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Happy Birthday Miss Mediocre!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Today is Miss Mediocre’s 1st Birthday! (Not me obviously, the site, lol). I know things have been slow here on the blog for the past couple months, but I’m not planning on leaving just yet! Life changes and focus shifts and right now I just have less time for gaming so I end up having less to say about it. I don’t want to force content out just to fill up a page, so even though I’m still writing every day, the topic usually falls into different categories which aren’t appropriate for here. Meaning basically more real life and real problems, less auction house tips and gaming guides, lol. Perhaps sometime I’ll share some of my other blogs with those of you who read this one, but for now I prefer to keep my gaming identity separate from my personal blog identity. The last thing I need are trolls finding and leaving comments on posts about my feelings, haha.

Anyway, in honor of MM’s big 1 year, I went back through all 200ish posts to find a few noteworthy posts I wanted to revisit.

1. My post that got the best overall response – Dear Vanilla, I Miss You

I hadn’t expected to get near as much feedback and e-mails concerning this post as I did. I just wrote it on a whim in my early stages of WoW frustration, and it turned out that a lot of people could relate.

2. My post that had the worst overall response – What to Get The Toon Who Has Everything

It took a lot of time to go around and find all those gifts and their prices, but unfortunately no one seemed to get any use from it, lol.

3. My post I enjoyed writing the most – My Sim Story – The Beginning and Goodbye Riverview

I really enjoyed combining two of my favorite things, story telling and the Sims!

4. My post with the most feedback – Archaeology Guide

I just love that I have a post with 71 comments, lol. Sure half of those are my own, but it still makes me feel good!

5. My post that (I think) was the funniest – GIRL IRL #2

I loved making these comics, and would like to make more, but I kind of ran out of ideas…

I’d like to thank you all for reading and commenting as much as you do! Nothing brightens my day like seeing that someone actually felt something that fell out of my head and onto the internet is worth taking the time to comment on!

Thank you thank you thank you!
<3 Miss Mediocre

My Mediocre Shattering

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

I thought I’d write a post about all the things I have been up to in game since The Shattering happened. I’d been very excited to start some new characters (yes I know, altoholic) so I rolled a Night Elf Mage and a Blood Elf Warrior. I had leveled my mage to 12 before I realized I didn’t like her name, so I deleted her and was attempting to come up with something better when my boyfriend and little brother convinced me that having a character named Missmediocre was a must. At first I wasn’t sure, but she is the only toon above level 10 across all servers with that name, and I do love my blog, so she’s growing on me. She is now level 14, if only she could have pink hair!

I named my Blood Elf Warrior Ashaila. (I like making up names, but they are rarely originals, there are 13 other Ashailas in the armory, lol) I have been leveling her as prot and am loving it! I tanked the new Deadmines once, and that was a blast, but have been having too much fun with the Undead quests to que for anymore dungeons. I reached exalted with the Undercity at level 28, so they’ve definitely made some changes there, and reached level 30 after 12 hours, but I read every quest and watched all of the cinematics, so it was pretty quick considering! I haven’t decided which professions to give to my new toons yet, as I already have them all covered.

In addition to leveling my new characters, I have been questing with my little brother who re-activated his account for the 7 free days Blizzard sent out to some inactive accounts. He wanted to level his 70 human rogue a bit, as that character had been his main before we both re-rolled as Horde on a new server at the beginning of this year. We decided we’d attempt to get as close to 80 as possible in a week. He didn’t have a computer of his own and could only use our second computer whenever my boyfriend was working, so our time was fairly limited! His 7 free days ended yesterday at 9:30pm and he dinged 80 at 6pm!

I leveled my Night Elf Priest Sacralicious along with him, who has been my bank alt for years and a character I never actually intended to level to 80. With the added experience since The Shattering and my heirlooms, I managed to get her all the way from level 76 to 80 on Monday! My brother didn’t have heirlooms on our Alliance server, which is why he was a bit behind. We had a lot of fun playing together, and he’s thinking of coming back to the game for good, which will be great as then I’ll actually have someone to play with! We may even resurrect his old guild, if he’s up for it.

