Is Black Desert Online Pay to Win?

Posted September 28th, 2016 by Miss Mediocre



Let me begin my post by declaring my side on this; currently I would not consider Black Desert Online to be a pay to win game. You can definitely pay for convenience but in no way are you required to purchase things from the in game Pearl Shop in order to have a rich and successful BDO experience.

It’s very rare these days to come across a MMORPG that doesn’t have some kind of cash shop set up. Elderscrolls, Rift, SWTOR and even World of Warcraft, which has that $20/month subscription fee on top of it’s cash shop items, has become far more “pay to win” than Black Desert Online is in my opinion. In WoW you can now purchase those game time tokens from their shop and then sell them for a good chunk of gold in game. That’s a pretty straight forward way to buy gold with real money through Blizzard and obviously the more gold you have, the better items you can buy. In WoW you can also buy level 100 character boosts, which I think is a very pay to win feature that BDO does not have.

In Black Desert Online there is no monthly subscription fee. You can purchase Value Packs from the Pearl Shop which are what I’d consider to be the equivalent of most game’s subscription bonuses. With the Value Pack you get more money from Auctions House sales, you can change your appearance as much as you want and you get more inventory/bank space. These aren’t necessary to enjoy the game, but they certainly help. The nice part about the Value Packs is that instead of spending $15USD on this item every 30 days, you can just buy it from the in game auction house for the reasonable price of 9 million silver (and I effortlessly make that amount every 2 days just going about my BDO business). You have to be quick if you’re buying the Value Packs in game since people do buy them up fast, but hundreds of them are posted every month so your chances of getting one are good if you keep an eye out. You can always stock up and keep the extras in your inventory until you need them too.

It’s like that for pets and outfits as well in Black Desert Online. You could spend $21USD on a cool armor set or you can just buy it in game for about 20 million silver. The only things you really have to pay real money for are the costumes, which are simply convenience items that make you cook faster, train horses faster, hides your name during PvP, increases your swimming and fishing speeds, etc. You can also buy items that make it easier to enhance your weapons, but you can just buy already enhanced weapons from the Auction House, so again, it’s not something that is a necessity. I feel the people behind Black Desert Online (the NA version anyway) have done a great job making sure that anything you really need to play the game effectively, is available to you for in game silver.

I’m not a premium player by any means. If you wanted, you could invest $10,000 into the game, sell a bunch of costumes on the Auction House and then buy yourself the best weapons and armor, but I believe that’d be a waste of your money and you’d still have to level your character yourself. Making silver is pretty easy and there are so many different ways to do so. You can basically just leave your character AFK fishing while you sleep at night and bring in a few million while you’re not even playing. As I mentioned in my first post about BDO I’m only a little over a month into the game and still reasonably noobish but I already have 225,000,000 silver. I don’t buy anything with real money to sell for in game silver, I just found myself a nice little niche market and a few good grinding spots and I’m already in the top ranking (A) for wealth on my server.

Since there are no subscription fees, I just allow myself to spend a subscription fee equivalent ($20USD) every month on Pearl Shop items. I really liked a pet that was on sale and I hadn’t been able to get it on the Auction House, so I bought it (but I do have 3 others that I just bought with silver). Also I have decided that horse breeding and training is my “thing” so I just invested in a costume that will let me train horses 20% faster. But that’s all I’ve felt the urge to buy and neither of those things were needed for me to be good at the game.

You get something called loyalty points for logging in every day (and lots of bonus loyalty points from other things as well). A lot of the convenience items like carrying weight increases and value pack bonuses can be purchased with those points instead of spending real money too.

The Pearl to USD exchange rate is roughly $20 = 20,000,000 silver. Making money has not been my focus in BDO yet at all, I’ve just been leveling and learning and have only started making a conscious effort to increase my in game wealth this week because I want to save up for the best Awakening weapon that I can get. I already have 225,000,000 silver though as I mentioned, which if you wanted to buy that amount of silver with real money, would be the equivalent of spending $225 USD. Since it’s that easy to make silver in game, but that expensive to buy with real money, I really don’t think paying that much would be worth it! I feel like the people who are the “Premium Players” either just have way more expendable income than me and are totally okay with dropping $1000 on an in-game weapon, or they really haven’t taken the time to work out the details!

