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Fashion Phenomenon – Sims 3 Ambitions

Monday, June 7th, 2010

I have been playing the Sims 3 Ambitions like crazy the past few days! I finished the architecture profession first, which I blogged about previously, and have since finished the Stylist, Sculpting and Inventing professions (all with one family!).

I was really excited when I realized the stylist’s job was just to pick out clothing, hair and makeup like in the Create-A-Sim mode! I always spend WAY too long deciding on just the right look for my Sims, so in the beginning I was really enjoying myself with this profession!

How to Style People

It was similar to the architecture profession in that you get a few jobs (3-5 I believe) each day that you are “on the clock”, but you can solicit your friends and neighbors for additional jobs during your time off. Whenever you receive a job, you just click on the little prompt that comes up to start it, then your Stylist will head on over to the client’s house where you can “Offer Makeover” to complete it! You can also try to invite them over to your house to do the makeover there if you have the makeover station with the upgraded “Look Good” mirrors, because that can help your score a bit.

Failing Makeovers

Just like with the architecture profession, at first it didn’t matter how much time and effort I put into people’s outfits, I would always get the “You did a good job, but maybe this Sim was just too picky” explanation and I would take a major dive in friendship with that person. It was ridiculous, I was running around styling people, and having to apologize to them afterward because 90% of the time they’d hate what I’d done, or some of what I’d done wouldn’t count toward the objective, which was aggravating. So by the time I had reached the rank of 10 – Fashion Phenomenon – my portfolio was only like 15% completed, because you are only prompted to take a picture when you please a client.

It does seem like how good a job you do isn’t actually based on anything you do. It mostly has to do with the size of your portfolio and how high you are in the profession. Now that my portfolio is at 40% and I have already received the Key To The City (the ceremony for which I missed because my Sim was having a baby at that exact moment! lol) it doesn’t matter what crap I throw on my Sim clientele, they always think it looks hot, lol.

Offer Fashion Advice

There is an option you get at about the level 5 of the career to “Offer Fashion Advice” but I think that just throws the Sim into some random outfit, and most of the time they hate it, so I try to avoid doing it unless I am just bored or something. It is much more fun to just “Give Bad Makeover” if you don’t care about gaining levels or making the Sim angry.


Once you finish the Stylist career, you get a permanent buff called “Stylin'” which gives you a +20 to mood, and anyone you make-over successfully (which is almost everyone at that level) also receives the buff for a few hours.

Bored Fashion Phenomenon

I will admit that as fun as this profession was in the beginning, I am getting close to quitting it now and just getting one of the original jobs. Styling Sims is really fun, but after the 150th time, I am starting to get a little sick of it! These days my Fashion Phenomenon just sits at home and paints instead of dealing with her clients, though she still receives the 2,306 simoleans in stipends a week, even if she does no styling what-so-ever. (At first I had no idea what a “stipend” was, lol, but it is just basically a periodic pay check)

Unlockable Outfits

As a little bonus for this career, you unlock a couple young adult and adult outfits for your Sims. Here’s the pictures of them!

The last one is my my new FAVORITE! It’s so cute, hehe.

To Style or Not to Style

If you do like to spend a large amount of time in Create-a-Sim, then you should try this profession out! It does get a bit tedious by the end, but then again I did get from Fashion Fledgling to Fashion Phenomenon  in one sitting, so I may have been judging it a bit harshly by the time I’d finished, lol.

Thanx 4 Reading!

MissMediocre <3