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How Can I Achieve My Ambitions When I Have To Deal With This Stuff!?

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

I do love the Sims, but occasionally when things bug out, I get very irritated with it! Usually I can figure out a way around the problem, like Gunther Goth’s feet being stuck in the ground so he was unable to move! I just used the “moveObjects on” and adjusted where he was standing so he could go home and not die, lol. Or yesterday I switched my “active household” because I play between 4 of them in my town. I guess there was one of the city hall celebrations going on when I made the switch though because suddenly EVERYONE in my town was stuck at City Hall, except for the ones in my Active Household. Eventually I had to bulldoze City Hall to make everyone go home before they died of hunger and exhaustion after standing there cheering for 4 days. Then, there’s not an appropriate lot size that fits the City Hall building, so in order to get it back where it was, I had to put it on an angle, which was slightly disappointing. This was like a 2 hour process, so although I worked though it, that was 2 hours I could have been playing my Sims!

They just wouldn't go home!

Very Stealthy...

My most recent issue that I have not been able to remedy is with my Investigator. Somewhere between switching households and active families, I lost my magnifying glass! Without it, I am unable to solve most of my cases, but I can find no way of getting a new one without quitting the profession, rejoining it, and hoping I’ll get a new one when I once again reach the appropriate rank. I’m already at rank 7 though, so I really really don’t want to have to do that!

Also, weren’t you supposed to be able to be a Tattoo Artist? I have not been able to find out how to actually do that yet! I know you can buy the chair and “Offer Tattoo” to people you invite over, but you don’t get any Tattooing Points to build up and you can’t register as a Tattoo Artist at City Hall. Maybe you can’t actually do it as a career, but I thought the preview for the game made it LOOK like you could, lol.

If any else has come across these issues but resolved them, or if you know how to become a tattoo artist, could you please leave me a comment and let me know! I’ve looked everywhere, but maybe the game is too new still and others haven’t encountered these issues yet, lol.