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GIRL IRL #3 – Gone Fishing

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Cataclysm Snow Day!

Monday, December 13th, 2010

It seems the raging elements have leaked out of World of Warcraft into the real world, blessing those of us who have been sitting at our computers all weekend with one more day of Cataclysm fun!

I thought today seemed like a good day to just touch on what I’ve been doing in game since last Tuesday morning! I failed to get the Relm First Fishing, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but was so happy to hear that many of you succeeded in getting the achievements on your servers by using my plan! I also managed to make a few thousand gold selling all those fishies, so it was still a decent start to the expansion!

After I was done fishing, I headed out to start my Archaeology! I got to 525 in only a couple days, and got 3 and a half levels doing it, which was a great bonus, as I would have been doing it regardless! I then quested through Uldum, which was the most fun I’ve had questing in ages! I won’t give anything away about the zone, except to say that fellow Indiana Jones fans are going to love it!

I joined up with a few guildies in Vash’ir when I was level 84 to do some of the quests there. It was a nice change questing in a group again (even if I did move a bit too quick for their liking, lol). I leveled to 85 while we were there, and have since been doing some Archaeology, some more questing to help level our guild, which is now at Rank 2, and have started leveling my priest!

I think that so far this is the most I’ve enjoyed the beginning of an expansion! The quest flow is amazing, and totally holds my attention. The new races are interesting. Archaeology is so much fun. Guild leveling seems like it is actually going to help rekindle some of that “community” feeling that had been lost. And I can hardly wait to try my hand at Rated Battlegrounds!

Oh, and I finally bought myself a Hyacinth Macaw!!! Only 8k! I know they are more common now, and might drop even lower in price… but I just couldn’t wait any longer, hehe.

How have you been enjoying Cataclysm so far? Have you already reached level 85? What rank is your guild at?

Fishing Relm First Failure

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

I didn’t manage to get the relm first for fishing, though I don’t believe that’s my fault! When the server finally switched over, it wouldn’t let me log back in for 10 minutes. Then by the time I was fishing level 499, someone on the Horde got the achievement. I was pretty sad, but wondered how they had managed to get so many more points than me in just those 10 minutes when I couldn’t log on!

I figured I’d finished my fishing off, and flew a little ways down the river from where I’d been standing in Uldum. I have no idea why, but once I started fishing just down the waterfall from where I’d been, literally like 2  seconds from where I was, I started getting a point every cast instead of every 10 casts! I finished my last 25 points in 3 minutes, when the previous 50 points had taken me 2 hours!

I’m pretty disappointed, if I had lost fair and square it wouldn’t be that bad, but between me being unable to log on right away, and then the strange fishing bug that had me getting a point every 10 casts instead of every cast just down river, I feel kind of cheated.

Oh well, I posted all the fish I got in the AH for 1500g a stack, lol. No one has gotten the Relm first Cooking yet, so perhaps someone will buy them. I also now have 525 fishing, so I guess that’s good too.

Want 600g in 30 Mins? Grab Your Pole!

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Your fishing pole that is!!

Recently I was out in Azshara fishing up some Globes of Water for one of the Engineering pets I have been crafting. You get the Globes from “Elemental Water” pools that can spawn in 6 different locations in the Bay of Storms. Now these sell for a fair bit, and are rarely in the Auction House, which is why I was out there, but they are not what this post is about!

The Elemental Water pools are a little hard to see, so my bobber was out of the pool once and I didn’t notice until I fished up a Darkclaw Lobster. I looked at it and had a flashback to years ago when I was leveling my cooking, and I’d needed Darkclaw Lobsters, but they were really expensive. I quickly logged onto a character by an Auction House and checked to see how many were available. None! So, I decided to set aside 30 minutes to fish up as many as I could and then go and see how much I could sell them for.

I set my little stopwatch and started fishing, and when my time was up I had 59 Darkclaw Lobsters and 34 Winter Squids. I headed back to Stormwind and sceptically posted them in the Auction House for 10g a piece. To my amazement, they actually started to sell!

Now, I don’t believe this will be any kind of steady income, as people will only buy the lobsters and squids when they are leveling cooking, but if you happen to be in Azshara for something anyway or if you are just starting out and need some quick gold, casting away 30 minutes of your time is most definitely worth it! Watch out for those pools of Elemental Water as well, because the Globes of Water sell for 20-50g each on my server and I collected 8 of them before I accidentally caught that golden lobster!

