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Dear RIFT, Where Have You Been All MyLife <3

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I am still alive! Though I’m not sure I can say the same for my WoW subscription…

I had never even heard of RIFT until I noticed people mentioning it on Twitter. I had no intention of playing another monthly subscription MMO, and figured I’d just give it a try once they came out with a free trial, just so I couldĀ  see what all the fuss was about. Circumstances dropped a “free trial” right in my lap only a couple days after release (thanks to access to a friend’s account)

My Warrior

and after about an hour, I was fishing out my credit card for my very own copy. I went into RIFT wanting to hate it. WoW has been a big part of my life over the last 5 years and I felt like RIFT was just the shiny new toy in the sandbox that everyone fights over. I was determined to remain loyal to my dear WoW, so I was on the lookout for RIFT fails from the moment of my Ascension. That was days ago, and I still haven’t found any noteworthy disappointments.

For those of you who are as in the dark about RIFT as I was before jumping into Telara last week, it is basically WoW, only with lots of little things that I always wished Blizzard would implement but never did. Like what you ask? I prepared a list…

My Mathosian Rogue

-ARMOR DYE! PINK armor dye! (Well, light purple, but it looks pink)
-Great looking characters
-Awesome character customization
-Instant Auction House mail
-Sweet looking armor/weapons early on
-There’s so much going on all the time with RIFTS and Invasions
-Amazing class builds
-Public Groups (no more having to wait to invite someone to group while they decline and steal your quest mob!)
-You can “salvage” armor and weapons you craft for some of your crafting materials back!
-You get three professions!

These might seem like silly trivial things, but sometimes it’s the little things that count! RIFT has everything that WoW has; PVP, Quests, Professions, Achievements, Dungeons, Guilds, Auction House, Lore, Etc, but then it also has improved or corrected a lot of the things that have always bothered me about WoW. I didn’t think any game could ever get me to leave my 160,000g or 12 level 80+ characters behind, but I don’t even feel bad about it! I know I could still be in the “honeymoon” period with RIFT, so even though I’m pretty sure RIFT can hold my attention for the next few years, I’m giving myself until the end of March to play WoW again before canceling my account, just in case.

My Kelari Rogue

So far I have a level 19 High Elf Guardian Cleric (who is just adorable) and she is my “main”. I have a level 18 High Elf Warrior that I really like as well and a level 11 Mathosian (Human) Mage who has Crumbly, her stone elemental guardian to tank stuff for her, hehe. I also have a level 6 Kelari (Dark Elf) rogue with pink pigtails! You can only have 6 characters per “shard” (server), but so far that’s been okay. My Guardians are on the Millrush shard and my Defiants are on Kelpmere.

In addition to questing and fighting off Elemental invasions, I’ve been working on professions. So far I have a miner, butcher (skinner), forager (herbalist), armor smith, and an outfitter (tailor + leatherworker). I’ve also been playing the Auction House a bit! I was sad I couldn’t afford a mount right away, so I hit the Auction House to do some flipping! I’ve already made 15 platinum just buying cheap artifacts (which you collect to turn in as sets for vanity items such as funny helms, pets, and mounts) and selling them for more. Now even my baby characters get horseys! Hopefully it won’t take me too long to become RIFT rich, since I’m thinking the RIFT AH will be pretty similar to the WoW one.

My Cleric

Hopefully none of you are thinking, “I’m not reading this blog anymore if she doesn’t write about WoW stuff!”, but if you are… Go try RIFT! Honestly, I haven’t read any bad reviews on it or heard of anyone disliking it so far! Plus I still might keep WoW active, if only to log on when I’m REALLY bored and do Archaeology, lol. I do want that Troll sword, even if I’ll never use it.

What are your thoughts on RIFT vs WoW? Have you been playing RIFT? What’s your favorite race, class or faction so far? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for Reading!
Now to get back to RIFT!
<3 MM