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Whatever Wednesday – What’s Been Up

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Hello Readers,

I thought I’d use my Whatever Wednesday post to talk about what all I have been up to in WoW lately. I have two characters at level 85 now, my Paladin and my Priest. I have been trying to get my Priest into some decent gear, because eventually I’d like to get into a raid with her. I joined a raid guild, the 5th best raid guild on my server, but I’m not sure what I think of it so far. One of my oldest WoW buddies is in the guild, along with my brother, but there’s just something about the average raider’s attitude that rubs me the wrong way. I have run heroics with a few members, and they go out of their way to try to help me get gear, but if the whole time they treat everyone else in the group like crap, it’s hard for me to be thankful, or even want to group with them again. It’s always been “Attitude > Skills” for me when it comes to players, so I’m foreseeing a bit of trouble “fitting in”.

Aside from running heroics, I spent 6000g today to finally finish leveling my enchanting to 525. It was a lot of gold, but there are enchants I want that aren’t available in the Auction House, so it was time I just learned to do them myself, lol. I’m most looking forward to Power Torrent, which will take me 5 Maelstrom Crystals to buy, and another 5 to make, but I’m hoping I can make back my gold by being one of the first people on my server with it. Why do I want this enchant so bad you ask? Well to put on my new Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan of course!

I’ve been looking for this Archaeology Relic for days now, and finally found it yesterday afternoon. It was the 54th Dwarven Relic I solved, so I definitely put a lot of hours into looking for it, but I think it was worth it. I was expecting to equip it on my Shadow Priest and suddenly see myself doing 20k dps, but unfortunately it didn’t make that much of a difference. It’s still awesome that I found it though. I’m always last place for dps, but I am wearing a few greens, so I think that will change once I catch up gear wise!

Other than tones of dailies, I also made a new character! (I know, crazy, I already have way too many) I didn’t have an Alliance Deathknight on my main account though, so I created a pink-haired Night Elf one named Fuchsia! I used to like playing my DK, before I left her behind on a deserted server all by herself, so hopefully I enjoy the new frost dps! My brother made a DK with me named Listen, and we’re going to try to level them together.

As one final note, has anyone else seen the Black Embersilk Gown? I haven’t been running heroics with my tailor, so I can’t make them because they require a chaos orb, but omg is it ever pretty! I can’t wait to make one! It’s totally useless I know, but I’m a sucker for pricey vanity items. If you are too, you can buy the pattern for 8 bolts of Embersilk from the cloth trader in Twilight Highlands.

Hope you’re all having as much fun in game as I am!

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3

My Goal!

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Hi Again!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week, but I have recently decided on something else I would like to accomplish before Cataclysm comes out that is probably going to take way longer than getting the Lorsemaster title! My new goal is to reach level 80 on a character of every class!!!

Back in Burning Crusade I had attempted to do this (for level 70s), but ended up missing a hunter, rogue and mage (and of course Deathknight, because they didn’t exist yet). I already have a decent start, so I am hoping I can finish up the 5 more characters I’ll need before Cataclysm finally hits!

So here is a quick overview of the characters I already have at level 80.


Lauriella, my alliance paladin, was my first level 80 character. She’s my oldest character (made back in the summer of 2005) and my main for achievements and such. I play her as ret now, though she was always holy pre-Wrath. My second pally was my second level 80 (silly I know…). She’s a blood elf, so at least I didn’t end up with two of the same classes on the same faction! I also play her as ret.

Death Knight: Dragonette the Death Knight was my third level 80 character. Unfortunately she’s left all alone on a server I don’t play anymore, but one day I might transfer her over to my new horde one. I don’t think she even has a spec anymore, but when I did play her she was blood.

Mage: My mage, Sekora was my first 80 character on my new horde server. She and my previously mentioned characters were all leveled on separate servers, so I didn’t get to use heirlooms or early Northrend flying, so it was pretty slow going. I leveled her and still play her as fire. I like fire.

Priest: I had a priest on the alliance that I had gotten to 70 ages ago, and hated her, but my group needed a healer, so I thought I’d attempt leveling one again. I actually really enjoyed leveling as shadow, and have had lots of fun healing with her since she reached 80. Her name is Selendra and she is holy.

Hunter: My latest level 80 character is Starlight, my Night Elf hunter. She’s almost as old as Lauriella is, and was actually the inspiration for the main character in my novel! I have always wanted to have an 80 hunter, but just couldn’t ever get into it. I had been leveling her as Marksman, and when I switched to Beast Mastery a little while ago, I started actually enjoying playing her. She is my second alliance 80.

Druid: So I know this is kind of cheating, putting my druid in here when she’s not yet level 80, but she’s 78 and a half, and WILL BE 80 TOMORROW!!! I am loving how quick leveling is with heirlooms and rested xp! Her name is Pinkkitten and I play her as kitty dps, which is fantastic now that there is actually a pink cat form!!!

So to clarify, I now need to level a warrior (currently level 70 alliance), a rogue (I have an alliance 60 and horde 30, not sure which I will chose yet), a shaman (level 71 alliance), and a warlock. The problem with my 70 warlock is that she is on my second account, and I think leveling someone without heirlooms might be too painful, so I may start over from level 1 with that class.

I am thinking this will be possible if I can stick with it and don’t get too frustrated with how long it will undoubtedly take me! I am excited, because I don’t know anyone who has an 80 of every class (though I am sure people have done it) so it will be a sweet accomplishment! After I get my driud to 80 tomorrow, I will start leveling my shaman I think, and will keep my blog updated on my progress!!!

Wish me luck! XD

MM <3