How To Turn 1000g Into 2000g

Posted August 27th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I am writing this post in hopes that it will be used in Marcko’s Gold Blogging Carnival! Just My Two Copper is a site I try to visit as often as possible, and since discovering it (by listening to Castaclysm) I am bringing in more gold than I ever thought was possible for me! As the few of you who read my blog may already know, I am pet crazy! The plus side to having acquired almost every pet possible in game (without resorting to REAL money) is that I know how easy some of the pets are to get!

I did some research on my own server between the Horde and Alliance, and was going to detail how you can make a good chunk of gold by selling cross faction, but there are undoubtedly people already doing this on your server, as there are on mine, which does cut back the amount of gold you can make. You will still likely make a profit, but with actually going and buying the pet, then transferring it over to the other faction via the neutral Auction House, then reposting it on the new faction’s Auction House, all with the possibility of  being undercut, it’s almost too much for me, and I am a very patient person. Instead, I decided to just focus on just three pets!

For some reason, the majority of players out there have not yet stumbled across Breanni! She is this wonderful little gnome who lives in Dalaran and sells pets! The first day I saw somone running around with a Calico cat, I was like, “Wait a second, where’d they get that?” I didn’t head to the Auction House to get one, which seems to be what most people do, I went on and looked it up. That’s how I discovered Breanni and the Dalaran Pet Shop! Breanni sells three BoE pets, the Calico Cat, the Albino Snake, and the Obsidian Hatchling, each for 50g (40g if you are Exalted with Kirin Tor, like me!). You may be thinking, “If the NPC is right in Dalaran, there’s no way to actually resell the pets in the Auction House and make any profit, if anyone wants one they will just go get it themselves!” which is exactly what I thought for a long time, but I kept seeing them posted for ridiculous markups in the Auction House!

Whether people are too lazy to look up where they could get these pets outside of the Auction House, or are just too lazy to go all the way to Dalaran to get one, is beyond me, but the thing is they DO sell in the Auction House for a decent markup! Currently on my server I sell all three pets regularly in the Auction House on both the Alliance and Horde. The Horde tends to pay a bit more for each of them than the Alliance, but on average I sell them for about 100g each.

So, to break down how to make 2000g by spending 1000g, start by heading to Dalaran and buying one of each of the pets from Breanni (Calico Cat, Albino Snake, Obsidian Hatchling) for a total of 150g spent. Then take a little trip through one of the portals in Dalaran to a city with an Auction House, and post them! For Horde on my server, I post the snake at 200g, the cat at 190g and the hatchling at 100g. For Alliance I do 250g for the snake, 80g for the cat and 80g for the hatchling. Every time they sell, just go buy another one and replace it in the Auction House! It takes 2 minutes and if you sell one of each per day, there’s your 2000g by the end of the week!

The great thing about this trick is people either don’t know about it yet, or have learned to bring in so much gold in other ways that they don’t bother with it anymore. Hopefully you’ve all found my little post here informative and helpful, and for those of you from my server who read this, don’t you dare start undercutting my pet prices! I’ll find you! Hehe, I am starting to understand and enjoy the whole Auction House PvP a bit more now, though I think honestly quite a few more people could start posting these pets, and everyone would still make a decent profit!

Thanks for Reading!
MissMediocre <3

14 Responses to “How To Turn 1000g Into 2000g”

  1. Stefan Hayden

    When they sell it’s good money. I’m on Kirin Tor and they don’t sell 1 a day. more like 1 every 3 or 4 days.

  2. Rob

    Great post, I will try this on my server I just checked the prices on alliance AH and they only sell for about 88 Gold each but thats still a double profit

  3. boomky

    very interesting….I just set it up on my Horde and Alliance toons, I pray I get the same results as you.If I are my new BFFN =P

  4. Rivs

    Hi there I saw your blog on Markco’s Blogging Carnival. Yeah pets are still a money maker, and I’m surprised that many people don’t really do it.

    Oh well more gold for us. I will be adding your blog to my blogroll. Even though the pink burns my hopelessly male eyes. LOL!

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Yeah I have noticed that certain days the pets don’t sell, but then other days I can sell a few of each. It averages about one of each per day for me, but I am on a lot, and if anyone undercuts me I am always checking the AH and just lower my prices, hehe. Thank you for commenting! :)

  6. Miss Mediocre

    The prices definitely go up and down, on days when there aren’t any others I can get up to 250g for certain pets, but on days when other people have posted a few, I sometimes sell them as low as 55g. I buy them at 40g with my rep at exalted, so it’s still a small profit, and anyone who might just be attempting to sell the pets on a whim hopefully will get discouraged and decide it’s not worth it. I hope it works well for you! Thanks for your comment! :)

  7. Miss Mediocre

    hehe, I hope you get awesome results! If you’re selling them to both factions I don’t see how you couldn’t! Thank you for the comment! :)

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Hehe sorry about the eye burning! I was going to all all non-gender-specific with the colours but then was like NAH! Pink pink pink, lol. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! You may be the first person to do so and it’s kind of exciting! hehe. I will add you to mine as well and give your posts a read! Thank you for commenting! :)

  9. Claire

    Totally unrelated but I didn’t know about Breanni til now and I just got a calico cat – its so cute!! So thanks for that bit of info haha

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Hehe, yeah it’s very cute! It’s one of my fav kitty cat vanity pets! :) Ty for your comment!

  11. Jaedia

    Actually, I did know about this strategy, it’s just that I’m trying to cut down as much time as possible with gems, glyphs, enchanting scrolls, bags, and so on that I gave up with vendor items. Great post!

  12. Miss Mediocre

    Thank you :)

  13. Dejin

    I’ve used this method for a few days now and while I wasn’t able to sell them for as much I’ve been pulling in about 80g a pet on the ally and 70g on the horde so with my idol alts camped out in dal and a stock of pets in there bags it’s not a bad way to ear some extra cash on the side. Pulled in about 800 on the ally in 5 days horde hasn’t done so well thou as my server seems they are a bit stingy but I think I found the sweet spot. With no real competition the pets I’m usually the only poster in the AH giving me a leg up on sales. So thanks again for the tip glad I found you’re little blog very handy tips here and a fun read.

  14. Miss Mediocre

    Dejin : I’m glad the method is still working! It is pretty shocking how different the markets are depending on your server/faction! I tend to sell them more regularly to Alliance, but for cheaper and sell only one or two a week to the Horde, but for WAY more. I’m always surprised I don’t have more competition because it really is easy gold, and lots of people know about it! I guess it would be a pain if you didn’t have an alt to camp out in Dalaran… lucky us, hehe. :)

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