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Back to Telara?

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

I change my mind a lot… I was going to quit WoW, then didn’t, then did, then came back, now am quitting again. I loved Rift, thought it was the coolest thing ever, got to level 50, told everyone they should play, got kinda bored, stopped playing, and now am thinking about re-subbing again. The only reason Rift started to bore me was because I was mostly playing alone and they were missing a few (of what I considered to be) staples. I think it was the week after I cancelled my account that they introduced the Random Dungeon Finder, which was something I’d really wanted. Then a little after that they added Guild Banks, which would be very handy for my platinum making. In the latest patch, they are adding in new 1 and 2 person dungeons (called Chronicles), which is kind of awesome for a player like me, who can never seem to find more than 2 other people with which to do stuff in game. I even hear they are getting close to releasing the barber shop! That alone would tempt me to start playing again, there’s just something about running around with the same pink hairstyle that drives me crazy, and there’s not really enough cool cleric helmets to keep me from getting bored.

Also, one of my early posts here was about how Blizzard seemed to ignore their veterans more or less, and how I thought they should reward those players who’d been around since the beginning somehow. In Rift’s Ashes of History update they are adding special veteran rewards for people who keep their sub active for a certain number of months. The rewards are pretty awesome too, including your very own portable mailbox if you remain active for a whole 18 months. Sure that’s a $360 mailbox, but you’re paying to play anyway! I think it’s really great of Trion to give you special things based on how long you’ve been wandering around Telara and wish Blizz would have done something like that other than the odd Feat of Strength that everyone kind of has.

I just know there’s been a rift in my gaming lately, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll fill it with Rift! Lol…

Thanks for Reading!
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Elaynna The Lock – Level 20

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Oh I think this was a bad idea . . .

How have I been playing this character for 12 hours now and I am only level 20!? Lol, man am I ever behind Cataclysm now, YES! Deathwing COME! Destroy these ridiculous repetitive torturous quest chains and the nasty NPCs who start them!

I guess it hasn’t been all bad, though I have come close to saying forget it a few times now, and just transferring over my 70 lock! I have just finished up Westfall, and still have managed to not have any deaths (outside instances/battlegrounds anyway). I did the *escort the defias traitor* quest all by myself, but only on my second attempt (the first time I sort of let him die). I found the Foe Reaper 4000 when I was level 16 and managed to solo him rather easily (he’s a level 20 rarespawn). Nothing has actually been difficult so far, it’s all just been very very time consuming.

The most time consuming thing of all was maxing out my professions at 225! Thankfully I am a pack rat so I only had to spend about 150g and farm for like 20 minutes or so on my 80 skinner (Starlight). Elaynna is now sporting some sweet goggles and can make herself a few potions. I have been running around on my main trying to get as many Engineering patters as I can from vendors, because AH prices are always crazy! I am looking forward to level 30 when I can use the mechanical whelpling trinket I made!

One thing that did entertain me while I was leveling was some PvP that was happening outside the gates of Stormwind. Two Horde characters (Druid and a Pally) were owning a group of like 8 Alliance, lol. It was really funny to watch and I cheered the hordies on, because although I am focusing on Alliance now, Horde is really where my heart is! <3 hehe.

Spectating that bit of world PvP made me itch to get into a battleground myself, so I qued up for Warsong Gulch at level 16. I wanted to see how much experience I could get vs how long it would take me to finish each match. It was horrible. I was in there for about 20 minutes, and we were just getting slaughtered, it was embarrassing, and I was SO BAD, so I left the match before it even ended, lol.

I finally got into an instance around level 17, the Deadmines, which was fortunate because I had several quests for there. How are people at low levels SO BAD!? I mean, I get that they are new to the game, but if you are so new that you don’t even know how to cast a spell yet, how did you discover the dungeon finder!? I think there’s just a higher concentration of idiots starting new characters now or something, because my goodness are the low level dungeon groups rough! I did managed to get through the Deadmines 2 times out of 4 and I got into Wailing Cavers (which I will tell you about in a moment) but oh were the groups ever painful! Needless to say, I will be avoiding the random dungeon finder until I at least reach level 30! Maybe by then I will out level the epic noobs I have been encountering so far, lol.

To get back to my Wailing Cavers experience, lol. So it was me (Warlock), a Mage, 2 Druids and a Shaman. The Shaman was the healer, one of the Druids was the tank and the Mage was my boyfriend lol, (I convinced him to try a dungeon with me because he didn’t believe the groups could possibly be as bad as I was saying).

I’m not an elitist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to keep my eye on the DMG meters, yes, even at level 19! Mostly I just like to see how I am doing in comparison to everyone else, but it does also help me notice when people are not doing their part. The dps Druid was doing less damage than the healing Shaman who was just meleeing mobs from time to time when the healing wasn’t intensive. I decided I would watch the druid and noticed he was shadow melding, casting HoTs on people with full health, and doing a lot of standing around. I don’t like to be mean about things, but I asked him in party chat if he knew he was supposed to be dpsing. He said he hadn’t even noticed that he wasn’t the healer, and proceeded to cast wrath every now and then for the rest of the instance. His dps never got above the healer’s.

The other druid kept needing everything. Cloth, healing stuff, didn’t matter, if it was green and he could click need, he needed. It was really starting to irritate me when Gloves of the Fang dropped (BoE Blue). He waited until everyone else had selected greed, then needed. They can sell for like 70g, so after a few pulls I said in party chat that he had forgotten to equip his new gloves, and should do so. He said he’d forgotten, but never actually equipped them and I am sure they are on the AH now on whatever server he is from. I mean, it’s 70g, whatever, but people who ninja stuff, and then lie about it, just make me grumpy! Own up to it if you’re going to be an ass, damnit! (lol… sorry!)

The group fell apart when the Druid tank suddenly said “gota eat sry bye” and went offline. A moment after we’d kicked him the other Druid said “gotta go now, sorry” and left the group as well. I dismissed my imp and summoned my voidwalker, thinking he could probably tank better than the Druid had been anyway, but I guess the Shaman didn’t have faith in old Phannuz and dropped group as well.

My boyfriend and I requed, but decided to continue on just the two of us until our group got refilled. So he’d sheep something, dps, I’d dot and then heal Phannuz. It was actually going just as smooth as it had with the full group, lol. We made it all the way up to Lord Serpentis and Verdan the Everling and still had no other group members, so we decided to go as far as we could until we wiped, and then just forget it.

We actually managed to kill Lord Serpentis (we were level 19) but we did die on the Everling, though it was pretty close, just one more person and it would have been cake. After all that we agreed no more random dungeons, lol. If we need something we can just run each other through, it will take much less time and will save me from yelling at my computer too much, hehe.

I do at least love my Warlock. I hate the quests and dungeons and how long everything is taking me, but I do like playing her nonetheless. As a fun side note, I discovered a new way to get under Stormwind! I used to always do “wall jumping” when I was bored, but Blizz fixed most of the fun places to do it. I was running to learn some new alchemy recipes when I spotted Draenei jumping up onto a torch, and then disappearing into the wall. I was like “Did he just get under Stormwind!? I want to get under Stormwind!!!” and followed him! I couldn’t find him down there, but I did find a squirrel (which is my screenshot for this post). I’ll post about how I got under there later, but I am glad to know it is still possible!

More to come at level 30! (Whenever that is… *sigh*… ) lol.