About Me

Hi and thanks for checking out my Blog! My name IRL is Jenn and I’m a Canadian. I’ve been playing WoW since it was released 9 whole years ago, though I usually take my summers away from Azeroth to go out and lay in the non-digital sunshine. Beyond a gamer, I’m an aspiring author and artist. I wrote my first novel when I was 22 and since it ended up making me a whole $16 total… I haven’t gotten around to writing another one yet! I do some freelance writing now though and… obviously… have my blog here!

I work at a small Daycare for fun, and it is SO much fun. Basically I play with toys, do crafts and take naps… and someone pays me for it! I also do some commission work, painting or sketching portraits of people and/or their pets. On rare occasion I even do a little interior design, which is the only thing I have actual schooling for!

I spend most of my time on my own, which I think is why I enjoy gaming and writing about gaming so much. It’s basically as social as my life gets! If you’d like to know more about me feel free to ask or just read my blog!

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