If you wanted to purchase a copy of Black Desert Online and then never invest another dollar into it, that would be entirely possible and I don’t believe it’d put you at any disadvantage either! On the other hand, if someone wanted a pay to win game, they’d need to invest a huge amount in order to make BDO actually feel that way, and I’m talking thousands! So that’s why after 35 days, even though I have nothing against pay to win games, I don’t feel like BDO is pay to win. Even as a pretty-much-broke-starving-artist-gamer, I’m still able to enjoy my Black Desert Online experience fully!

Black Desert Online

Posted September 28th, 2016 by Miss Mediocre



It has been a long time since I’ve felt inspired to start game blogging again. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve done any kind of regular blogging or regular MMO playing really, but 35 days ago my little brother convinced me to check out Black Desert Online. Almost 500 hours of play time later, I feel like it’s safe to say that I am hooked and I once again feel the urge to share my gaming experiences!

I came into BDO not knowing much about it at all. I’d seen the character creation hype back in February of this year right before the North American version of the game was released and I knew that it was a fantasy MMORPG, but that was pretty much it. So far the only thing I can compare my time in BDO to is my early vanilla WoW days. It is very different from WoW in a lot of ways, but similar in terms of the difficulty and immersion I experienced when I jumped into Azeroth back in 2004. Since then WoW has become pretty fool-proof/casual friendly but Black Desert Online is not an easy MMO by any means. There’s a noticeable lack of hand-holding and direction and that can be pretty overwhelming at first, but once you get your bearings and figure out the basics, you can start to appreciate just how vast and interesting the world is.

BDO is also not a story-driven MMORPG, which was a change for me. There are main story quests and characters, but they quickly faded in significance to me as I discovered things like World Bosses, gardening, horse breeding and of course one of my favorite things in MMOs; the auction house. The game reminds me a lot of Aincrad from the anime Sword Art Online actually because you can just be a chef or fisherman or crafter if that’s how you choose to play.

I was definitely hesitant to jump into another MMORPG. So far I’ve seriously gotten into playing WoW, Elderscrolls Online, RIFT and SWTOR, but eventually lost interest in all of them. I’ve tried and not really enjoyed countless others and I’d assumed my MMO days were behind me, but I am so glad that I was wrong! I’m not claiming that my interest in BDO won’t fade eventually (I’m actually hoping it does at least a little so I can get some things done IRL, lol), but I feel like if a game can hold my interest for 300+ hours, it’s a winner!

The only thing I’d definitely recommend if you’re going to give Black Desert Online a try is either start playing with someone you know and be ready to look things up or immediately find yourself a really patient and helpful guild. My friend (who is a 11+ year off and on WoW player like myself) tried the game by himself right after it was released and within a few hours was so lost and frustrated that he never went back (and actually gave me his account because he never wanted to play again). A lot of people (like my friend) don’t really want their games to be a challenge. He didn’t like Dark Souls games either for this reason and that’s understandable. I really enjoy challenging games however, have a lot of free time to put into them and had my little brother to answer my 6789 questions as I was starting out. If you go in expecting a really unique and challenging experience though, I feel like you’ll be a lot less likely to get overwhelmed!

The last thing I want to touch on in my first (of hopefully many) Black Desert Online blog posts is just how BEAUTIFUL the game is! The character creation is amazingly detailed, which anyone who has read any of my past posts will know is a pretty big deal to me. It took me almost 2 hours to make my first character, lol. The environment is also really breathtaking and there have been so many times as I’ve been running around questing and exploring that I’ve just stopped to admire the very detailed scenery!



There’s lots more I want to write about but I’ll save that for future posts! Basically if you enjoy a challenge and have been craving a different kind of MMORPG, try Black Desert Online! And if you don’t have anyone to try it with, roll your character on the Orwen server and come play with me! E-mail me at and I’ll give you my character info!