How To Make Gold In Cataclysm

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

For any of you coming here from Zuggy’s Blogging Carnival on Ways to Make Gold in Cataclysm, hello and welcome! I’m Miss Mediocre, and this is my gaming blog! Please feel free to leave me a comment, good or bad, about anything you read on my site! I do my best to respond to everything. Now, onto my post!

Thankfully I’ve had access to the beta for the past few months, so I’ve had some time to explore and plot out my approach for making some gold on the first day of Cataclysm. I’d like to point out that making gold is not my number 1 priority for that night, but I do believe I will make a decent amount simply by going after my goal!

I love fishing in World of Warcraft and have decided to try for the Fishing Realm First Achievement, Illustrious Angler. I’ve already pre-ordered a Cataclysm Collectors Edition, so I know everyone doing the online purchase and download will likely beat me into the game, but I’m still going to give it a shot! The way this is going to make me gold is as follows!

My character will be logged out in Dalaran beside the Flight Trainer. As soon as I log in, I will learn Azeroth Flying for 250g and run to Marcia Chase (the Fishing Trainer in Dalaran) to learn Illustrious Fishing. Then it’s through the portal in the Violet Citadel to the Caverns of Time. I’ll then fly straight west to Thistleshrub Valley in Tanaris where a pass has opened up leading into Uldum.

There is a river running through the Vir’naal Oasis that you will reach by continuing west. The crocolisks around the river are level 83-85, but if you fly up the waterfall to the north, there are no mobs to interfere with your fishing! You will catch a variety of Lavascale Catfish, Sharptooth and some Blackbelly Mudfish, all of which are the sole ingredient to many of the new cooking recipes.

The reason these fish might sell for crazy amounts is because of all the people who will be after the realm first Cooking achievement! I’m hoping to be one of the first to post the fish from Uldum in the Auction House and hopefully players will be willing to pay lots of gold for the fish required by the new 450 patterns! I do believe these new fish will sell like crazy though, regardless of achievements!

As one final tip for making some gold on the first few days of Cataclysm, it might be worth it to post the ingredients for the Northrend Recipe, Fish Feast. These will continue to yield points past 450, and because the Cataclysm Cooking Recipes require 3 daily tokens to purchase, many chefs will cook Fish Feasts to get as close to 525 as possible. The recipe calls for 2 Musselback Sculpin, 2 Nettlefish, 2 Glacial Salmon and 1 Northern Spice, all of which have been going for cheap (on my server anyway) as of late!

I wish you all the best of luck with all your Cataclysm gold-making enterprises and hopefully this helps a few of you fatten your gold pouches a little more thoroughly!

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

Fishing In Cataclysm

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

One of my favorite things in World of Warcraft is fishing, which may be strange because most people hate it, but I have always enjoyed it nonetheless! I have the Salty Title, so I know my way around a fishing pole, in game anyway (I’ve never gone fishing IRL, lol). So when Cataclysm launches and everyone is off starting the new quests, rolling Worgen and Goblins and exploring, I will be fishing in Stormwind!

I have always dreamed of (yes, I have actually had dreams about it) getting a Realm First achievement! There will be one for reaching the 525 skill in fishing first, and you will get the title “Illustrious Angler”, which will make my “Salty” title look like “Explorer”! It would be SO awesome to have a title that no one else on the server has, and for that reason my focus as soon as Cataclysm is loaded onto my computer, is fishing!

There was talk of major changes to fishing in Cataclysm, but the only change I have seen is that you now get a point for every day you complete one of the new Stormwind/Orgimmar Fishing Dailies. There are 5 new dailies for Horde and Alliance.

Alliance :
Hitting A Walleye
Rock Lobster
Thunder Falls
Diggin’ For Worms
Big Gulp

Clammy Hands
A Staggering Effort
A Golden Opportunity
No Dumping Allowed
A Furious Catch

None of these send you out of Elwyn Forest/Durotar (which is so wonderful!). You get a Bag of Shiny Things (much like the bags rewarded for BC and WotLK fishing dailies) and 9g40s for each quest. There is also the achievement “Fish or Cut Bait” for completing each of them at least once.

I am estimating it will only take me about 2 hours to reach 525 fishing when I get Cataclysm installed. Each skill point takes exactly 8 casts and was averaging to take about 90 seconds. To get the 75 skill points, it will take me 600 casts or 1.875 hours. My biggest concern is just how quick it is going to be over! If the line-up in my city is way longer on release night than someone else’s on my server, or if someone from my server works at a game store and gets their copy early, I will be out of luck if they go after the realm first! Hopefully I can get it, or at least be close! If I log on and someone already has it, that would be really sad, lol.

Thanks for Reading!