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Posted December 11th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

This post is my submission to The Best of the Month Blog Carnival hosted by the Not So Secret Society!

Archaeology is of course the new Secondary Profession added to World of Warcraft, Cataclysm. It can seem a bit confusing to start, but it really is very simple and actually a bit addictive. Before you get started, you’ll want to decide what your goals are regarding Archaeology.

Use Your Hearth!

Utilizing your hearthstone whenever it’s available will greatly cut down on your travel time! Before heading out in the field, remember to visit an Archaeology trainer! You can find them in any major city (ask a guard if you are having trouble finding one).

Maxing It Quick or Leveling Up.

If you are just interested in maxing out the profession at 525, or if you are only interested in it as an alternative means of leveling, you’ll want to focus your efforts in the Eastern Kingdoms. Set your Hearthstone to either Ironforge or Stormwind if you’re Alliance, or somewhere mid-continent like New Kargath if you’re Horde.

Achievements & Rare Artifacts.

If you’re planning on completing the Archaeology achievements while finding as many rare artifacts as possible, you’ll want to start your digging on Kalimdor. The reason for this is that out of the 40+ possible dig sites that can spawn on Kalimdor, only 6 of those have the chance of being in Uldum, which is the only place you can find Tol’vir artifacts. You’ll need to complete at least one Tol’vir artifact to get the “It’s Always In The Last Place You Look” achievement and have a chance at finding the Scepter of Azj’Aqir mount. I didn’t find any Tol’vir dig sites until I was 525 Archaeology and level 84, but I don’t know if this was just chance, of they don’t show up until then. Set your hearthstone someone mid-continent to help cut down on travel time, as Kalimdor can seem like a pretty big place when you have to fly from a dig site in Darkshore to one in Tanaris.

Set Up Your Bars or What Addon to get.

Once you’ve learned Archaeology and have decided where you’ll be digging, go into your Spell & Abilities book (P) and put the “Survey” icon somewhere on your bars. You’ll be clicking this a lot, so make sure it’s not tucked away in the corner of your screen. I’d also suggest putting the “Archaeology” icon somewhere on your bars as well, because you’ll need to access that window each time you wish to complete an artifact. You can also get the Archy addon from curse which take a little getting used to, but does make things a lot easier! It tracks previous artifact fragment locations and leads you to the nearest digsites without ever having to open your map. You can also solve and add keystones without going into your archaeology book and it shows you if you’ve gone a green, yellow or red distance from your last survey point, which I find tremendously helpful. Archy is definitely something you should grab if you’re going to be doing a lot of Archaeology!

Finding Dig Sites.

Open up your map, and look at the continent you are on. You should see a total of 4 shovels, which mark the dig sites that are currently available to you. There are only 4 dig sites ever available at once per continent, so if you want Fossils, but only have Night Elf dig sites available, you’ll have to complete the Night Elf sites in order to open up Fossil ones. It’s totally random, so sometimes completing a specific artifact can take a long time!


Head to your closest dig site. I find it best to start right in the middle of the site, so go there and click the “survey” button. Your survey gear will appear and point in the direction of an archaeology fragment. You’ll notice the light on your gear is either Red, Yellow or Green. Red means you aren’t near the fragment, so mount up and head in the direction your gear was pointing for a few seconds, then try again. If the light is yellow, that means you are getting close. I don’t usually mount if I get a yellow light, instead I walk in the direction it’s pointing for a few seconds (unless I need to get over a wall or something). If you drop your surveying gear and the light is green, that means you are very close to the fragment. Move in the direction it’s pointing, but only a few paces.

Archaeology Fragments.

Eventually you’ll get close enough and an archaeology fragment will appear instead of your survey gear. Pick it up and continue surveying the site. You will get 3-6 archaeology fragments per find and 3 finds in each dig site. When you pick up the fragments, they are kept in your Archaeology book, which you can access by clicking on the Archaeology icon. Here you can look at which relics you are working on, and which ones you’ve completed in the past. The relics available for you to work on are totally random, and when you complete your current one, a new one will appear. You’ll can have one relic of each race in progress at once.

Resist The Urge To Solve!

EDIT : You can now only hold up to 250 fragments for each race, so if you get close to 250 fragments, you’ll have to solve!