Werewolf Quest As A Low Level – ESO

Posted April 17th, 2014 by Miss Mediocre

Getting to Reaper’s March

I was pretty excited when I found out there were Werewolves and Vampires in ESO. Originally I’d decided that my main character, Lauriella would someday be a vampire but the more I thought about it, I changed my mind. She’s a Nord Dragonknight and becoming a Werewolf seemed like a better fit for her. I’m only level 25 but I used the “teleport to player” option to get to Reaper’s March early by checking out the roster of the big trading guild that I’m part of and finding someone of level who was questing there.

I’d looked everywhere online for some information about werewolf spawn locations and times but I couldn’t really find any solid leads. There were a couple of maps that gave me a rough idea but basically I just rode around on the eastern side of the map until I found a group of people. I’d hang with them until I got bored, then I’d continue my search. I did this for a few nights, one was a full moon in game which some people seemed to think would guarantee a werewolf spawn, but there was nothing.

Where I Was Bitten

I’d more or less given up on finding a werewolf, especially at my level, so I went back to questing for a couple days. I logged on Wednesday evening around 10pm EST however and thought, maybe I’d just check one more time. I ported over to Reaper’s March and general chat was going crazy. Everyone was talking about seeing werewolves and it really didn’t sound like trolls trolling (like it had the other nights). I started cycling through the spawn locations I’d been hanging out at over the past few nights when I saw someone call out that there were some werewolves over by the Dune Wayshrine. I was pretty close by so I checked it out and sure enough there were two big werewolves beating on some player. He ran away and reset them just as I got there so I followed them and hit one when they got back to their spawn point, which was just South West of the Dune Wayshrine. There were lots of players around but they let them hit me for a good 40 seconds before someone taunted them off me. I checked my character screen and saw I had the “Sanies Lupinus” active effect, which said I’d been scratched by a werewolf.

Where To Get The Quest

I was so happy but as I stood there watching people eventually kill the werewolves I realized I had no idea what to do next. I again tried to find out online. There were a few quest guides but I was only level 25 and hadn’t discovered many Wayshrines, so when they said which one to go to, I had no idea where that was! I started just running around to all the areas of the map I hadn’t been to yet and eventually found the Rawl’kha Wayshrine right in the middle of the map. Sure enough as soon as I ran up to it I saw the NPC with the starting quest for me. She informed me I could either cure the disease at the temple or head up north to talk to the pack master. Obviously I made my way to the packmaster!

Leveling Up To Complete The Quest

If you’re working on this quest or the quest to become a Bloodfiend, they are definitely easier to complete the higher your level! Your bite/scratch will not go away once you start your respective quest line so if you’re having trouble completing it, do some fast leveling and then come back to it! If you’re anxious to start howling at the moon or drinking the blood of your foes and want to know how to level as fast as possible, you can Click Here and check out the best leveling guides currently available for ESO!

The Werewolf Quest

The quest was red for me but I knew I’d read about people as low as level 15 becoming werewolves so I wasn’t concerned. I went through a portal, Hircine changed me into a werewolf and told me to go take down suitable prey for my brethren to eat. I ran around the instanced zone which is one of the ones you have to do solo. The mobs were level 42 and you only have 2 werewolf abilities to work with, a pounce and a fear, so it was difficult surviving the area at level 25. I found a special troll that was level 42 and attacked it. It basically two-shotted me so once again I went online to try to figure out what I was doing wrong. I found a post that explained that there were actually 3 different bosses that could spawn and to reset the instance you just had to leave through the portal, wait 5 minutes and then zone back in. I tried this and was lucky enough to get the boss they suggested taking on if you were under-leveled, The mammoth. I tried to stay behind him like the post suggested but he still kicked my butt. Then I read that you could actually fight the mob before you’re transformed into a werewolf, then sprint back, get turned, go back to the corpse and complete the quest. I tried this, fought the mammoth for 10 minutes as myself, killed it and by the time I got back to the body as the werewolf, it disappeared right in front of me! I tried again, killed it after 10 minutes, made better time getting back and actually howled at the corpse like the quest wanted me to. A bunch of werewolves came out, ate the body and nothing happened. Apparently they fixed the quest so this method no longer worked.

