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Treasure Treasure Treasure

Monday, November 25th, 2013

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I logged into WoW tonight. I have been leveling alts but they’ve all used up their rested xp. I was grinding rep on the Timeless Isle with the “Celebration Package” that granted me 9% bonus rep for WoW’s 9th anniversary, but I didn’t really feel like doing that anymore since it’s been my main focus all week. I had just started looking at the new Pandaria reputations about a week ago and what I could get from each of them, so I thought maybe I’d work on one of them. I have been keeping my eye out for Zandalari Warscouts for the last couple of weeks because they drop those nifty insignias that give you 1200 rep with one of the Pandaria factions and I was trying to get to revered with the Shado-Pan with the insignias so I could learn the Dancing Steel enchant. Using any Golden Lotus insignia that’d dropped from the warscouts my rep with the Golden Lotus had just reached Honored, so I thought I’d finally go do a couple of their quests.

I’d come across an Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key when I was working on my Glorious achievement (which I finally finished this week, yaay) and was too curious what it was for to delete it, but not quite curious enough to actually look it up. When I started working on the Golden Lotus quest, “The Crumbling Hall” I finally found out! Basically the quest sends you into the Guo-Lai vaults to retrieve a quest item, but when you arrive you are greeted by a 10 Ancient Guo-Lai Cache chests. Opening treasure chests is something I never tire of, which is probably why I love the Timeless Isle so much! When I opened my first cache I got a BoP cooking recipe, a rare and epic BoA rep item for the Golden Lotus, a couple crafting mats and a “Treasures of the Vale”. Yep, a treasure box IN a treasure box! I decided to see how easy it was to farm some of the keys, so I used my Celebration Package and started killing the mobs inside the Guo-Lai Halls. I was averaging about 3 keys every 20 minutes and getting between 20-27 rep per kill. The mob weren’t much trouble for my ilvl 531 gear and I even picked off a few rares while I was in there. I reached exalted with the Golden Lotus, found so many crafting mats that I filled up my guild vault (mostly trillium ore, spirit dust, cloth, herbs and leather) and I had 15 Relic of Guo-Lai and 9 Relics of the Thunder King left over (each give a chunk of rep with the Golden Lotus) that I can send to one of my alts, and I did all of that in just a few hours. I also got myself all 6 BoP cooking recipes.

I looked into the Acient Guo-Lai Caches a bit before I started farming and from the comments I read on Wowhead I think they must have been really hard to find before, spawning randomly throughout the Guo-Lai Halls and having a long spawn timer. The chests respawned for me as fast as I could farm keys however and a few other people would run in now and then and open one or two as well. Even if you’re not after Golden Lotus rep, this seems like an amazing way to farm Pandaria crafting materials! I got about 10 “Treasures of the Vale” every hour and so far it’s the best Pandaria farming area I’ve found yet, though I have only been back a little while now. Oh, and once I turned in the quest that sent me in there in the first place, I still had access to the vault and all of the chests.

I just thought I’d share this since farming these things seems much easier than it used to be and is potentially a pretty good way to make some gold with your professions! If anyone knows of a much better farming spot, please let me know! The screenshot is my cute new birdy that I purchased from the Golden Lotus at exalted.