Unfortunately the best way to level Archaeology is by not solving any relics until you reach the skill level of 100. This is when you stop getting points for picking up fragments, and start to only get a point for solving relics (5 points for each relic). It can be hard to hold off, especially if one of your relics is a rare and you want to see what it does, but trust me, it’s worth your time to wait! Make sure you keep checking back to your Archaeology trainer to train your profession to the next levels. There’s nothing worse than solving a relic only to find out your profession is currently maxed!


Once you reach skill level 100, feel free to start solving those relics. You’ll notice that some relics have a tiny slot in the bottom of the window. You can put Keystones specific to that race into these slots that count as 12 fragments. You’ll find these when picking up fragments, and it’s a good idea to use them whenever possible! Some relics don’t have Keystone slots, but if the relic before that one did, and you used them all and ended up with 65 out of 35 fragments, those extra fragments are added onto your next relic! They are very handy, and not soulbound, so you can always check the Auction House for extras or offer to trade someone if you have too many of a certain race’s and not enough of another’s. The different Keystones are :

Troll Tablet – Troll
Highborne Scroll – Night Elf
Dwarf Rune Stone – Dwarf
Orc Blood Text – Orc
Draenei Tome – Draenei
Nerubian Obelisk – Nerubian
Vrykul Rune Stick – Vrykul
Tol’vir Hieroglyphic – Tol’vir


You’ll notice many of the Archaeology achievements require you to find certain relics. There really is no effective way to control which relics you find, so getting these achievements just take time and patience and a bit of luck. There is the achievement, “I Had It In My Hand” rewarded for finding a rare artifact, and it gives the title “Assistant Professor”. Then there’s one for solving 10 rare artifacts, “What Was Briefly Yours Is Now Mine” which gives the title “Associate Professor”. Finally there is the “It Belongs In A Museum” achievement for solving 20 rare artifacts, that rewards the title, “Professor”.

It is important to realize that this profession was designed as a time sink. You can max it out in only a couple days, and you can reach level 85 at a decent pace, but if you’re going after the “Professor” title and the Scepter of Azj’Aqir like I am, be prepared for it to take you a very long time!

If you’re interested in what rare artifacts are available, I’ve included a list of them. I’ll only explain what those which I’ve personally found do however, because I don’t want to know what the others do until I find them! I like surprises…

Rare Relics.

Fossilized Hatchling – Baby Skeleton Raptor Companion Pet
Fossilized Raptor – Skeletal Raptor Mount
Pterrordax Hatchling – Pterrordax companion pet
Ancient Amber – Seals you in amber for 5 minutes
Extinct Turtle Shell – Level 85 BoA Shield

Zin’rokh, Destroyer of Worlds – Level 85 BoA 2h sword
Haunted War Drum – Places a war drum, 30 min cooldown
Voodoo Figurine – Companion Pet

Clockwork Gnome – Tiny Mechanical Gnome Companion Pet
The Innkeeper’s Daughter
Chalice of the Mountain Kings
Staff of the Sorceror-Thane Thaurissan

Night Elf:
Highborne Soul Mirror – Creates a ghostly copy of yourself that looks at you
Druid and Priest Statue Set
Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown
Bones of Transformation – Transforms you into a Naga for 20 seconds.
Tyrande’s Favorite Doll
Kaldorei Wind Chimes
Wisp Amulet

Headdress of the First Shaman

The Last Relic of Argus
Arrival of the Naaru – Shows the arrival of the Naru for 5 seonds

Blessing of the Old God
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron

Nifflevar Bearded Axe

Mummified Monkey Paw
Scepter of Azj’Aqir
Staff of Ammunae
Pendant of the Scarab Storm
Ring of the Boy Emperor
Scimitar of the Sirocco


There have been a few times that a fragment has seemed out of reach. I’ve found that anytime I have an issue getting to a fragment, or getting a fragment to appear, using “walk” (the “/” key) to take baby steps in the right direction usually solves the issue. It can take a while, but I’ve always managed! The dig site I’ve had trouble with the most often is the one in the Infectus Scar in Eastern Plaguelands.

The Last Race Icon.

If you look at your Archaeology book, there is one race type at the bottom that looks like the archaeology symbol. I have no idea what this is, or how to find that type of fragments, so if you know, please PLEASE leave a comment and explain it or leave me a link to a site that can explain it!

Hopefully you all enjoy this profession as much as I have been! Good luck at those dig sites! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave them below in a comment and I’ll answer them a.s.a.p or you can even e-mail me at if you prefer.