Fight The Snow Troll

I worked on the quest for a few more hours. I fought the snake, tried the big troll again, tried the mammoth a few more times and then finally I zoned in and couldn’t find any of the three bosses I’d been bashing my furry head against for hours. After a bit of exploring I came across a little snow troll that I didn’t even realize could spawn. He was SO EASY to kill, I didn’t even need to drink a potion. Turns out this little guy is in there for us low level werewolves to fight, but none of the posts I’d read online had mentioned anything about him. He’s to the right in the pile of bones if you’re running into the zone from the shrine. I howled at the corpse, my werewolf buddies came and ate him, then I bowed to the alter of Hircine and bam, now I’m a full blooded level 25 werewolf!

I just wanted to share my story in case anyone else out there is in the same boat as I was! There was so much information I couldn’t find and even more that was incorrect so maybe this can help someone else become a member of ESO’s Team Jacob, lol.

Playing Elder Scrolls Online

Posted April 2nd, 2014 by Miss Mediocre

I have basically been looking forward to the release of this game for 12 years. From the moment I stepped into Morrowind back on the original xbox all I wanted was to be able to traverse Tamriel with fellow adventurers! And now it’s finally here. Of course I opted in for the early access pre-order since I wasn’t fortunate enough to get into the beta and had been dying to give the game a try. It’s really the first game I have been excited about since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW back in 2007.

I have put in about 20 play hours so far, trying out the Dragon Knight and Templar classes, and thankfully it has yet to disappoint! It really feels like I’m playing Skyrim but just suddenly there are other people in my game. The combat is interesting, a combination of mouse clicks, abilities, dodging and blocking which makes it so your character can really handle herself once you get the hang of it. The characters look awesome and the customization reminded me a lot of Rift but better. As always, I wish there were more choices for hair, make up, etc, but I don’t know if anything has ever actually been up to my standards for that, but oh man, you should see my posterior dimensions!

Customizing your character’s spec is pretty in depth and I’m hoping there’s a way to respec eventually because the more I play and understand stuff, the more I want to change how I’ve spent my previous points! There’s three main specs for every class, then you can spec into your armor type, weapon type, guild, profession, etc! It’s overwhelming when you want to do everything at once, but I keep reminding myself that that’s what alts are for!

Questing has been fun. I went with the Aldmeri Domination and Queen Ayrenn seems cool, she even killed some stuff in a crypt with me and I was only level 7! I like when leaders don’t discriminate based on level. I had read somewhere that the questing felt really repetitive but I haven’t found that at all. Yea I am only level 10 but it’s pretty similar to to questing in any MMO… actually I’d say the quests are more unique and interesting than I’m used to. And the environment is so pretty!

I figured I’d jump into professions as soon as I could and since both my characters I have been playing are heavy armor wearers, I have been focusing on Blacksmithing. I did a lot of blacksmithing in Skyrim and it’s similar. It takes forever to level up though, I have found destroying items for mats gives me the most progress so far. You can also research magical items to learn how to put that effect onto your armor/weapons that you make, which is pretty neat. I haven’t tried any of the other professions yet because I’d have no inventory space then. Upgrading your bags is pricey for a new character and you only have 60 slots to start out!

All your characters share a bank, which is kind of worrisome for an alt-o-holic like myself. It’s already full and I only have two characters on the go right now, but you can upgrade it as you make gold as well. You can’t mail your own characters item which kind of sucks but you can send mail to other players from anywhere in the game, no standing at a pesky mailbox in ESO!

So far the only problem I have with the game is that I didn’t buy the Imperial version and have to wait until the 4th to upgrade my account, lol. Oh, and that it’s down for maintenance right now and I had been planning on playing all night. Hopefully I’ll really get the hang of things in Tamriel and start posting on here regularly again all about it!

Sim Life > Real Life

Posted February 21st, 2014 by Miss Mediocre

It’s usually a sign that things in my life have gotten pretty bad when the only video game I find myself playing is the Sims 3, lol. When making a couple Sims, finding the right career and woohooing out a couple babies is more appealing than chopping things up with my sword, it makes me realize just how much of that “family stuff” my life is missing. Thank goodness for virtual realities!

Anyway I have been playing A LOT of Sims. During the anniversary sale I picked up the last couple expansions I’d been missing so now I’m rocking everything from World Adventures to Into the Future. One of my favorite things to do when simming is to make houses and venues. I’ve posted about a couple of them before on here so I thought I may as well share my latest creations since I don’t have anything else gaming related to share!

