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Elaynna The Lock – Level 80

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Yaaaay I did it! 😀 Elaynna is now level 80, and with a month to spare before Cataclysm gets here too! I had something like 4 days and 12 hours of play time, which isn’t too bad considering I maxed both my professions and walked away from the computer and AFKed out a couple times!

Now that Elaynna is 80, I’m not going to stop playing her like I did with 90% of my other 80s! I actually really enjoy being a Warlock, and am going to join a casual raiding guild and see if I can’t maybe get myself a Lich King kill before Dec 7! It seems very easy to get gear now-a-days, with the removal of frost badges and all, so hopefully it doesn’t take me too long!

As soon as I dinged I decided to try out my first heroic! I had a few 80 epics on hand so I didn’t have to run around looking for higher ilevel gear before I could que like I had with 80s in the past. I decided to go to Forge of Souls first, just because it’s quick and I really like that instance! After the second pull a Battered Hilt dropped! I’d never actually seen one before, and this would have been an even better story had I actually won it, but I didn’t, lol. I congratulated the guy who won it as did everyone else, and it gave the group a really friendly feel, which was cool!

I’d been having issues all morning with my connection, and I DCed right before the first boss. I rushed to get back on hoping they wouldn’t kick me and was happy to see that they were all waiting for me and even welcomed me back! The tank said he’d been having similar issues all morning, and suggested resetting my modem if it happened again, because that had fixed the issue for him.

The whole instance went smoothly after my DC and we didn’t have any wipes at all. When it was finished I had the highest dps (/flex), which is pretty decent for a brand new 80 I think, hehe. I then had some RL stuff to do so I had to log off, but I’m going to get back to running some heroics tonight! I almost wish Cataclysm wasn’t coming out yet, just so I had more time to gear up and play around in ICC, lol.

Elaynna The Lock – Level 60

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Goodbye Azeroth!!! I guess I kind of made up for how slow the past 50 levels went this weekend, as I’m thinking I’ll be 70 by the end of the day! I only have one thing to say about 50-60, and that is Alterac Valley!

Mudgett and I (my magey leveling buddy) qued for an AV around level 53 just to see how it would go because it was the AV holiday weekend and we were getting bored of the Plaguelands. Our first match was a huge Alliance win and both of us were shocked to see that the victory had given us half a level worth of experience! We continued to do quests between ques, and were level 60 in just a couple hours!

AV was so much fun as a destruction Warlock! Even at level 54, I was always first or second for dps done in the BG and had a blast destroying the horde (even though I love the Horde, hehe sorry!). The Alliance didn’t lose once in that level bracket, and the ques were only around 5 minutes, so for anyone who finds themselves in the 50s on AV weekend, definitely give it a try!

The only story I can think of to share about my AV adventures is about this one match where the majority of our offensive team was killed by a huge Horde defense, forcing us into a turtle. Our teams met up right at Icewing Bunker and I was standing back just tabbing through Horde casting Immolate, Shadow Bolt and Confligate and every single one of them was dying from just those three spells! It was so much fun and we burned through their reinforcements SO quickly!

I can’t think of anything else worth mentioning, other than I had a lot of fun with these levels! I just realized Elaynna is already level 66 though, so I have to log back on and get her engineering to 450! hehe

Elaynna The Lock – Level 50

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Those 10 levels took me about 4 weeks. It’s been slow going, but I’m almost to Outland!

Not much happened to me in the last 10 levels. I didn’t have any profession leveling to do and my lock didn’t change too much in 4.0.1. I did rescue someone though! I had a Flawless Draenethyst Sphere I’d saved from when I’d killed Teremus the Devourer in Blasted Lands ages ago. I know turning them in is worth a lot of experience, so I was on my way to do just that! The orbs turn in to a NPC in the Blasted Lands, so I was cruising through the Deadwind Pass when I saw a mage in trouble. She was level 41 and at the time I was level 48. She’d turned down the wrong fork in the road and had pulled one of the level 56 Sky Shadows (vulture). She was at half health when I spotted her and was dropping fast, so I sent poor Gelyal (my imp) after the bird while I started frantically trying to fear it. One of Gelyal’s fireballs hit, and he pulled agro just as the mage blinked away and ice blocked. She was at less than 10% health so I threw a Heavy Runecloth Bandage on her and told her to run! We both managed to escape the Sky Shadow’s high level talons, but poor Gelyal was not so lucky. The little mage thanked me and I patted her on the head, and continued on my way to the Blasted Lands without any more excitement.

