 Horde character of every class. This is going to be a long term goal because I still have a fair ways to go! I have 3 level 80 Hordies and 1 level 71, but other than that the rest are still all below level 60.

10. Finish Archaeology. This will take forever and unless they change it, I’ll probably never get it done, but I still plan on trying!

Have you set goals for your characters since Cataclysm came out? How has your focus changed since Wrath? What kind of goals do you have, if you have any?

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

Real Me vs WoW Me

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Over the years I’ve met a few people IRL that I have known in World of Warcraft. I always find it so interesting to meet someone in the flesh that I’ve gotten to know well in game because I find they are either exactly the same as the character I’d gotten acquainted with, or really nothing like them at all. It can be disappointing when you you’ve gotten along flawlessly with someone in game, only to spend an awkward few hours together IRL realizing you have absolutely nothing in common other than World of Warcraft, but sometimes it’s great and a in-game friendship can pass into real life!

The truth is, I believe the majority of players out there aren’t actually who they portray in game, but that’s not always a bad thing. It’s not that people are out there trying to deceive you and make you believe they are who they aren’t (for the most part), it’s just that interacting with others through an avatar can make it easier to act like the person you might aspire to be. Sometimes it can be bad, like when it comes to trolls or ninjas or people who just like to spout insults and be jerks, but those people would likely find some other outlet for their negativity if they didn’t have WoW, and really, I’d rather they ruin Trade Chat than bully a peer or yell at their kids.

For some players though, (those who don’t enjoy the misery of others) an avatar can be a great filter! I’ve played with quite a few people over the years who have had some pretty serious social anxiety or other issues, but these things didn’t effect them nearly as much when interacting with others in World of Warcraft. The game can be amazing for overcoming such things and making friends, if used as a stepping stone instead of a hiding place. A lot of players I knew who were having problems connecting with people in the real world, have since overcome the majority of their issues and are now are too busy with real life to find time to play WoW.

Anyway, on to my story!

If I had asked myself how close Real Me was to WoW Me back when I first started playing, I would have been sorry to say that they were actually two very different people. I’d never played an MMO before, and even though I knew real people were behind those other players, I just didn’t really think about it. I was way overly flirty, got involved with all kinds of drama, broke up guilds, made enemies, and seriously hurt some feelings, because to me it was “just a game” and when I turned off the computer, it was over for me.

Looking back on those first few months in game, I feel really bad! In real life I hate drama, and run the opposite direction when I see it coming, but I do like reading about drama in novels, watching it on tv or creating it in my stories, and that’s sort of what WoW was for me in the beginning, a story with characters that I was a part of! It really only hit me that those characters I had been talking to in game were actually REAL people when one of the players I’d been talking to said he was looking for a house in my city so we could be together. I had only just turned 19 at the time, and was freaked out by how the two of us could end up at such extremely opposite conclusions from the same conversations. He’d been fun to talk to and fun to quest with, and that’s as far as it’d gone for me, but he had been ready to change his whole life and just pack up and move thousands of miles!

Needless to say, we lost contact shortly after I’d realized the errors of my WoW ways. Ever since then, I’m more cautious about overusing that /flirt emote!

I believe the WoW Me of today is a lot more like the Real Me than it was in the beginning! The biggest difference between them is that I’m super shy IRL, but only a little bit shy in game, lol. IRL I have a few really close friends, and a lot of distant acquaintances, and WoW tends to be the same way. I may appear to be disorganized and a bit messy IRL, but I always know where everything is, and the same is true if someone other than me were to attempt to find something in my guild bank! I always smile when I pass a stranger outside on the street (which I think is maybe just a small town thing), and try to always be friendly whenever I encounter a stranger in game. Also, I tend to be a bit over-generous IRL at times and lend or give my close friends things I end up needing later (like my pink winter boots…), and I have that issue in game as well when it comes to gold, though these days it’s not as much of an issue because I have less in game friends, and more gold… though I don’t think the two are directly related!

WoW became so much more enjoyable for me once I started acting more like myself and ditched that “it’s just a game, and those people don’t matter” mentality! I can’t help but wonder if the reason that server/faction/guild community feeling has been lost is perhaps because this latest generation of WoWers have yet to have similar eye opening experiences about their fellow players.  There really are a lot less opportunities to spark up in game conversations and friendships now. My fingers are still crossed that Cataclysm will magically bring us all back together while tearing Azeroth apart, but so far it doesn’t look promising…

My questions for all of you are, do you act like yourself in game? Do you think people should act like themselves (if they aren’t on a RP sever anyway) or do you think it really doesn’t matter either way? Would you or have you ever met someone from WoW IRL? And finally, don’t you like how much I made my WoW character look like me!? I’m a little proud of that… hehe

As always, Thanks for Reading and Thanks for Commenting! There’s nothing that makes me happier than when people share their opinions about what I write, except maybe when those opinions happen to be positive ones that agree with me, lol.

Miss Mediocre <3