One of the expansions I bought recently was Island Paradise. I was really excited to try out the new house boats but after building a couple and living on one for a few days, I realized the water graphic in fast forward was starting to make me feel sea sick! I have to have my game graphics pretty low if I want my game to run well and I just couldn’t handle the water constantly rushing by on the lowest setting, so I moved to a private island and opened a resort! I got it up to 5 stars and basically lived there with my Sim while I ran it because the owner gets to stay for free. It was fun, reading the reviews guests would leave and then upgrading the place accordingly, but once I reached 5 stars I was ready to move onto other things. It took me about 20 hours to build, decorate and furnish the thing though, so I figured I’d better at least share it. The link to The Sunflower Resort and Suites on the exchange is here.

The other expansion I picked up lately was Into The Future. As hard as I try I’m never able to make decent looking modern homes. I love big old Victorian houses with turrets and ghosts and secret rooms, so everything I build in the Sims usually ends up in that style. I checked out a bunch of the new Into The Future homes though and looked at some modern houses online and came out determined to make one for myself. I think I scrapped two before I had a layout that I was happy with but now that it’s finished and decorated I really like it. I decided to share it as well, it’s on the exchange here.

Right now I’m not really using either of those lots however because I decided it might be interesting to try to make an insane asylum. With Into the Future came the “unstable” trait, which is a great one for the patients to have. Combined with some of the other ones, evil, neurotic, insane, etc, it’s made for some interesting characters. Whenever I’m done with it I’ll upload it as well, it’s now open, but still under constructions!

I haven’t felt up to logging into WoW at all. I totally missed the Valentines day event and I believe a couple thousand gold worth of my auctions has probably been deleted from my mail box now. I’m not sure why my interest died so suddenly, but it probably has to do with my change of address more than the game itself! I have still been making some WoW related jewelry though, I just finished my second set of hearthstone earrings (studs this time) and a “Horde” pendant to wear with my Alliance hoodie, since I really do enjoy both factions equally. I’m also working on a Fluxfire Feline figurine to go with my paladin statuette, I’ll post a photo of it whenever I get it painted!

Paladin Statue

Posted January 28th, 2014 by Miss Mediocre

Haven’t been on WoW much this month, but I did make this 7″ statue of my character Lauriella this week! (Made out of polymer clay and acrylic paint) So I thought I’d share it on here.

There’s Only “I” In This Team!

Posted December 3rd, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I just wanted to write a quick post about my latest achievement. I have a guild that, up until 2 days ago, was made up of only my own characters. Because I have been into making gold for the past few expansions, I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with all the different professions. I noticed that there were only a few professions that I didn’t have at 600 yet, so I started working on them. I have Windwool Cloth coming out of my ears, so First Aid was simple. I’d found SO much Exotic Leather just grinding for rep and killing Zandalari Warscouts, so Leatherworking was rather painless. I had just reached level 85 with my Skinner, so I just ran around Pandaria for an hour and got my Skinning up to 600. The last step was Engineering! My warlock is 90 and had her Engineering around 500. Thankfully I have 3 level 90 Miners, so I had just enough Ghost Iron Ore to reach 595. For the last recipes I had, I needed Spirits of Harmony, which I had just used up making Living Steel the day before because my warlock is also an Alchemist. I really didn’t want to go and farm motes but I was SO close! Then I noticed all the Darkmoon Faire posters and balloons and remembered that you get 5 skill points for completing the profession quests there!

I headed happily to the faire, did my quest, reached 600 and NOTHING! I was so disappointed. I noticed that the guild achievement was missing Jewelcrafting, so I logged over to my JCer and because she is a Draenei, it was at 602/610. I whipped up a couple of rare gems and sure enough as soon as she reached 610/610, I got the achievement, Working Better as a Team. I was pretty happy since it is a guild achievement and I soloed it! I was even happier to see the reward was the Heirloom Leggings! I only have two more characters on my main server that can even use them, but I did notice something interesting yesterday that might make them more useful for me!