Miss Mediocre <3

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  1. Bawheidbob

    Excellent write up.

  2. BigFire

    Thanks for this guide. I’m doing archaeology digs when I’m burned out from chain instance run. And in between other things. It’s a more interesting time waster than fishing.

  3. Miss Mediocre

    Bawheidbob : Thank You :)

  4. Miss Mediocre

    BigFire : I have always really enjoy fishing, and intended to do a lot of it in Cataclysm, but I haven’t at all since maxing it on the first night (going for Relm First) because I’ve been busy with Archaeology whenever I’m not questing, lol. Poor fishing, so few people enjoyed it, and now those of us who did are too busy digging around in the dirt!

  5. Wulfy

    Thank you for the guide. I just started Archaeology today on my Goblin and it was most helpful!

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Wulfy : I’m glad it helped! :)

  7. Rathay

    Ooh very nice. Quickly getting a profession to max, then posting a guide to it very shortly after. You, m’lady, are insane. Insanely crazy and quick at leveling your professions and leveling your character in general.

    My warrior is now on Terenas. His name is Eyrios.

  8. RikoSuave

    Found ur guide useful, i was wondering did you use any add ons to help with the noting of the artifacts sites?? ive found that using Gathermate2 helps keep track of where exactly they are, theyre just like nodes and herbs they spawn ina certain spot within the dig site, having this add on helps cut the “searching” down to about 2 mins per site if uve been there a few times b4.

  9. Miss Mediocre

    Rathay : Yaaay, now we have a tank! πŸ˜€ hehe

  10. Miss Mediocre

    RikoSuave : I didn’t use any addons no, but I’ll check out Gathermate2 because I’m still working away at it! Thanks! :)

  11. zecdk

    Good morning to a fellow Canuck :) I found your blog on JM2C and have really enjoyed your views. Just wondering how long until
    You had found a rare item? I have been just digging in the dirt with my pally since the release and have yet to find a rare :(
    Keep up the great work.

  12. zecdk

    Also how do you use the scrolls solve the puzzles quicker?? I can’t figure that out but have been selling them on the ah for 100 gold a pop :)

  13. Miss Mediocre

    Zecdk : Hello :) I found my first rare, The Raptor Mount, when I’d reached the skill level 330, so it did take quite some time! I added an image to help point out where you can use the scrolls/keystones, but you can only use them on some relics. They do sell well to anyone spending a lot of time with Archaeology, like me, lol. Especially the higher level ones! :)

  14. zecdk

    Cool thanks for the screan shot that helps alot. I have to yet get a relic with those slots.

  15. Miss Mediocre

    Recdk : Yw :) Hopefully you find one that has a keystone slot soon! They are so much quicker to solve than those without! (Assuming you have the appropriate Keystone anyway)

  16. zecdk

    I got 2 rares right after posting this. One was the dinousar skeliton pet, cute little bugger, and the other was a statue. Mabye your lucky cake is rubbing off.

  17. Miss Mediocre

    zecdk : Yaay! I’ve never gotten a statue… That’s great! I’m working on the Highborne Mirror right now, but have gotten a bit side tracked from Archaeology picking herbs, lol.

  18. Bralmir

    Btw, they fixed the number of fragments, now you can get 1 to 3 framents by dig and if your a dwarf its 3,5 or 7

    And we need to discover what the final ”race” seriously! maybe when you ”clear” all other artifact you unlock this one ? maybe when we hit 525 ?

    (I’m at 6 rare, some are real useless ^^)

  19. Miss Mediocre

    Bralmir : I did notice it’s different as of today! I’m getting between 3-6 fragments per find though and am not a dwarf. I’m thinking they maybe just realized it was going to take a bit too long to collect some of the rares! As for the rares, omg I know!!! I was so disappointed after discovering what a few of them did, lol. I have been at 525 for a while now, and still have yet to find any fragments from that mystery race… :(

  20. dave

    great site and info on archeaology…i have 13 rares now..still not unlocked last race. I believe the alchemy mount potion drops out of the canopic jar from the tol’vir race. very hard to get artifacts due to only uldam spawning them :(

  21. Miss Mediocre

    dave : Thanks :) I do have the Tol’vir conopic jar completed, but didn’t realize it was perhaps something you could actually open! I’m logging in right now to open it, lol.

    edit : I opened it but only got a gray item – mummified organ, lol.

