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200,000 Gold

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Hi Readers,

I meant to post this last week, but got busy playing Rift and trying out the new Sims Medieval game, both of which I’ll talk about more in later posts!

I did finally manage to break 200,000g in World of Warcraft just a few days before my account expired. I’d considered giving it all away, or buying something extravagant like the Crimson Deathcharger before calling it quits, but decided to hold onto it because of a question that comes up during the cancellation process. It asked, “How likely are you to return?” and the truth is that I have no doubt that I’ll one day jump back into Azeroth, even if it’s just to try out a new event or get a cool mount or try out a new expansion. If they added new hairstyles, colors and some kind of pink mount that was obtainable outside raiding, psht, I’d re-activate my account tomorrow! Though I highly doubt those things can be found on Blizzard’s To Do list, I’m sure they will come out with something that sparks my interest eventually. As people say, it’s my $20 a month, it’s just that right now I am having more fun using that $20 on Rift than I was on WoW.

I’d intended to get into how I made the 200,000g in this post, but the more I think about it, the less I can pin-point any major markets or strategies I used. Having a max level of every profession meant I could just sell whatever was selling the best at any given time, and I never had to outsource any crafting steps, because I had it all covered. As other people crowded a market driving prices down, I’d just jump into something else. I went from selling profession bags to enchanting rods to engineering pets to flasks to dreamcloth epics and everything in between. I never really focused on it too intently, and rarely spent more than about an hour a day specifically playing around on the Auction House. It was a fun side-game during my WoW time, but even it wasn’t quite enough to keep me subscribed. Nonetheless, it will be nice to return to that amount of gold whenever I do jump back into it! Maybe whenever that happens I can even push it to 500,000!

Until then, thanks for reading, and I promise to do my best to keep it interesting, even if it’s not always about WoW!
<3 MM

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Shadowspirit Diamonds that is!

January’s WoW Gold Blog Carnival topic over on Just My Two Copper (my favorite gold making blog) is “How Are You Making Gold In Cataclysm”. My gold making has been moved to the back burner more or less since the release of Cataclysm, but I do still need to be able to afford my pretty purple gear, so I bring in what gold I can when I’m not too distracted by everything else going on in game these days!

The main way I have been funding my crazy Cataclysm shopping sprees is with my Alchemy and Jewelcrafting combo. My Alchemy is 525, which wasn’t too difficult and didn’t cost me too much gold, since I don’t mind picking herbs as an alternative to questing for leveling up. My Jewelcrafting is still around 500 and I haven’t really spent any gold on it yet, as I’ve just been buying Obsidian, prospecting it, and then selling the uncommon and rare gems in the Auction House to break even. Now that I have 525 Alchemy and 500 Jewelcrafting however, I have a much more profitable use for my uncommon gems!

Alchemists can transmute 3 of each of the uncommon gems into 2 shadowspirit diamonds when they reach 525.

3 Carnelian
3 Jasper
3 Alicite
3 Hessonite
3 Nightstone
3 Zephyrite

The uncommon gems would cost around 414g to buy from the Auction House on my server. I prefer buying the Obsidian Ore and prospecting it myself for the gems however, because you have a chance at finding the rare gems as well. Now that the price of Obsidian is starting to come down it’s even better, but buying the gems from the AH is still a profitable way to go! If you happen to have a transmute spec Alchemist, like me, you will get a few extra shadowspirit diamonds now and again too!

Selling the uncut shadowspirit diamonds will make you some good gold. They currently sell for 323g each on my server, and fairly quickly, so you end up making about 232g per transmute, but what I prefer to do is cut the gems, and then sell them!

A lot of players look to to decide what gear to get, and how to gem it, including me. What I noticed when looking through all of the classes and specs was that they almost all recommended Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamonds as the meta gem of choice. These sell very quickly and for around 360g each on my server, even though there are a few other Jewelcrafters posting them. This cut makes me about 300g for each transmute, if it doesn’t proc.

If you are good about doing your Jewelcrafting dailies, and have enough tokens to buy some of the other Shadowspirit Diamond cuts, I have sold the Austere Shadowspirit Diamonds for as much as 600g each as it is the tanking gem recommended by, making me about 786g from one transmute. There are times when other Jewelcrafters post a lot of these, driving the price down, so it’s best to check the price for the cuts you have and the price of the uncut gems daily, and chose whichever will make you the most gold.

The best part about transmuting shadowspirit diamonds for gold is that the transmute doesn’t have a cooldown! I usually post 4 first thing in the morning, and then just transmute and cut more as they sell throughout the day. It’s very low risk, and a great way to level your Jewelcrafting too!

If you only have one of the two professions, or even if you don’t have either, you can still make some gold! You can buy the uncommon gems from the Auction House, and find a transmute spec Alchemist who is willing to transmute them, keeping any that proc as their payment. You can then sell the uncut gems, or find a Jewelcrafter who is willing to cut them for you for a fee. It won’t be as profitable as having the professions yourself, but could still be worth it!

It takes 500 Jewelcrafting and 4 Illustrious Jewelcrafter’s Tokens to buy any of the shadowspirit diamond cuts, so there really aren’t that many Jewelcrafters / Alchemists doing this yet. I think eventually the prices will drop enough that this won’t be as profitable, so if you’re thinking of doing it, sooner is definitely better than later!

What do you think of my gold making idea? Are there any gems you have been selling like crazy? Have you been using your professions to make gold in Cataclysm? Did it cost you a fortune to reach 525 in any of the professions?

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

Making Money With Archeology

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

This will be a short post, as I am still busy playing my first day of the expansion, but I wanted to point something out about Archeology that I just figured out!