I know Blizz has talked about making BoA items cross server and I’m wondering if it’ll actually be fairly soon! I was mailing something to my alt and I noticed “Stelark – Drak’thul” as one of the options. I’m not even sure who that is, but I decided to try it out for one of my own characters! I typed in “Sylvadora – Winterhoof” (my blood elf paladin) and tried to send her some Timeless Plate Gloves. It didn’t go, but some text popped up that said, “You cannot send mail to that server”. It seems like a good sign that the option is already in the game, just not accessible yet! My alt-o-holic fingers are crossed!

Finally Exalted With Shaohao

Posted November 30th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

After many MANY hours of farming the Burning Berserkers on the Timeless Isle and a little help from the Pilgrim’s Bounty / WoW’s 9th Anniversary bonuses to reputation, I finally reached exalted with Emperor Shaohao and got my Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent! I have full burden of eternity upgraded gear for my pally now, I’ve gotten all the pets/ mounts that I know of, so now I’m wondering if there’s any reason for me to go back to the Timeless Isle on my paladin at all?

A Guide For Getting Back Into WoW

Posted November 29th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I got a free week of game time in the mail at the beginning of fall so I jumped back into Pandaria to check it out. I found the first few days frustrating and confusing, even though I hadn’t been away all that long! My bags were full, I didn’t know where I was supposed to be questing, I couldn’t remember what heirlooms I had and who I’d put them on, it was a mess. After I trudged through those initial few nooby days however, I started to really enjoy myself and I’ve been playing more and more frequently ever since!

I’m not a “pro” now or anything like that but I do have 7 level 90 characters and have at least a pretty good understanding of all things panda. Since Blizzard has made so many game enhancing changes recently and with the price of Mists of Pandaria dropping down to $9.99 for Black Friday, there will likely be quite a few people dusting off their toons and returning to the World of Warcraft. Because of my own experience those first few days after my return to Azeroth, I thought I’d whip up a quick guide for anyone who might find themselves in a similar predicament!


I’m not a big add-on user myself but there are two that I absolutely cannot do without but did do without for a while when I came back just because I’d forgotten all about add-ons! The first one you should grab is Auctioneer. It will help you clear out that inventory and those overflowing guild banks. Second, grab Alt-o-holic. If you’ve only got one character, you might be able to do without, but if you’re anything like me and you’ve reached the max number of characters for your account (50), this handy add on will make finding heirlooms and whatever else, a breeze!

What Stuff’s Worth

What you’ll want to do when you first log in is to head over to your nearest Auction House and run an Auctioneer scan. This usually takes no more than 10 minutes and it will give you a good idea of what everything is selling for now. You don’t want to end up vendoring something that didn’t used to sell for much, but is now worth 500g or more! There have been a lot of changes and being aware of at least some of them should keep you from missing out on potential profit!

Take Inventory

Log onto each of your characters on your main realm. Open each of their banks and guild banks and all of that information will be stored in Alt-o-holic. Then you can just search for what you’re looking for in the alt-o-holic window, crafting mats, heirlooms, consumables, etc, and it will tell you exactly which character it’s on without you having to log onto one after another searching!

Get A Guild

If you’re no longer part of a guild, it is worth it to find yourself a new one! There are bonuses to experience, mount speed, and lots of other things that can give you an edge while leveling! Try to find a guild that is at least level 6 because of the perk Fast Track, which will give you a 10% bonus to experience. Of course keep in mind that for a guild, the higher the level, the more perks you’ll have access to! You can ask in trade chat or open the Guild Recruitment panel (J) to brows through guilds and send out up to 10 membership requests.

Clean Out That Inventory

Thanks to Auctioneer you should now have a decent idea of how much something sells for just by mousing over it. Go through and cleanse your inventory. Try not to focus too closely on how much gold you can make, but on getting stuff out of the way so you can get to leveling through the new content! Try not to be a hoarder, like me! My bags are always full and it’s so irritating.

Tip : When cleaning, keep an eye out for gear that might be in demand for transmogs! I had a couple Vanguard Breastplates in one of my guild vaults and those things sell for 11k gold a piece now!

Visit Your Profession Trainers

Professions now max out at level 600 so don’t go picking herbs if your herbalism is still at 525/525! Nothing’s worse than wasting precious skill points!