On my way through Theramore one day, a different mage challenged me to a duel. I was level 41 and he was a level 39 Gnome, so I accepted because any day that I get to kill a Gnome, is a good day, hehe! He started off by sheeping me and then starting to cast a spell. I used “Every Man For Himself” (the human racial) to break the sheep, and as soon as the stun wore off I Death Coiled him, added a Immolate and then hit him with Confliglate and he was crispy Gnome toast! I felt a bit bad for beating him so thoroughly, so I did bandage him up and pat him on the head (I seem to use that emote a lot, lol), but he cried and scurried off. Can I just say, I am loving Destruction!

The final thing I will mention from my last 10 levels is the Pirate Genocide I took part in over in Tanaris. For some reason Tanaris was packed with people leveling while I was questing through there (something I haven’t seen since pre-BC on my server) so four of us grouped up to kill the pirates on the east coast. There was myself, two mages and a shadow priest, and it was so much fun! Those pirates didn’t stand a chance, and it was nice to only have to fight for kills against 8 other players instead of 12!

I really didn’t mind the last 10 levels as I like questing in Dustwallow Marsh, Tanaris and the Searing Gorge for the most part! I have just been too busy to give my Lock the attention she deserves! I’m still aiming to hit 80 before Cataclysm, even though I’ve just taken on a new (very big) secret project IRL. More about that coming soon, hehe!

Now off I go to Un’goro!

Thanks for Reading,
MM <3

Elaynna the Warlock – Level 40

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

And I thought getting from level 20 to 30 took me a long time, lol . . .

I don’t know what it is about leveling this character, but almost every time I sit down to power through some levels, I end up quitting after only a little while because it’s putting me to sleep! Maybe I geared my character a little too well for a lowbie and the fact that I can kill 90% of the stuff I am fighting with my eyes closed is adding to my boredom. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s probably my 20th time doing most of the quests. Either way, making it through Azeroth has been a struggle, (a struggle of boredom)!

I attempted going run-for-run through Zul’Farrak with my guild mate like we’d done at earlier levels, but it was just as, if not more boring! We both decided questing was a better choice, so off we went to Stranglethorn Vale to slaughter animals and rain down firey destruction on some pirates. I do prefer leveling with a buddy over leveling alone, so I managed to stick with it for a bit longer than had I been just braving the jungle alone, but it still took us nearly a month to make it just 10 levels!

Would you like to know what the highlight of my last ten levels was? Leveling my professions, lol. As soon as I reached level 35 I hearthed back to Stormwind and trained for Artisan Engineering and Alchemy (up to skill level 300). I was hoping for some amazing Engineering goggles that would be for a level 60 Engineer that I could rock at level 35, but the “Master’s Engineer Goggles” only gave me +16 Stam +17 Spirit. I guess that’s a good chunk of hit points, but I wanted something with spellpower! At least they are green I guess, I like that they kind of make me look like a Blood Elf!

I didn’t have to spend much gold leveling Engineering and Alchemy because I had so many mats saved up from leveling previous characters, and have still not had to send my Warlock any extra funds, which is cool! I believe that will change as I get into Outland mats though, especially for Engineering. I have been trying to collect some Fel Iron for myself on my alts, but I’ll need like 200 ore, and I don’t have near that much yet! I’m getting ahead of myself though, in my level 60 post I will talk all about leveling my profession through Outland, for now my focus is on leveling! I reached 80 with my rogue, meaning Elaynna is the last of my toons that I need to get to 80 to have an 80 of every class before Cataclysm gets here.