  22. dave

    bad luck…now blizz have made the recipe boe you can sell for an absolute fortune! happy hunting : )

  23. Miss Mediocre

    dave : I’ve found a few more canopic jars now, still no recipe though… Maybe someday :) hehe

  24. Damerack

    Miss Mediocre, Ha, good write up.

    I too took up fishing… for the money alone, when Stoneskin eels were selling like hot cakes. Now it’s just too boring for me, and I can make more money selling my leather than fishing it seems. My one proud moment in vanilla WOW fishing was showing off my 98 pound might fish. /Flex

    I like Archaeology though, much more interesting. Now that they have water mounts WOW should fix fishing to have some better loot again. Maybe include maps, where you can go and dive for teasure. Anyway, in Archaeology so far I’ve found the Fossil Raptor at level 125 and completed it at level 180. I have the Raptor pet, Druid and Priest Statue Set
    far as I can tell it just puts a beam of light on you from the sky, it may heal you…probably just light though =P
    I have the Highborne Soul Mirror –> worthless, and Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown, not that spectacular. But really I’m after the Scimitar of the Sirocco. I want it for my rogue, then respect back to combat for epic Rogue on Warrior slashing action.
    I’m currently only at level 300

  25. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : That’s a much bigger fish than I was ever able to catch, and I did A LOT of fishing, lol.
    That would be great if they added in more loot from fishing, I love the treasure map idea! πŸ˜€
    The Statue Set doesn’t heal you unfortunately, but that would have made the relic much cooler!
    Best of luck finding the Scimitar of Sirocco on your way to 525! :)

  26. Damerack

    Uhhh… I’m tired, going to bed. I’m 400 now and completed the “Arrival of the Naruu” and “Headress of the First Shamen” Also when killing mobs I found “the masters treads” As a Rogue they are nice if you want that extra 1 point of stealth. the Shamen helm is cool, at least my death knight can wear it. When you use it, it gives you an area bulls eye much like when a rogue throws down distract. The sides of your screen shade in as if your looking through an eye, and zoom in on your target for around 30 seconds. During that time you can click in and out of it, but you can’t take the buff off. When your zooming in you can’t move, but zoom out by clicking the icon and you can. It’s much like an ornate looking glass. No sure about the range yet, I’ll do some tests tomorrow. Hope that helps. I have the Chocolate cake recipe also, but didn’t have the mats with me. I’ll make some for luck next time, lol.

  27. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : That helm sounds fun! It’s a BoA, correct? If you’re only skill level 400 and already have a BoA item, I’d say you may not even need the luck of the cake! πŸ˜€

  28. Elevated - Rexxar

    The alchemy recipe I beleive is a “smart recipe” meaning it only drops if you have the proper skill in alchemy. The mount is now boe, recipe is still bop.

  29. Miss Mediocre

    Rexxar : Oh the mount is BoE!? Lame, lol. Good for the few alchemists out there who find the recipe I guess, though I don’t intend to do Archaeology on either of mine. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  30. Damerack

    Ooops must have wrote on the wrong page, but have the lucky cake, I am now 525 as of this last weekend, and got the Chimes, the Bones, and the Axe. Chimes make a sweet sound, the Bones of Transfermation are pretty cool, turning you into a Naga, but it doesn’t fool other Nalga, =( I just wanted to join in on all those silly Naga games. The Bearded Axe is a nice level 80 one-hander, unfortunatly my main is 85 but it is BOA, my hunter may one day wield it. That Alchemy recipe comes out of a canopic jar you only get those from digging in the Tol’vir area. Bad news is you have to be alchemy to make it and I think use it. Good news is it use to be BOA, but from what I hear on the forums it is now BOE and you can sell it on the AH, Woot! Of course if you’re Alchemy it’s sell going to cost you 29k in mats to make. Although a trick is to make a Goblin summon him to Uldum, then buy the mats, because Goblin’s I’ve heard get a 20% discount. You might need faction with that race you buy from though. Hope this helps. Well back to grinding out the Scimitar.

  31. Cystennin

    Heya, thanks for the guide.

    Hint > Save up like 300 arts before turning in.

    i got 2 rares of nightelfs last night including the Doll.
    I’m 525 now for a few day’s.

    And if yu farm for uldum. just save your arts and turn them in when got loads. ((Works mental very good)) toke me 3 hours to get 300 nightelfs and 100 for Uldum.