The final thing I’ve been working on since The Shattering is making gold! I’d set myself a goal to reach 100k before Cataclysm got here, and I reached 90k on Sunday. I am pretty sure I can make the final 10k this week to meet my goal, but I’ve been attempting to limit my spending just to be sure (so no epic flying for my little brother, lol). I’m trying to find that magical balance between diversification and specialization, but keep diversifying my sales a bit too much and then losing track of the markets. I’m getting into a decent groove of buying the mats for and crafting a few enchants, a few engineering pets, a few epic gems and a few types of bags. This is a list of the items that have been working for me (though it could be a different story on your server).

Enchants :
Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Crusader
Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Healing Power
Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Fiery Weapon

Epic Gems :
Shifting Dreadstone
Potent Ametrine

Tailoring Bags :
Abyssal Bag
Netherweave Bag
Satchel of Cenarius

Engineering Pets :
Lifelike Mechanical Toad
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Misc : Pattern: Herbalist’s Gloves

I sell a variety of other things along with these that I find good deals on to flip or craft if  I get the mats for at a good price, but the items on my list are my staples.

I can’t believe Cataclysm is less than a week away! I have no idea what I’m going to focus on, once I fail to get the Fishing Relm First anyway (damn you midnight downloaders! I need my Collectors Edition pet, so you will likely beat me). I’m not overly interested in rolling a Goblin or a Worgen, I’m in no rush to reach level 85 with any of my 80s, so I might make leveling Archeology my first priority. We’ll see.

What will you be doing for the first week of Cataclysm?

Raid From The Heart Tank

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I got my Raid From The Heart tank in the mail today! It’s crazy how quick it got here, lol. It’s great quality and fits good, so I’m sure I’m going to wear it lots! There’s a great video posted over on The Big Bear Butt blog of the event! Check it out here. I saw myself in there a few times, but I just look like all the other Blood Elves in red, hehe so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Part of Your Alliance Parody Song

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I finally did it! I wrote these lyrics like 2 years ago and had them posted on my old blog, and just not got around to singing and recording it! Of course when I wrote this I was a bit more pro-alliance than I am today, but I still like it! I’m going to attempt to make a video to go along with it, probably later today when the servers go down!

Hope you guys like!

Part Of Your Alliance – Miss Mediocre


Check out my gear
Isn’t it sweet?
Don’t you think my Tier 10’s complete?
Wouldn’t you say I’m a ghoul
A ghoul who has everything?
Look at this dagger
Check out that buff
How can one rogue get all of this stuff?
Right click and inspect me you’ll see
(WoW!) she’s got everything!

I’ve got AP and Crit Chance aplenty
I’ve got trinkets and enchantments galore
(You like epic gems?
I’ve got twenty!)
But I don’t care
Sure I own
But I want more!

I wanna be where the Alliance are
I wanna be
Wanna be a draenei!
Dancin’ around on those
(Whad’ya call ’em?) oh – hooves!
Lookin’ like this you don’t make new friends
Undead aren’t know for socializing
Smelling uncontrollably like
(What is it anyway?) oh, decay!

Over where they dance
Over where they play
Over where they hang out in the Stockade!
Private not Scout
Wish I could shout
I’m an Alliance!

What would I trade
If I could stay
In Stormwind Castle
What would I stab
To get a slab
Of Stormwind Brie
Betcha those Allies
They don’t cannibalize
Bet cha they don’t eat their fallen foes
Dwarves and Humans
Gnomes and Nightelves
So sick of Barrens

I’m ready to learn the Alliance Quests
Kill Orcs and Taurens
And even Bloodelves!
What exactly’s an Elekk?
And how does something that size run?

Shardin’ these epics
Rollin’ a Draenei
Transferring my gold over in Booty Bay
Its gonna be so fun
Staring over at level one
As part of the Alliance!