Hopefully the next 10 levels go by faster than the last 10!

Thanks for Reading!

Elaynna The Lock – Level 20

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Oh I think this was a bad idea . . .

How have I been playing this character for 12 hours now and I am only level 20!? Lol, man am I ever behind Cataclysm now, YES! Deathwing COME! Destroy these ridiculous repetitive torturous quest chains and the nasty NPCs who start them!

I guess it hasn’t been all bad, though I have come close to saying forget it a few times now, and just transferring over my 70 lock! I have just finished up Westfall, and still have managed to not have any deaths (outside instances/battlegrounds anyway). I did the *escort the defias traitor* quest all by myself, but only on my second attempt (the first time I sort of let him die). I found the Foe Reaper 4000 when I was level 16 and managed to solo him rather easily (he’s a level 20 rarespawn). Nothing has actually been difficult so far, it’s all just been very very time consuming.

The most time consuming thing of all was maxing out my professions at 225! Thankfully I am a pack rat so I only had to spend about 150g and farm for like 20 minutes or so on my 80 skinner (Starlight). Elaynna is now sporting some sweet goggles and can make herself a few potions. I have been running around on my main trying to get as many Engineering patters as I can from vendors, because AH prices are always crazy! I am looking forward to level 30 when I can use the mechanical whelpling trinket I made!

One thing that did entertain me while I was leveling was some PvP that was happening outside the gates of Stormwind. Two Horde characters (Druid and a Pally) were owning a group of like 8 Alliance, lol. It was really funny to watch and I cheered the hordies on, because although I am focusing on Alliance now, Horde is really where my heart is! <3 hehe.

Spectating that bit of world PvP made me itch to get into a battleground myself, so I qued up for Warsong Gulch at level 16. I wanted to see how much experience I could get vs how long it would take me to finish each match. It was horrible. I was in there for about 20 minutes, and we were just getting slaughtered, it was embarrassing, and I was SO BAD, so I left the match before it even ended, lol.

I finally got into an instance around level 17, the Deadmines, which was fortunate because I had several quests for there. How are people at low levels SO BAD!? I mean, I get that they are new to the game, but if you are so new that you don’t even know how to cast a spell yet, how did you discover the dungeon finder!? I think there’s just a higher concentration of idiots starting new characters now or something, because my goodness are the low level dungeon groups rough! I did managed to get through the Deadmines 2 times out of 4 and I got into Wailing Cavers (which I will tell you about in a moment) but oh were the groups ever painful! Needless to say, I will be avoiding the random dungeon finder until I at least reach level 30! Maybe by then I will out level the epic noobs I have been encountering so far, lol.

To get back to my Wailing Cavers experience, lol. So it was me (Warlock), a Mage, 2 Druids and a Shaman. The Shaman was the healer, one of the Druids was the tank and the Mage was my boyfriend lol, (I convinced him to try a dungeon with me because he didn’t believe the groups could possibly be as bad as I was saying).

I’m not an elitist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to keep my eye on the DMG meters, yes, even at level 19! Mostly I just like to see how I am doing in comparison to everyone else, but it does also help me notice when people are not doing their part. The dps Druid was doing less damage than the healing Shaman who was just meleeing mobs from time to time when the healing wasn’t intensive. I decided I would watch the druid and noticed he was shadow melding, casting HoTs on people with full health, and doing a lot of standing around. I don’t like to be mean about things, but I asked him in party chat if he knew he was supposed to be dpsing. He said he hadn’t even noticed that he wasn’t the healer, and proceeded to cast wrath every now and then for the rest of the instance. His dps never got above the healer’s.

The other druid kept needing everything. Cloth, healing stuff, didn’t matter, if it was green and he could click need, he needed. It was really starting to irritate me when Gloves of the Fang dropped (BoE Blue). He waited until everyone else had selected greed, then needed. They can sell for like 70g, so after a few pulls I said in party chat that he had forgotten to equip his new gloves, and should do so. He said he’d forgotten, but never actually equipped them and I am sure they are on the AH now on whatever server he is from. I mean, it’s 70g, whatever, but people who ninja stuff, and then lie about it, just make me grumpy! Own up to it if you’re going to be an ass, damnit! (lol… sorry!)

