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I’m a Dictator of Design – Sims 3 Ambitions

Friday, June 4th, 2010

I just reached the top of the architecture profession in The Sims 3 expansion – Ambitions. It is the first profession I tried, because build mode tends to be where I spend most of my time while playing Sims anyway!

Taking Measurements

I was having a hard time getting good reviews from clients when I was first starting out, but it does get easier as you advance! I don’t think I even received a “Great Review” until I was at the 5th level! At about the 4th level your Sim will get a Tape Measure. Now this isn’t something that goes in your inventory somewhere, so don’t waste time trying to find it so you can use it like I did, lol. You use the tape measure by clicking on one of the houses you are renovating and selecting “Take Measurements”. Doing this will result in your client giving your work a better review when you finish.

Discuss Renovation

At about the 7th level, your Architect will get the option to interview their clients before starting the renovations to find out if they have any traits that could help influence your design (ex: If the client is a book worm, you could use lots of book cases to help get a better review). This can be a bit of a pain to do however if the client isn’t actually home when you go to do the renovations. If that ever happened, I’d just forget about the interview. Usually by the time you reach that level, you’ll be getting great reviews every time anyway. There are 10 levels in total to this profession, ending in Dictator of Design.

Getting Great Reviews

Another trick to help improve your reviews is to bring along some paintings, sketches or sculptures you’ve done previously in your family inventory. You can hang these on the walls or set them on tables just like the purchasable art, but the clients always seem to love it if the art is home-made! You can also invite a client over, paint a portrait of them, and then hang that in their home for some major bonus points.

Basically, if you are having trouble with your reviews, just remember to avoid getting things cluttered (like leave SO MUCH SPACE around everything), make sure all the walls and floors are finished, don’t forget about adding some decor (a couple rugs and paintings can go a long way), and try to complete the renovations without spending the whole budget!

Annoying Glitch

If you are rushing through the profession like I was, you may have found the two days off a week annoying. You can actually work from home though, by talking to your friends and convincing them to let you work on their homes at any time. One thing to watch out for however if you are working on your friend’s houses on your days off, is to not get a promotion while you are in the middle of a project. A few times I would finish my last renovation of the day a few minutes after 6pm, so I couldn’t show it to the client. Then if I advanced a level at home, that project I had been working on would no longer be available, and I would not get credit for the work I’d done. It is an avoidable little glitch though, as long as you are aware of it!

Town Hero

Once you have worked your way up to Dictator of Design, you will have two trophies and a key to the city to show for it. You also get a big celebration at City Hall, which the whole town attends, and you get a 4 day buff called “Town Hero”. I did enjoy this profession, but I must admit that my current Sim’s house is one of the saddest I’ve ever lived in! After spending all day building and decorating everyone else’s houses, I didn’t feel up to working on my own, lol.

Never Run Out Of Budget Money

As an after note for any of you cheaters out there, I did find a glitch that basically gives you an endless budget with which to work on your renovations. If you have some sketches and paintings in your family inventory, you can place them in the house you are renovating, which doesn’t cost any budget money. You can then move the object back into your family inventory, which adds the total cost of the item to your budget, as if you were selling something from the house. I did find the budgets to be pretty fair though, but if you want to do something really extravagant, I guess this trick could be useful!

Thanx 4 Reading!

MissMediocre <3