Hero’s Call Board

Check out your nearest Hero’s Call Board (located in the major cities) to find out just where you should be questing. It will send you to the appropriate zone for your level.

Spend Your Talents

Don’t worry, spending your talent points is nothing like it used to be! You only get 6 points to spend by level 90, so reading through the possible abilities and picking what you want is rather painless! If you’re having trouble though, check out a site like to figure how best to spend your points.

Grab Some Glyphs

Glyphs can really help while leveling, especially some of the major ones. Check the Auction House to see what’s available for your class. Once you’ve grabbed a few you can manage your glyphs by clicking the tab at the bottom of the talents panel (N).


There are now so many heirlooms available from so many different places! You can also upgrade some of your existing heirlooms to go all the way to level 85. Check out Wowhead’s Heirloom List to find out how best to go about getting yourself some!

Hopefully some of you find this helpful! I know I would have appreciated checking out such a list when I first came back!

Treasure Treasure Treasure

Posted November 25th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I logged into WoW tonight. I have been leveling alts but they’ve all used up their rested xp. I was grinding rep on the Timeless Isle with the “Celebration Package” that granted me 9% bonus rep for WoW’s 9th anniversary, but I didn’t really feel like doing that anymore since it’s been my main focus all week. I had just started looking at the new Pandaria reputations about a week ago and what I could get from each of them, so I thought maybe I’d work on one of them. I have been keeping my eye out for Zandalari Warscouts for the last couple of weeks because they drop those nifty insignias that give you 1200 rep with one of the Pandaria factions and I was trying to get to revered with the Shado-Pan with the insignias so I could learn the Dancing Steel enchant. Using any Golden Lotus insignia that’d dropped from the warscouts my rep with the Golden Lotus had just reached Honored, so I thought I’d finally go do a couple of their quests.

I’d come across an Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key when I was working on my Glorious achievement (which I finally finished this week, yaay) and was too curious what it was for to delete it, but not quite curious enough to actually look it up. When I started working on the Golden Lotus quest, “The Crumbling Hall” I finally found out! Basically the quest sends you into the Guo-Lai vaults to retrieve a quest item, but when you arrive you are greeted by a 10 Ancient Guo-Lai Cache chests. Opening treasure chests is something I never tire of, which is probably why I love the Timeless Isle so much! When I opened my first cache I got a BoP cooking recipe, a rare and epic BoA rep item for the Golden Lotus, a couple crafting mats and a “Treasures of the Vale”. Yep, a treasure box IN a treasure box! I decided to see how easy it was to farm some of the keys, so I used my Celebration Package and started killing the mobs inside the Guo-Lai Halls. I was averaging about 3 keys every 20 minutes and getting between 20-27 rep per kill. The mob weren’t much trouble for my ilvl 531 gear and I even picked off a few rares while I was in there. I reached exalted with the Golden Lotus, found so many crafting mats that I filled up my guild vault (mostly trillium ore, spirit dust, cloth, herbs and leather) and I had 15 Relic of Guo-Lai and 9 Relics of the Thunder King left over (each give a chunk of rep with the Golden Lotus) that I can send to one of my alts, and I did all of that in just a few hours. I also got myself all 6 BoP cooking recipes.

I looked into the Acient Guo-Lai Caches a bit before I started farming and from the comments I read on Wowhead I think they must have been really hard to find before, spawning randomly throughout the Guo-Lai Halls and having a long spawn timer. The chests respawned for me as fast as I could farm keys however and a few other people would run in now and then and open one or two as well. Even if you’re not after Golden Lotus rep, this seems like an amazing way to farm Pandaria crafting materials! I got about 10 “Treasures of the Vale” every hour and so far it’s the best Pandaria farming area I’ve found yet, though I have only been back a little while now. Oh, and once I turned in the quest that sent me in there in the first place, I still had access to the vault and all of the chests.

I just thought I’d share this since farming these things seems much easier than it used to be and is potentially a pretty good way to make some gold with your professions! If anyone knows of a much better farming spot, please let me know! The screenshot is my cute new birdy that I purchased from the Golden Lotus at exalted.

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