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My Sim Story – Goodbye Riverview

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Just as Laura Simington was settling into her new home, word reached her of an amazing deal on a loft right in the middle of downtown Bridgeport! Though Laura had never aspired to stardom, she could not deny the big city’s ever growing appeal. Bright lights, limos, dance clubs and bars weren’t her main priorities by a long shot, but there was one thing about Bridgeport that had peaked her adventurous curiosity… Vampires.

Rumors had been flowing out of Bridgeport in waves about certain Celebrities who were supposedly Vampires. A leaked security cam shot showed Wogan Hemlock, a well known romance author, apparently biting the neck of a companion. Though Wogan had sued the paper that had published the photo with slander, and won, the photo had been in the back of Laura’s mind for weeks. Perhaps that was all Laura was seeing as she signed the lease papers for her new apartment 18 levels above the streets of Bridgeport.

Laura’s apartment was small. At first she thought this would bother her, as she was used to living right on the water in a small town, or traversing the vast deserts of Al Simhara. She wondered how she was going to live her life out of one bedroom, but she soon realized that she really only needed one thing in her apartment, her bed.

Laura’s first few weeks in Bridgeport were a blur of night clubs, parties, drinks and dancing. Before she knew it, Laura was on the other side of those velvet ropes and paparazzi were snapping pictures of her through open windows and riffling through her dumpster in the middle of the night. She just had a knack for impressing people, not surprising since she had fully explored¬† some of the most dangerous tombs in Al Simhara, and she ended up impressing some of the right ones.

One night while standing in the line to get into Plasma 501, the hottest night club in Bridgeport, Laura noticed Wogen Hemlock standing by the bar. She crossed her fingers and hoped that it wasn’t Stacy Paxton’s night off. Laura had become friendly with Stacy, the bouncer, while waiting in line earlier in the week, and she knew a quick hug and 25 simoleans would have her dancing within inches of Wogen Hemlock in no time!

Laura inched her way toward the door and caught site of Stacy’s orange ponytail as he shooed away some paparazzi. Laura waved to him and he waved back, motioning for her to come to the front of the line. She greeted Stacy with a big hug, slipping the 25 simloeans into his open palm behind his back.

“Laura, always a pleasure,” he smiled, unclipping the velvet rope and holding it aside for her to enter.

She smiled at him and nodded before making her way to the dance floor.

She contemplated how she should make first contact with Wogen as she danced to some electronica. She felt a little jittery and on some basic level a little frightened, but she assumed it was just nerves. She couldn’t stop thinking about Wogen and even thought she noticed him glance at her a few times. She was building up her confidence to approach him when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She spun around to see Wogen, holding out a Pomegranate Passion drink.

She blushed and smiled and accepted the drink, asking, “Aren’t you having one?”

“They don’t sell what I drink here,” he replied.

Laura danced and flirted with Worgen for hours until Plasma 501 closed for the night and they were kicked out. Neither were ready for the night to end, so they headed to Hogan’s 24 Hour Deep Fried Diner. Though he’d mentioned being hungry, Wogan didn’t eat much, but he did pay for Laura’s food. They then sat outside the diner having some deep conversation about life and love until the sun began to rise.

Laura liked Wogan, not just because he was a Celebrity author who may or may not be a Vampire, they also had a lot in common, and she’d been having an awesome time with him. Despite her exhaustion, she wanted to spend even more time with him, and was about to invite him back to her apartment when he blurted out that he’d had a great time, but had to go.

Laura was disappointed and shuffled off toward home, not glancing back to see Wogan’s clothes begin to smoke in the morning sunlight as he climbed into his black car.