    Felt so good to turn all in. although uldum arts are a pain ><. Got the scarab item for now.

  32. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : I was hoping the disguise would fool Naga too :( lol but they still attacked me when I went to hang out with them.

  33. Miss Mediocre

    Cystennin : It sure does feel nice to have hundreds of fragments saved up and then just solve a bunch of relics at once, though I’m not sure if it actually effects how many you get or how quick you get them. It all equals out to about the same I believe! The Uldum ones are a pain, so much so that I have given up on them for now. I was really excited making the scarab one, but was pretty disappointed it was just another vanity item… I was hoping for a sweet BoA epic neck!

  34. Cystennin

    I sure do agree it does not increase the chance. but it gives a good feeling.

    I saved up again like 400nightelf frags(in 3.5-4hour).. and turned them in at the same time and i got the mirror… and the DOLL!!! XD I completed all the nightelfs rare at last.

    That necklace has been obtained by a guildie at his first digside at uldum ><.
    I'm still after that staff but i dont go on with hardcore farming. Toke me alot of time already.
    Still want to know what the 10e icon is :S.

    Greetings Cystennin

  35. Miss Mediocre

    Cystennin : I’d love to find out what that 10th icon is as well! Seems strange that they’d put it in there if it’s not in game yet, but I haven’t come across anyone who knows what it is.

  36. Cystennin

    Well i think it is for later in a few weeks. hope it is more exciting then it is now XD.

    Found Arch really boring and more places to digg would not hurt.
    Kalimdor is really to big XD.

    Keep in touch. if i found something out yu will be the first that would know it.

    Ps. did you completed 100solves? of the regular ones.

  37. Miss Mediocre

    Cystennin : No I haven’t completed 100 relics yet! I was getting really close before I gave up though :) Perhaps I’ll finish that up over the holidays.

  38. Dhamon

    Just a small note, as i did find your guide very useful. Those Keystones are also needed in (heroic?) dungeons to complete daily quests that give your entire party a useful buff. The buff persists through death, but is only active in that dungeon. So far I have done two which required 1 Dwarf keystone each. The first buff was 5% increase critical chance for your whole party, the second one was 5% damage reduction to the whole party. I have been keeping all Keystones that I get in my bags while I que for random heroic dungeons. My skill is also 525 and I have found a number of rare items, but still cant see the 10th icon. I will keep checking back here in case anyone figures it out!

  39. Miss Mediocre

    Dhamon : A guild mate had mentioned that you could turn in the keystones in certain heroics to receive a daily buff, but I haven’t done any heroics yet, so I haven’t come across them myself. It’s great that there is a secondary use for the keystones, and makes me more convinced that they will continue to sell in the Auction House, and well! Heroics are hard, from what I’ve heard, so I imagine groups would be happy to get their hands on any buffs possible! I’ll have to update my guide to include the keystone’s secondary use! Thanks for taking the time to let me know! :)

  40. Dodged

    Hey thanks for the guide, I had already started archeaology but it did learn me a couple of new things which will help me lvl it faster :)
    I am still questioning myself… What is up with the being dwarf and archaeology, because I am a dwarf and I never get higher than 6 or lower than 3 fragments.
    Thanks again!

  41. Miss Mediocre

    Dodged : I’m not sure what’s up with Dwarves and archaeology! I remember hearing they would have a bonus, but I have no idea what that bonus is, or if it was maybe taken out at the last minute? I’ll look into it! πŸ˜€

  42. Indy

    The daily archeology quests that grant a buff are in normal dungeons as well; I think they’re only in the new Cataclysm dungeons.

  43. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : The ones that have Archaeology dailies are Halls of Origin, Lost City of Tol’vir, The Vortex Pinnacle, Blackrock Caverns, The Stonecore, Grim Batol and the Throne of Tides, and they do have them on heroic and normal. Thanks for pointing that out! :)

  44. Rockis

    hey there archaeology lovers:), just wanna gratz with great guide. Sadly but i was too lazy to start archeology when the Cata started, cauze i thought it would so much boring as fishing, surprisingly it is very fun activity, [so i started like 10 days ago:(. wanna say that saving up fragments wont help you to get epics at all, cauze i have saved like 2x 800 dwarf fragments and still dont have Thaurissan staff:(, nevertheless i was so lucky to get troll sword [very awesome looking thingy]. Secong thing — i rly recommend to complete at least 2-3 tol’vir rares cauze it’s very high chance to get rly nice ring [ for those who is raiding or doing dungeons], and dont forget u have a chance to get MOUNT or staff. So GL archaeologists:)

