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Red Dead Redemption

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

I managed to pre-order my version of Red Dead Redemption just in time, so I have been playing the game since I went and picked it up yesterday! Basically the game follows John Marston, a cowboy who used to be in a gang, but had since cleaned up his act and settled down with a family. The federal government kidnapped his wife and son however to make John go after his old gang members, threatening to kill his family if he does not cooperate.

So far I have been focusing on the solo offline gameplay. The characters are interesting and comedic at times and John himself has an entertaining attitude toward everyone. Despite playing over 11 hours so far, I haven’t really done much of the main storyline yet! There’s so much to do in this visually appealing game, like entertaining mini-games! The poker is a bit addictive and five finger fillet is fun. There’s horseshoes and lying dice (Like from Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest) and I have come across a few blackjack tables, though I haven’t been able to use them just yet. The Challenges are great and I like that you can be continually upgrading John’s stuff! The act of skinning the animals that I’ve killed is a little gory for my tastes, but the hunting has been one of my favorite things to do in the game so far!

The play style has been pretty easy to get used to, but that may be easier for me to say seeing as they are pretty similar to the GTA games which I used to play a lot of. The shooting is nice, with a little snap-to auto aim like in CoD. The only hard thing to get used to was controlling my horse, but even that seems simple now that I have been doing it a bit.

My main complaint about offline game play would be that I don’t have the option of being female, which always is a bitter point for me with games, and that John is kind of ugly, hehe but I am sure most people wouldn’t mind these things!

I have tried the Free Roam online multiplayer a bit so far. It seems like it could be fun, there are challenges like in the offline mode and you can level up and improve your weapons which is cool, but I didn’t like that if you go into water, you drop dead, lol. Also the Free Roam does seem to be a bit glitchy still, like while trying to select a character to use, none of them would actually show up. There was an irritating little situation where I was trying to kill some bandits, but two of them were invisible to me, so I had to just watch for where their bullets were coming from, and kill them that way. Then when going to loot them, when my character got near the bodies, I disappeared too. It seems to be a common occurrence right now, but phasing in and out of visibility makes the Free Roam almost unplayable at this point. There’s nothing worse than being shot down by players you can’t even see!

Discounting the glitchy online play, which they are undoubtedly scrambling to fix, I would definitely say that Red Dead Redemption is worth buying! It’s entertaining, filled with things to do and interesting characters, and the landscapes are very well done. I certainly don’t regret trading in a few of the flops I’d had laying around in order to afford it, hehe and I believe it will entertain me for months to come!