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Whatever Wednesday – RL Earthquake

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

How am I finding time to write a post when THE SHATTERING just happened!? I’m writing this as I’m on Flight Paths… hehe, I guess that’s the one bonus to getting around taking so much longer now without portals!

For my second “Whatever Wednesday” post, I thought I’d write about something still loosely related to WoW, and maybe those of you reading this can leave comments with your related stories! I was thinking about it the other day, I spend a fair amount of time logged into WoW, and lots of real life stuff happens while I play. I got to wondering, what was the craziest thing that had ever happened IRL while I was logged into WoW. I’ve decided on one incident to share, and it wasn’t even that long ago!

Early this year I was working on building up my horde guild, Children of the Shadow. I was chatting with a couple of members who were also my Real ID friends, and we were checking out the Real ID group chat as it had just come out. I don’t recall what we were talking about at the time, but I was just finishing up on the game as I’d been awake a long time and needed to get some sleep! I was getting distracted by what I thought was my boyfriend hitting my chair but then remembered I was in fact home alone.

I looked around, immediately thinking, GHOST! I stood up from my chair, only to realize that it wasn’t just my chair moving, it was everything! Now, I live in Ontario, Canada, and we most certainly aren’t known for our earthquakes, but I’d actually experienced one 5 years ago, and recognized the sound! I was a bit freaked and figured I should get to a doorframe just in case because my building is like 90 years old.

Of course I took the time to type, “omg, earthquake!!” in group chat and then ran to my doorway. I then noticed my cat sitting in the window, and ran back to grab him and we both stood in the doorway for the duration of the quake. Nothing even fell over in my apartment, but wow did the building ever make some scary noises!

I have the imagination of a 4 year old, so I was pretty rattled even by the baby quake (4.6 I think it was). I ran around trying to find my clothes (I’m also messy, so this was quite a task in my sleepy startled state). I threw my cat in his carrier and was ready to head down to my brother’s apartment (he lives just down the hall from me), when I remembered WoW. I came back to the computer to see, “wow, I hope she’s okay” and “think she’s dead?” lol.

I explained quickly that I was okay, but there had been an earthquake so I was leaving my apartment because I am a chicken and didn’t want to be alone if there was another one. I then stayed at my brother’s apartment for the rest of the afternoon, but as much as I kind of wanted there to be, there wasn’t any more earth shaking. Now every time there’s an earthquake in WoW, it makes me think of that day, lol.

I am now going to get back to WoWing! My NE mage is level 8 and has a long way to go and I have to keep an eye on that Auction House, hehe. Please share your stories about the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you IRL while you were playing WoW! I’m sure there are many stories out there that can top mine!

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3