    Ps; sry for my bad english, and yeah i was wondering why there’s 12 races [ have a hope to uncover it when i complete 20 rares]

  45. Miss Mediocre

    Rockis : Hopefully you get your Dwarven staff soon! I had around 90 dwarven solves when I finally found mine. Someday I’m going to have to go back and try for more of the Tol’vir relics, I’m just holding out hope that they will someday make Tol’vir dig sites more common, because finding their rares is SO hard!

  46. Rockis

    agh i had troll sword after 97 solves. have heard that some guys solved 320+ dwarf but no staff still, and some guys had staff after 29 solves, so i hope i will get it soon or just give up. Working now on 20 rares, but it’s so hard to get nerubian digs in northrend:(

  47. Rockis

    sry forgot to mention that guys and girlz dont waste your gold on dwarf rune stones, troll tablets etc. [u can buy only nerubian thingy- if it’s cheap] cauze u get completely random projects, no matter how many projects u did.

  48. Damerack

    Well, back from vacation, and back to WOW. I now have the “Chalice of the Mountain Kings”. Pretty cool, yet another bag waster. Also got “Tyrande’s Favorite Doll” and “Pendant of the Scarab Storm” but haven’t finished them yet. My heart stopped for a second when I saw RARE come up after a Tol’vir artifact complete… but alas it was not my scimitar =( But I still got my cake =) After I find that sword I’m not Arching anymore till we get some new stuff. I’m behind my guild with gear because I’ve been surveying sooooo much. Very tedious work. :p

  49. Damerack

    Buy the way, if you want to find more Tol’vir artifact just keep grinding in Kalimador. I also think I would have the title professor, but I’m always in Kalimador. I’m stuck at 80 of 100 common artifacts found. I now have all of the rare Elf artifacts you have listed. Another thing, once you get a rare I don’t think you can get it again, so I would think my chances on finding the scimitar go up as I find other epics in Tol’vir.

  50. Damerack

    ooops maybe that’s 20 rares to get the title professor, and 100 common solves for diggerest title…. Uhhh, I don’t know,it’s all a blurrrrrr…. lol

  51. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : I’ve gotten all those as well, and was also so excited to see my first Tol’vir rare, until it turned out to be horrible, lol. The Pendant of the Scarab Storm is the only Tol’vir rare I’ve found because I gave up on Kalimdor after finding out how useless the pendant was, lol. I’m now trying to find the Troll rare sword, and think when I find it, I’ll also take a break from archaeology until they add in some new stuff!

  52. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : Hehe yea it’s 20 for the Professor title and then 100 solves for the Diggerest achievement, but I don’t believe it gives you a title.

  53. Damerack

    Woah! this is taking a long time, I’m been talking to other Archeologists as I see them daily and it seems that as far as Tol’vir everyone usually gets the Scarab Pendant first, which I have also now, and then the ring of of the boy Emperor, then staff or mount and then the scimitar. You could always get lucky and get the one of those items with less tries, but I think they always go in about that order.

    From what I’ve been able to find out, only 2 people on Horde side/Laughing Skull have the scimitar. That’s not many. My advice is to do a random dungeon now and then to break up the monotony.

    I have 85/100 common find towards diggerest. I would have finished it, but I’ve been almost exclusively in Kalimdor, to get Tol’vir fragments. Once I get the Scimitar I’ll go to the other side to finish Professor. I’m at 15 rares currently.

    One thing you might want to do is save your fragments. If you don’t solve your digs, they just stack. If you’re like me at 525 max’d level and found every rare in Elf and fossil digs you don’t need to solve anything there. In the new patch, from what I hear, we are getting in the next couple of weeks, vendor finds will sell for more and they are adding rares. So don’t solve stuff for nothing, and don’t sell your solve tablets (Elf example: Highbourne scrolls) for chump change now, sell them later on the AH, they are about to be more valuable. For example I’m currently at about 2000 fragments for Night Elf, with about 50 Highborne Scrolls stored. $$$ <—- Ca$h Cow for more Mooooooolaaa!!!

