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Rift Platinum Tip – Selling Dye

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Since gold tips were such a big part of the posting I did about World of Warcraft, I thought I’d try to incorporate some Rift platinum tips into some of my new posts! I’ve got 20 platinum now, which is not bad for a level 20 who has just been flipping Artifacts in the auction house. Just recently though I found a new way to make some Rift gold by selling armor dye.

There was a dye vendor located in Sanctum, but because of a mess up with the dye prices, they pulled her out after the last patch. At first I was distraught, having gotten used to dyeing almost all the new armor I come across, but luckily the dye vendor isn’t the only way to get dye! Apothecaries can make 5 colors of dye that the dye vendor doesn’t have. Up until recently, the first few you learn as you level the profession were very cheap in the AH, usually priced at under a gold, but since the disappearance of the dye vendor, even the very first dye you can make (Cyan) is selling like crazy priced as high as 50g!

The dye that apothecaries can make is Cyan, Seafoam Green and Magenta (light and dark of each). They can also buy patterns for Black and White dye at the top of their profession. Even if you only level the profession until you get to Cyan, it only takes a coastal glory and rotting canine to make, which is a nice profit if you sell them for 50g each! If your AH hasn’t been cleaned out yet, and there are still under priced dye listed, you could buy them up and flip them before the dye vendors return.

Starting out in a new game with no money can be rough, so hopefully this can help fill up some of those fresh new coin purses!

Edit : The Dye Vendor is already back in Sanctum, they sure fixed that quick! You can still sell the craftable dye for decent profits though, as they are different from the ones the Dye Vendor sells!