I’ve been playing around with Archeology for a few hours, and I found that once I reached a skill level of 100, I didn’t get points for finding fragments anymore, I’d only get them for solving. I also had noticed a few uncommon items that I’d looted while finding the fragments. These were :

Troll Tablet
Highborn Scroll
Dwarven Rune Scroll
Draenei Tome
Orc Blood Text

These items can be added to certain relics to reduce the cost of fragments to complete them, and guess what? They aren’t soulbound! They are a pretty rare find, but if you’re just toying with Archeology right now anyway, and are more interested in making gold, you could throw them in the Auction House for pretty much any price you want! There were none in my Auction House yet, as I don’t think many people have realized they are sellable, or even that they exist!

Relm First Archeology is already finished on my server, but getting 200 points (100-300) just from solving relics takes a long time, and these scroll items will really cut down on the time for anyone who doesn’t enjoy flying around to dig sites.

I realize this won’t help everyone make some extra gold, but if you’re like me and have been playing around with the new profession a bit anyway, but not seriously, why not sell these to players who’d rather fork out the gold than go and find them themselves?

Happy Digging!
Miss Mediocre <3

Making Gold During Pilgrim’s Bounty

Friday, November 19th, 2010

I just finished writing my Pilgrim’s Bounty Guide for this year and thought I’d post quickly for anyone who may be interested in using this World Event to make some gold!

Something everyone can make and sell is Spice Bread. You learn it from the cooking trainer right away, and everyone will need at least 20 of them to complete the Pilgrim’s Bounty achievements. Not everyone will want to take the time to make them, so take advantage and have some posted in the Auction House for when the event starts! You could also post the ingredients for Spice Bread (Simple Flour & Mild Spices) in case anyone doesn’t feel like finding a Trade vendor, but wants to cook the Spice Bread themselves.

If you have at least 400 cooking, you can buy the recipe for Tracker Snacks in Dalaran for 3 Dalaran Cooking Awards. These will help anyone going after the Turkinator achievement, and will likely sell well during this event! If you don’t have 400 cooking, you could always hire a chef to make them for you before the Event starts. They are made from a Shoveltusk Flank and Northern Spices.

If you’re lucky enough to be a mage, you could make a lot selling portals to players working on the achievements during Pilgrim’s Bounty. This event takes A LOT of traveling, and I know I’d rather pay a mage a few gold than take the time to travel between all of the major cities a few times each! Hire yourself out for 10g a portal or 5g a minute and be someone’s private taxi. I’ll be offering portals for free on my server, and if you play a mage and want to do some RAKs, you could offer your portals for free as well!

And finally, if you happen to be the proud owner of a Chef’s Hat (like me) or you just don’t mind cooking and have picked up the Pilgrim’s Bounty recipes (in the Bountiful Cookbook purchased from the Pilgrim’s Bounty vendors), you can offer to cook other people’s ingredients for a fee, or cook a bunch yourself and then sell them by the daily quest giver that asks for 20 of them.

To Make Them :

-Turkeys are found in Elwynn Forest and Tiristfall Glades
-Pumpkins are sold outside Stormwind and The Undercity
-Cranberries are sold outside Ironforge or Orgrimmar
-Sweet Potatoes are sold outside Darnasus and Thunder Bluff
-The ingredients for Stuffing are sold from all Pilgrim’s Bounty vendors

To Sell Them :

-Turkeys and Stuffing turn in outside of Ironforge or Orgrimmar
-Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries turn in outside of Stormwind or Undercity
-Pumpkin Pies turn in outside of Darnasus or Thunder Bluff

I’m going to try selling pies in Darnasus, because who wants to run all the way back to Elwynn Forest to buy the pumpkins to make 20 pies to turn in back in Darnasus, hehe.

I’m sure most of you Gold Gurus have thought of most of these things already, but hopefully I had an idea or two that had yet to cross your mind!

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

Brewfest aka Goldfest

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

So Brewfest is finishing up now, and I began to realize just how much gold I’ve made so far by taking part in the holiday! I have 10 level 80 characters, but only 6 of them are Alliance, which is where I am working to build my fortune. I like mounts, so I managed to kill Coren Direbrew once a day on each of my 6 Alliance 80s for 12 days.

This only took me about 7 minutes per character and some days as little as 3 minutes if the ques were really fast. You get 19g and a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest for the first kill of the day with any character who kills him, which contains 2 Frost Badges and a chance of getting a Tankard of Terror, Brewfest Kodo, Brewfest Ram, Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker, and Direbrew’s Remote. Everything is BoP except the Tankard of Terror, of which I found 8 times on the Alliance.

Right now at the end of Brewfest, the Tankards are only going for about 50g on my server, but I am keeping 5 of them to attempt to sell a month from now, because I think I could get at least a couple hundred for them then. The other three I gave to my Shaman and Rogue.

Just counting the 19g per day per character for 12 days made me 1386g. I also had accumulated 24 Frost Badges on each of my 6 Alliance characters, so I bought a Primordial Saronite with each of them, and sold the 6 pieces for 2400g (400g a piece). I’m figuring it took about 8 hours over the 2 weeks to do all my Brewfest stuff, (which I wasn’t doing to make gold, but just to try and get my characters mounts), I ended up making about 450g/hour.

The next holiday boss coming up is the Headless Horseman. The Hallow’s End holiday runs for 13 days, so if I can que and kill the Horseman once a day on each of my characters just like I did with Brewfest, I am probably looking at making another 3 to 4 thousand gold!

I realize not everyone has as many 80s as I do, but even if you only have 2 or 3, that’s just less time it will take you to make about the same amount of gold/hour that I did! As long as you can accumulate your 24 Frost Badges for Primordial Saronite, I think it’s well worth you time! Plus, the Horseman’s Mount is the coolest, so you should try everyday to get it anyway!

Thanks for Reading!