The group fell apart when the Druid tank suddenly said “gota eat sry bye” and went offline. A moment after we’d kicked him the other Druid said “gotta go now, sorry” and left the group as well. I dismissed my imp and summoned my voidwalker, thinking he could probably tank better than the Druid had been anyway, but I guess the Shaman didn’t have faith in old Phannuz and dropped group as well.

My boyfriend and I requed, but decided to continue on just the two of us until our group got refilled. So he’d sheep something, dps, I’d dot and then heal Phannuz. It was actually going just as smooth as it had with the full group, lol. We made it all the way up to Lord Serpentis and Verdan the Everling and still had no other group members, so we decided to go as far as we could until we wiped, and then just forget it.

We actually managed to kill Lord Serpentis (we were level 19) but we did die on the Everling, though it was pretty close, just one more person and it would have been cake. After all that we agreed no more random dungeons, lol. If we need something we can just run each other through, it will take much less time and will save me from yelling at my computer too much, hehe.

I do at least love my Warlock. I hate the quests and dungeons and how long everything is taking me, but I do like playing her nonetheless. As a fun side note, I discovered a new way to get under Stormwind! I used to always do “wall jumping” when I was bored, but Blizz fixed most of the fun places to do it. I was running to learn some new alchemy recipes when I spotted Draenei jumping up onto a torch, and then disappearing into the wall. I was like “Did he just get under Stormwind!? I want to get under Stormwind!!!” and followed him! I couldn’t find him down there, but I did find a squirrel (which is my screenshot for this post). I’ll post about how I got under there later, but I am glad to know it is still possible!

More to come at level 30! (Whenever that is… *sigh*… ) lol.

Elaynna The Lock – Level 10

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

I have already reached level 15, but will talk about that further once I reach 20 and my next post! If you’re wondering what is happening in my screenshot, I ate a deviate fish, and it put me to sleep for 20 seconds or so. The worst part was that Mr.Chilly just stood there and didn’t try to wake me up at all! Hehe . . .

My adventures through Elwyn Forest were rather uneventful. I didn’t have any deaths, which was awesome, though I came within a few hit points of meeting the spirit rezzer a couple times! I managed to solo both that hut full of defias for the Gold Schedule quest and  Hogger, who dropped like a sack of dirty laundry! Warlocks are so fun at low levels!

My demon’s names are both ALMOST awesome, but just not quite there. My Imp’s name is Gelyal, which is of course almost Geylal, which would have been funny… lol. My voidwalker is named Phunnaz, but I keep calling him Hukthak because that was the name of my other warlock’s blueberry, lol. (Yes, I talk to my demons / pets as I play . . .)

It took me a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach level 10, and then another 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach 150 Engineering. I really should be a miner so I don’t have to buy any mats to level it, but I already have two 450 miners and a third sitting at 375, and I just think a fourth would be such a waste! Instead I believe I will make Elaynna an Engineer / Alchemist and just farm / buy whatever mats I need to level her!

More at level 20! =)


Elaynna The Lock – Level 1

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

I have made my new warlock! I named her Elaynna (which I like SO much better than the name Zyana), and I made her an Alliance Human, because Draenei and Night Elves cannot yet be warlocks, and gnomes are just creepy… lol.

I bought her the badge heirloom chest and the stone keeper shard shoulders so she’ll have that lovely +20% experience, which should help speed things along! I also made her an Orange Martial Shirt, just so her robe will look a little better (nice sleeves).

I am about to start leveling in Elwyn Forest, and am hoping I get some sweet names for my lock pets!!! I will also attempt to avoid being killed my murlocs, which almost always is my first death on characters, lol.

Next update will come at level 10! (Which hopefully I can get to today, lol otherwise this whole 80 levels is going to take me a while . . .)