    Also you might want to add the mods Archy and Gather2, it makes Arch. a bit easiler. Man I feel like Dig Dug! Ooops now I'm dating myself.

  54. Damerack

    One more thing, I added a rabbits foot along with my cake in my bag… hey every bit of luck counts, right?

  55. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : In the next patch they are also making it so you cannot have more than 200 fragments per race at a time, though they aren’t taking away the extra fragments you have, make sure you solve them all right away after the patch for the better vendor priced relics because they do say they may take away the extra in the future! It will be great to be able to get more than a couple gold out of a few hours of Archaeology though!

    I’m still searching for that Troll sword, sitting around 95 commons solved and 17 rares, but I refuse to leave Eastern Kingdoms until I find it, lol. I do use the Archy addon and it’s great!

    Adding the rabbit foot is a great idea! I think I have a few of those kicking around, so perhaps I’ll give that a try as well! πŸ˜€

  56. DeMeNtEd

    lol i admire everyone on here thats high up in archaeology, i just barely got mine over 100 today, and getting to this point has been death lol, i can only imagine whats in store now that i dont get xp for finding fragments lol. flying around is death lol and my ADD kicks in and i start fishing, lol. (sry i dont really have ADD i shouldnt say i do…) but yea congrats to everyone on this post that has at least one rare =p ill keep u posted when i find my first rare….6 months from now, and thats just assuming im not fishin’ (WoW or IRL…)

    jk i dont fish IRL….just f.y.i lol dunno why, just dont lol

  57. Damerack

    Good to know. I’m breaking away from the pack today though and going on a guild raid. I think I just have enough of an equipment level to go to heroics. I’m at 331.

    Then back to it with the Archy. Lately it’s been almost all NE digs, up to 63 highbourne scrolls, and when I have long flights across Kalimdor when the hearth isn’t up I lay down for a short break (ya right) and then wake up to a dead Character out in the ocean somewhere. Then I have to spirit rez. which costs money. uhhhh… Good thing is my guild is like level 8 so I have reduced hearth time by 15mins. and that’s key.

    I’ll let you know when my next rare comes up. At this tol’vir rate I’ll probably get the Troll sword first.

  58. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : Nice, 63 Highborne Scrolls on my server would sell for like 6000g! πŸ˜€ I also just sold a single Tol’vir Hieroglyph for 2000g, which was awesome! The gold makes the fact that I keep getting Fossil and Dwarven dig sites instead of the Troll ones I want a little easier to bear, lol.

  59. Damerack

    2000g lol, I only wish. Laughing Skull is plagued with farmers, driving down the price of all that stuff. I’m about a 2500 NE frags and around 86 highborne scrolls. I’m waiting for the patch to solve. wish it would get here. unmotivated, so I’m pick pocketing again for the Krol Decapitator. =P

  60. Wryggo


    I found your guide really complete even if I didn’t learn very much.
    Just to let you in the know, I was wondering the meaning of the 10th icon, so I search a bit on the WEB. I found a lot of guide but this one is definately the best =) It appears the 10th icon unlocks when you find all the rare stuff.
    If I succeed in that way I’ll warn you.

    Wryggo, Culte De La Rive Noire (EU)

  61. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : No patch still :( I’m holding onto all my solved troll artifacts and all the other race fragments I’ve collected, but my inventory is getting full! Hopefully it gets her next Tuesday as I’m pretty unmotivated now as well.

  62. Miss Mediocre

    Wryggo : Ooh that would be cool. I had been wondering if it had something to do with solving everything and i guess there aren’t many people out there who would have found all the rares by now to let us all know. Definitely let me know if it works when you find all the rares! I’m still working away trying to find that damn Troll sword >< lol

  63. Damerack

    Ok, Now at about 3,600 NE fragments, and 100 Highborne scrolls
    Fossils are now at 1,000 + fragments too. Don’t solve the ones you don’t have to, let them stack and sell them later. I know you’re solving the troll ones though. lol. I haven’t found the Krol Decapitator yet either, but I have pick pocketed a infero ruby. =) I’m going to save it and have my friend craft me a +Agility gem. Here’s the most recent update on the 4.0.6 patch for Archaeology common prices:

    I just happen to have 4 cats and a Kraken in my bag, so without solving anything I’m up 600g =) Happy Digging!

