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New Hardware Makes Rift So Pretty! WoW Not So Much…

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Hello Readers,

I was very lucky and got some new ram and a new video card for my aging PC! I hadn’t been too concerned with it’s performance until I started playing Rift, which lagged pretty hard even on the lowest video settings. My computer was pretty cheap when I got it though, and that was a few years ago, so it wasn’t a big deal to drop a bit more money on it now for such a sizable upgrade! I can now play Rift on the “Ultra” setting which just looks amazing, and it runs great! I thought I’d log back onto World of Warcraft to see how things looked in Azeroth with my sweet new graphics, since I had been running it on a pretty low video setting as well. I was sad that I could barely see the difference.

A big part of getting into a game for me, is how well I can get into whatever character I’m playing. I spend a very long time picking the perfect name, hairstyles, features, etc, even when there aren’t many options to choose from (as with WoW). If I rush the process, or settle with a name I don’t love, I usually end up deleting the character. What ended up happening in WoW, since there are so few features that don’t just look ridiculous (at least for the females of Azeroth and especially for the Night Elves who basically have two pretty faces to chose from) is that all my characters ended up either looking the same, or they didn’t look how I wanted since I was trying to make them look different than the rest of my characters and there wasn’t a halfway point between what I already had, and hideous.

Rift on the other hand is a character creator’s dream. I have spent hours so far making and re-making characters, and they are all unique but also look how I want! There aren’t any more hairstyles than WoW races have, but the difference is that they all look good! Sure as a Human female in Azeroth you have 24 styles to choose from when you visit the barber shop, but over half of those look awful and only one or two actually look good! I realize WoW is an old game, and of course it won’t look as good as something that was just released, but even if Blizzard would add hairstyles that actually looked good and fit on your character’s head it would be a start. Or let people change the color of their armor and weapons so that everyone isn’t always running around looking the same.

I didn’t actually intend for this to be a post, I just wanted to share this picture of my WoW main beside my Rift main so that you can see just why Rift has me so hooked and why Rift is quickly pushing WoW out of my daily gaming schedule, lol.