  64. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : Thanks for the link! I’m disappointed they have nerfed the price of the Dwarven ring, but happy to see that a lot of the ones that were going to simply double in price, leaving their vendor values still under a gold, have now been raised so that they all sell for at least a gold! I have found a lot of those Kraken Tentacles, so I’m glad to see they will sell for so much now!

  65. Damerack

    Good news! It appears, baring any set backs, wow’s 4.0.6 will launch Feb. 8th, there’s a short write up in this article

    Now currently at about 4,500 NE frags and 120 highborne scrolls I’ll let you know how much gold I make for my troubles tomorrow.

  66. Damerack

    Turned in my NE and fossil solves this morning, made 4,500 gold.
    Not bad, but I don’t know if I’ve do it all over again. I also have 126 Highborne scrolls that are currently selling low end at about 180g a piece. Good Luck.

  67. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : I was a bit disappointed with the amount of fragments I’d saved vs how much gold I ended up making. I’d done around 5 hours of Archaeology before the patch hit and saved all my fragment and only ended up making around 400g. Mind you that is much better than the 4g I would have made pre-patch, but it definitely doesn’t compare to other gold making strategies! I’ll still keep working away at it, at least the keystones are still selling well! :)

  68. Damerack

    So many Night Elf digs in Kalimador, I gave up for a while, but am back at it. 268 solves (all the rares) for NE alone, only managed 52 tolvir (2 rares) so far. 9 canopic jars in that to… all mummy poo in them. I’ll keep you updated.

  69. Miss Mediocre

    Damerack : I haven’t been to Kalimdor to dig since 4.0.6, but did they get any new race digsites over there? I have come across two Nerubian dig sites in Eastern Plaguelands, which is really nice since the only thing I hadn’t found from EK yet was my troll sword. Now I can (slowly) work on finishing off the Nerubian relics while searching for the sword. I was wondering if Kalimdor maybe got some Vrykul ones?

  70. alexiken

    About the tenth race i would guess its something coming in a future patch and if u look closely on the race icon i would guess that the 10’th race is actually a faction (explorers league) πŸ˜€

  71. Miss Mediocre

    alexiken : Something in a future patch is probably likely… It seems like if it was in game, someone would have discovered it by this time! Having it be for a faction would be cool! :)

  72. rebecca

    the last slot on the archaeology tab is 4 new upcoming races archaeology was made as a skill that was eazy 2 expand and upgrade and thx 4 the info was great.

  73. harlequin

    It’s got to be new content ‘cos I now have everything in archeology and race 10 is still not showing. I have now therefore given up and will probably fish??!!!

  74. rebecca

    the 10th slot wil come in a up coming patch (dont know wich)
    and i know its a new race cause a gm told me.

  75. rebecca

    he i have founf out a really sweet trick 4 alliance players if you want 2 travel 2 north eastern kingdoms 2 south (viseversa) land on the roof of the zeppelin in UC and take in 2 strangle (viseversa)

  76. rebecca

    also a good way 2 get in 2 orgrimmar

  77. Miss Mediocre

    rebecca : That’s a good tip, I hadn’t thought of using the zeps as Alliance but I guess it would be possible and much easier than in the old days what with flying in Azeroth now! :) It will be awesome when the new race is added, I’m looking forward to something new for the profession!

  78. Miss Mediocre

    harlequin : You have everything? Even that nasty impossible to get troll sword!? I am jealous, lol.

  79. harlequin

    Well …. ok…..not the recipe for vial of the sands. I dont like the swd either. Much easier to get season 9 weapons with basically same spec. Items should have been airlooms (did I spell that right?)

  80. Miss Mediocre

    harlequin : Well it’s still awesome you have gotten everything else! I just wanted the sword really bad because it’s so hard to get, and I remember the original, lol.

  81. Raza

    Hey..thanks for the guide! Very nice website in general – keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

    Lethall – Terokkar (EU)

  82. syrneia

    Hi Ms :] was looking to see if there were any artifacts I was missing so began looking for lists..
    I found I have rares not listed on other sites and have yet to find a TRUE list..? Have you found this as well or is this a surprise? I have solved a Vyrkul Horn; a rare not listed here; are they adding new content..? (*gasp*)
    happy hunting – nice site

  83. redsonja

    tx this is a usefull site. wish i could find out what the last symbol is though. i wasnt lucky at anything till archaeology, i got second title in just under 4 days. doing archaeology is now my fav time waster of all. tx again

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